Bermuda Triangle Expedition

Jan 15-18, 2004



This image made up of thousands of people appeared on the front cover of the Keys Edition of the Miami Herald on the last day of our service work, 1-18-04. This as a result of the most successful Blessing Expedition we have undertaken in the past 2 decades ... due to the glorious service performed by the 6 Priestesses, 2 Lady Sea Captains, 1 Male anchor and the Music of Jonathan Goldman broadcasted to the Dolphins and Whales! Plus the Glorious Assistance of many on-shore Lightworkers and the Heavenly Host above and the Goodly ETs within!

We want to thank Capt. Vicki and Capt. Mimi for their glorious blessings and participation during the Bermuda Triangle Expedition. We want to especially thank her for going out of her way to take us all to the little sacred coral island called Pelican shoals at no cost where we had the most blessed ceremony of all during the entire Expedition!

Thanks also to Capt. Vicki for broadcasting Jonathan Goldman's Sound Vibrations to the dolphins ... and thanks to Jonathan Goldman for his support and blessing on this work ... you can order his CD Holy Harmony (the one used in the sea) direct at: www.healingsounds.com ... the sound vibration was necessary to anchor all energetics permanently. Thanks also to Capt. Vicki for bringing aboard Marty, who did key DVD recordings of the Expedition which is just scrumptious! Marty is a professional video broadcaster who did our Fire Ceremony at the Beach Music Resort on Big Coppitt Key which served as our headquarters, interviews with Stardoves about the nature of their overall Inter-Planetary Mission and of this specific Bermuda Triangle Expedition, with in-depth interviews of the entire Crew at the resort and at the exotic rain forest in Key West, as well as the Dance with the Dolphin Segment! Thanks Marty, we have been able to watch a small preview in Miami of the DVDs and they were tremendous!

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All those interested in getting copies of the DVDs PLEASE email us so we can determine how to work with dear Marty on editing based on your interest.

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