ADAMA Spoke at the 1st International
"Day of Contact"
Gathering - 10-26-03
Centered at Mount Shasta, California USA

ADAMA THROUGH STARDOVES SAYETH: Your recent sets of experiences are what we call the "Day of Contact." This is a magical time, and you could not be helped but be moved to the next level from the shifts of the new energy. Black Butte has a series of magnetic grid lines and pockets which serve to move beings on to the next level rapidly. This is why we selected Black Butte as our first point of emergence and contact. Please rejoice in this date: 10-26-03. It preludes your 11-08-03 HARMONIC CONCORDANCE. IT SETS THE TONE FOR SUCH!

This is your day, and use it well when it comes, each of you at the Sacred Black Butte will literally be lifted via an acclimation of the energy from Mother Shasta herself, as her and Father Shastina actually had a baby named Black Butte and they it is who gives life to this area. They it is that will bring the coals of rebirth to the Surface world. So Mote It Be!

Rejoice and celebrate on this day of 10-26-03 and hold it sacred. Do have a grand party of light and friendship in the spirit of wonder and awe for the Age of Light upon us! This is the essence of the energy that you are now experiencing; this is the process that you have set into motion; and it began in the middle of August 2003 during the Lion's StarGate Opening. The Day the Earth Opened Up to Highest Light. The Day STARDOVES went from Taos to Telos and was bid by Humans, Masters, Telosians and Goodly ETs to Call Forth This Meeting of Contact especially FOR YOU!"

The crystal energy which STARDOVES have been inserting into the Earth Vortices and geological grids via guidance from the Council of 12, has culminated in this moment of CONTACT. Bring your most loving and powerful crystals to this event and we will help you charge Gaia's tectonic plates from the Butte. This Cascade Range has been undergoing some interesting inner movements. As much as possible we have prevented volcanic stirring to such a degree to keep you ones safe and those beneath you. We are working with ASHTAR and MONKA in operations to stabilize the Earth and prepare it for a mass Ascension by 2012!

STARDOVES MOTHER SHIPS have entered into Gaia's atmosphere for you to acclimate to. The tectonic plates of Gaia have been sufficiently charged to disfavor the harm of our ships when we begin our mass landing. We thank all of you for the shields and love lights you have placed about the Earth and for calling us here to this Meeting and being willing to Meet with us! It is so important that you'uns of the Earth react in this WAY when called to such matters as we are your last line of defense, as you must know by now! And it is time we be about our Holy Mother Father's business and cast off the heavy yoke of global oppression. Lift your eyes unto the Host of Heavens who are HERE and READY to deliver us from evil! So Mote It Be!

I AWAIT YOU ON 10-26-03.
BEAR 2012