September 27, 2000

El Santuario de Chimayo * New Mexico,

El Santuario de Chimayo is known as the "Lourdes of America." The curative powers are centred in El Posito, the "sacred sand pit" from which sprang a sacred talisman of Jesus and Mary, over a century ago!
Over 300,000 people visit this dustbin o' heaven every year.

Pres. Clinton was in Santa Fe Monday, September 25, giving a $10.000.00 luncheon to all who could afford it to raise money for the Democrats. Pres. Clinton used the event to call on Congress to re-authorize the Violence Against Women's Act, which is set to expire Saturday. The act sets up a 24-hour national hot line for women to get emergency help.

``We cannot turn our back on the millions of women and
children trapped in the cycle of domestic violence,''

``We can't allow them to face a nightmare alone.''
- Pres. Clinton

The Aquarian Perspectives Interplanetary Mission performed its initial New World Spanish Blessing in its NEW OPERATION PLANET LOVE PROGRAM for this very same goal, to help all beings in New and Old Mexico, and Central and South America to be raised up and not treated as second class citizens!

It is time for all of New and Old Mexico and Central and South America to receive the blessings fully from the SPIRITUAL HIERARCHY and the INTERPLANETARY CONFEDERATION of LOVE AND LIGHT and As Ambassadors of these august bodies our duties will include serving as the 'axis mundi' which will set these blessings in motion!

The Mission was dispatched to El Santuario de Chimayo because . . . The HOLY WORLD MOTHER ... with whom the Aquarian Perspectives Inter-Planetary Mission has been working with since time immemorial called this event to happen at her sacred shrine in NEW MEXICO to:

In so doing the ceremony which Professor Moi-RA "Quan Yin' Dove led, stimulated the meridians that accessed the chakRAs of the grids of New and Old Mexico, Central America and especially all those in attendance! Those in this grid that will be receptive, will receive the balance and stimulation of the feminine's entire natural prana (life force). For males it will awaken and/or further empower their feminine natures and balance it with their masculine energy. For females it will EMPOWER THEM and balance their feminine and masculine energies, too!

The heart center became the primary focus! Professor Moi-RA "Quan Yin' Dove's special Ambassadorial Energy as an embodiment of the MARY of the East - 'Quan Yin' was particularly significant during this ceremony to invoke the HOLY WORLD MOTHER in ridding the planet of any illness or infection, as its output balances the grids.

We brought with us the METATRON Pyramid energy for grid absorption and magnification.

Besides Moi-Ra and RA-Ja Dove, stewards of the Mission, Taos Ashram Initiates also giving service were the 3 Mary's called of God to do this service:

THE HOLY WORLD MOTHER herself made a very special energetic appearance - to bless us all!

Archangel Uriel - Queen of the Healing Angels was present and dispatched 7,000 legions of light filled healing angels in full Armada in the skies above, along with 33 Scout Ships deployed by the Mother Ship Dove of the Inter-Planetary Confederation. The ASHTAR COMMAND was also in protective mode in the skies above. The grove where we performed the ceremony was sprinkled with trees and surrounded with mementoes of suffering pilgrims who got healed of their impairments and came back to thank the Holy Divine World Mother for her relentless compassion and undying LOVE!


The echoes of her Holy deeds
Resound throughout the world.
so vast and deep the vow she made
When, after countless aeons
Of serving hosts of Perfect Ones,
She voiced her pure desire
{To liberate afflicted beings}!"
We were startled to learn that this area is also the heroin capital of New Mexico, with many addicts and 3 big family mafia-style pushers there!

Professor Moi-RA "Quan Yin' Dove's invocation of the Perfect One - THE HOLY WORLD MOTHER - with the 3 MARY'S and the Sacred Ladies in Waiting - will focus the FEMININE ENERGIES OF COMPASSION at this sacred site to go to all of New Mexico's Grid to deliver all beings from every woe!

At this sacred site it is said: The Holy World Mother answers all prayers. And as a a gift from the MOTHER OF SWEET COMPASSION AND THE CHRISTED SACRED HEART SOUL, all the prayers of those who read this and who will fervently recite their names, their prayers will likewise be answered!

We could literally feel the energies of sweet compassion pour from the heavens to answer the prayers of the many crosses that were along the back fence over the past few centuries. It was an amazing site and we experienced amazing grace.

