Professor Moi-RA Dove: The main focus of the Aquarian Mission is to help raise the level of consciousness in downtrodden countries. We have different parts of the work. I teach love and compassion, and RA-Ja shares everything about truth and taking the dogma out of beliefs. After Raja started the Mission in the jungles of the Yucatan, Oxaca and Chiapas, Mexico {1980}; we were sent first to the Philippines, because that is my native country. I’m sent to whatever place I need to be at a particular point in time. The first one was the Philippines. The second one was India and Nepal. The third and fourth were Israel and Palestine, to work on the path of peace.

My father was the greatest philosopher I have ever known. When I was a little girl, my father used to point me out to the visitors that came to see him and say, “This child of mine is an ancient soul, an old soul.” When I grew up and undertook this mission, I realized the truth in what he was saying.

My soul came from Venus, the planet of love. Therefore, when I came down here, whatever is not love I do not understand. I permitted myself to be born on this planet. The Chohan of the Planetary Council said, “There’s an emergency on this planet. How many of you would like to help?” I raised my hand and said, “I will.” I permitted myself to be born in the Philippines because the 7,700 islands of the Philippines are the tips of the mountains of Lemuria. The energy of the Lemurians affects the people of the Philippines; that’s why there are many healers there.

The Filipinos are a very loving people. Our ancestors were also very loving people. We were very late in experiencing modern life. There were no factories or technologies like we have now. When I was a child, if somebody needed to build a house, everybody came to help. They all contributed different materials. The women took care of the food and somebody played the guitar while the work got done. Nobody needed to spend money—they just got the best from the community. We brought the bamboo, and we offered everything that we had in the yard. In this way, there was no dependence on the economic system. It was beautiful. My mother had seven rice fields that she planted every year, and that is where most of our food came from. There were seven of us, and when we came in the barrio, the people there would say. “Come here, we have something to give you.” And they’d give us a watermelon. When we got to the end of the barrio, every one of us had a watermelon in our hands. But now those places are not there anymore; a cement factory was built over it. The mountain nearby has the materials to make cement, so it was purchased. Cement factories emit so much smoke and dust that people can’t grow anything anymore—the plants will not grow under such conditions. The men were taken on as workers in the factory. The women take care of the children. The cement dust killed everything. The houses are full of dust; it makes many people sick.

When I was growing up, I had spirit guides who always talked to me, and I talked to them. They would tell me what was going to happen in my life—every day they would tell me things. I didn’t think this was unusual; I thought that everybody had spirit guides. My spirit guides often came in dreams. For instance, a dream that I had before I gave birth said I would have a baby girl, which I did. In another dream, I was taken out of this world to Hades, the land of the dead. I met an old woman there, and she said, “Come here, come here. I know who you are, and I want to show you the heart of your uncle.” My uncle, Juan Ortega, is the founder of the local Spiritualist movement in the Philippines. He was a leader in the community. I used to go the Center of the spiritualists, even as a little child. I remember that on Good Friday my uncle would recite the seven last words of Jesus. I would listen very intently. In the services, a spirit guide gave me a message for the whole group through a medium with a parato—a revolving table. The medium read the message, and the people talked about it. The last one to speak was my uncle, who was the director of the center. He talked about when the soul was on Venus, the planet, and I particularly listened to that.

Later I learned that my uncle got much of his advanced learning from the Theosophical Society. He borrowed all the books about Theosophy from the Philippines Library and was teaching Theosophy to the group of Spiritualists. When he died, my sister said, “Arrange the books of Uncle in the library.” That was when I saw all the books he had on Theosophy. So I had been receiving the Theosophical teachings since I was five years old. I became a vegetarian when I was 14.

When I was in my first year in college, I majored in philosophy, and then I learned the Hindu teachings as well as those of Buddhism, since I had practiced it since I was a little child. Buddhism is a religion of compassion and love, and the Filipino nation is based on love and peace. I say this because I grew up in that environment of peace and love, which comes from the Lemurian energy.

I remember the teachings from Lemuria. In Lemuira there were tall crystals on both sides of the street, and everybody received all the energy from those crystals. A very naughty child wasn’t spanked or scolded. Instead, the Lemurians placed him or her on a chair under a small pyramid hung from the ceiling. They meditated and put crystals around the child. The crystals emitted positive energy and balanced the child’s energy. At that time, they didn’t have candies, sugars and sweets making the child hyperactive, which is happening now. I feel that every extraterrestrial, every Star Being, is very intelligent and very knowledgeable. The extraterrestrials, beings from other planets, are working very closely with Lemurian energy.

The first course that we offer at the Aquarian Mission is called Star Soul Attunement. Star Soul Attunement is attuning the soul to the ”star beingness” or origin. We make a slit in the aura of people so that they can look out. Like a chrysalis, the aura opens up, and the butterfly soul comes out. Star Soul Attunement is a form of psychic surgery. This kind of surgery is done not on the physical body but on the etheric. This is not like other surgeries where they open up the wound and you see the blood coming out. I look at the etheric body and clean up things that are not supposed to be there. My way of healing is for the spirit—the spiritual healing of the soul. Psychic surgery healings have two parts. The first is a consultation in which I talk to the patient. The second part is spiritual. I take out the blockages—all fears, vows, and unpleasant childhood events that the patient cannot let go of and cannot forgive. The main point of etheric surgery is forgiveness. Illness first comes from outside the body and then becomes a sickness of thinking and feeling. Only after that does the physical body experience illness because whatever is thought out in the etheric, automatically happens in the physical. So the mental aberrations and emotional trauma a person has experienced register as illness in the physical. All ailments can be healed, however. As soon as I see a patient’s face, when we meet for the first time, I can see everything I need to know by the way she moves, they way she walks, the way she talks, the way she carries her head. This is my “soul reading.”