Mary Lourden, the Lourdes of Taos showed us around and acted as our personal emissary to the area, having been born just a few miles from there. On the way back she took us to the oldest Church in the place where she grew up, and showed us the graves of her grandfather and other family members who were buried right on the Church grounds along with the Priests. Lourden introduced us to people and spoke the local dialect which gained us prominence in the work. Raja spoke with the administrative staff of the sanctuary who told stories of the Infant baby Jesus of Atocha who had a shrine there where Lourden left her shoes to gain guidance. The administration informed Raja about the life of Baby Jesus of Atocha who granted the prayers of travellers. It was all very sacred. They respected and loved it when Raja answered their question, by telling them we were an interfaith and here to do a ceremony. They directed us to another sacred site that was an outdoor altar, and also had prayers and feathers of Native Americans. We placed flowers on the outdoor altar and Morningstar and Alisha Kuhl began doing shamanistic services, while Mary Grace performed her ET healing.

They had another shrine in the center of the Earth where they said miracles occurred and they urged pilgrims to take a small bag of earth from that location and use it in sacred ceremony. We took a big sack full for our other pilgrimage work.

Professor Moi-RA gave the main benediction and the birds, horses, doves, cats, dogs, butterfly and other menders of the kingdom of nature gathered around and listened to the lovely discourse about Quan Yin:
Oh Radiance spotless and effulgent!
Oh night-dispelling Sun of Wisdom!
Oh Vanquisher of Storm and Flame!
Your Glory fills the world!

Your pity is a shield from lightning,
Your compassion forms a wondrous cloud,
Which, running down the Dharma-nectar,
Extinguishes the flames of woe.

To those enmeshed in litigation
Or trembling in the midst of hosts
There comes the thought of Quan Yin's power,
Whereat all hatred is dispersed.

The mysterious sound of Quan Yin's name
Is holy like the ocean's thunder -
No other like it in the world!
And therefore should we speak it often.

Call upon it, never doubting,
Quan Shih Yin-sound pure and holy;
To those who stand in mortal fear
A never-wavering support.

To the perfection of her merits,
To the compassion in her glance,
To the infinitude in her blessings,
Worshipping, we bow our hearts!


THE CEREMONY COMMENCED AT HIGH NOON - WEDNESDAY September 27, 2000 in the Year of our Lourdes of Light! Pilgrims made their way from the north to El Santuario de Chimayo in New Mexico by driving with blessed grace on US 84/285 and just past Espanola. A GROUP OF 8 BROUGHT SACRED CRYSTALS, POWER OBJECTS AND THEIR LIGHTFILLED PRAYERS!

The proceedings were recorded, with lovely wild birds being heard in the background. A cassette tape may be ordered for a $12.00 contribution, + 1.95 s/h. CC orders click here. Others may fax or call: 505-751-4254. Proceeds go toward our Mission on Earth.

Weekly Catholic Masses start here at 11:00 AM. El Santuario de Chimayo is truly fulfilling the intention of the Catholic Church which was to be Universal (meaning of Catholic) in that there was no prejudice noticed.

Here at El Santuario de Chimayo is the International Flame of Peace! At once when they saw it both Moi-RA and Raja knew that it was one of the energies that had called them here. For as Peace Ambassadors they have been doing the same work. Here is the story delivered on a placard sitting on the Altar at El Santuario de Chimayo, beneath the International Flame of Peace:

"The Flame on this candle circled the globe before finding a permanent home in New Mexico at El Santuario de Chimayo.

It originated with the torch that was carried around the world in the first Earth Run, marking 1986 as the UNs International Year of Peace.

The same flame has been used in the Prayer Pilgrimage for Peace every year since the 5th annual pilgrimage on Saturday May 2, 1987. {The Year of the Harmonic Convergence}.

It is carried by Prayer Runners who also bear a packet of the sacred soil from the Santuario to the birthplace of nuclear weapons at Los Alamos, New Mexico.

There at Ashley Pond park {where the Mission has been, and done ceremony as well}, the flame and the soil are used in a Native American Blessing conducted in the spirit of healing and reconciliation.

And there we pray for peace. May we keep the flame alive within our hearts. It represents the good fire of God's Love which the people of God are called to share with one another and with all creatures on planet Earth.

So Mote It Be!

We passed our hand chakras over the flame to receive and transmit energies to empower it and have it further empower our Interplanetary Peace Mission. We did our main ceremony in a private and unassuming way as a circle of friends so as not to disturb the local traditions! But people gathered and enjoyed our ceremony and we gave our crystals that contained the progress of the ceremony. We used the Vajras, Etheric weavers of Mastery and Metatron's Cube and St. Germain's Unitron. We buried crystals that contained the energies the New Age of Aquarius and was vested with the enegries of the sacred devices we just mentioned. These enegries were sent via cosmic tensor beams from the Inter-Planetary Confederation of Love and Light that had us sow the energies of the New Heaven and the New Earth!

NOTE: This ceremony is a way by which the feminine energy rises to the same level as the masculine energy as a means to promote peace - as we are all one - as fulfilment of prophesy for this Aquarian Age!
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