My main work on this planet is to spread peace and love and to let people know that we must take care of the feminine energy so that is may go up onto a higher level of consciousness. The masculine energy will honor and respect the feminine as it used to be—before the time when men would put us on a pedestal. That is precisely why I came here to this planet, to help in this transition.

The Divine World Mother—known as Quan Yin in China and by different names in different countries and cultures—is the Holy Mother, Quan Yin whose name means “Hearer of the Cries of the World”, is the Bodhisattva of Compassion. She is the most beloved of Chinese deities, and her mantra is om-mani-padme hum, “hail the jewel or pearl in the lotus.” Quan Yin is the patron saint for the women of fishing villages.

Many people are masters---masters of education, masters of philosophy, masters of technology, masters of art—but they don’t know how to love. How can a master be a master if he or she is not a loving being? According to the teachings of Theosophy, you must pass through phases of development before you can become a master. It’s like climbing a stairway; you must climb from step to step before you reach the top.

It is time now for peace to reign over the world; this is the prophecy we must put out in the world. We are all brothers, all one. We are at a crossroads. If we can get rid of our ties to religious affiliations and countries of origin, if we can stop saying, “I want to go back to where I came from, my country, my people, my religion…” and start thinking, “There’s no more “my-my-my,” then everybody will welcome everybody. We’ll say, “You’re welcome here, come here.”You can have an exodus in one part of the world, another exodus in a different part of the world—north, south, east, and west—it will not matter. People will be free to travel as they like. There will be no more war because we will have no need to fight for territory or for religious beliefs, or points of origin. Peace is going to start. Peace is starting now, and some people, putting positive thoughts ahead of time, even say that there is peace now. If everybody could believe this wholeheartedly, it would be reality. If we disseminate this concept to all, and we think on it and pray on it and believe in it, then peace is here. Because, if you are negative, more negativity comes in. But if you are positive, all the possibilities that you make come in. Let’s concentrate on all the good works. Let’s ask “how can I be of service to others?” That is love. It says in the Bible, “Seek you first the Kingdom of Heaven.” Do this and everything is the Creator’s part. The creator is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. Ask “How can I be of service” and everything will come to you. Every morning when I wake up, I say, “Be joyful every morning.” When things are happening that are not positive, I just sing. When things appear to be falling down, the two of us say, “No, we’re going on.” When we are joyful we shine with light, and we become lighter and lift ourselves from the negative energy. As we become lighter and lighter, we reach the level of consciousness where we can get together with the masters and teachers who are already there. That is the Aquarian Perspectives Interplanetary Mission.

The Mission Stewards Prof. MoiRa 'Lady of the Sun' Dove and Dr. Raja 'Merk' Dove were married atop Mt. Shasta with St. Germain officiating April 17, 1984. They (CODENAME: StarDoves) have since completely traveled the globe, encircling the Planet from Nepal-Tibet-India to the Philippines, Central, South and North America to Europe; Scotland-England, Greece, Canada (completely around the planet). They have been busy sharing the spiritual wisdom of the higher evolved planets since that time.

The ConfedeRAtion has stated that the area in and around the Appalachian, Smokies, and Ozarks ~ contain large tracks of land which they have magnetized with their Star Ships. By focusing their beams of light unto the chosen areas, the New Heaven and New Earth energetics comes from the stars to the Earth. This is True Astrophysics. Our Space brothers and sisters tell us that now is the time to go to the sacred areas of the planet and prepare the safe havens and star refuges. We were directed to a beautiful little mountain retreat lodge (July 2008) to continue the work we did there 2 decades ago (1990) with the Inner Earth Beings living within the Smokies, as we did with the Telosians beneath Mt. Shasta. By December of 2010 we had commenced most of our public work for that era.  We were gifted by Starbird from St. Augustine (by way of Canada) enough funding to purchase for one year, a newer larger Aquarian Bed and Organic Breakfast Star Retreat and Walk-In Guest Lodge with food prepared by our Filipino chef and son, Giordano Bruno. We also increase the fleet of vehicles to conduct the Vortex Tours and had additional staff, secretary, and maintenance men for the gardens and goat yard and more computer staff courtesy of the Light Part and Miriam Ornstein to administer the ever-growing Aquarian eMail list that continues to this day with many tens of thousands that receive our messages.

Working now  in the Miami area, {2014-5} research and grid work continue to determine the energy configurations as they have grown since our last public work here in 2003 when we performed a Bermuda Triangle Exploratory Pilgrimage and were joined by 7 goddesses from around the planet and the Ascenindg Masters and the Interplanetary Configuration. We also used the services of Cap'n Vicki in Key West to explore the dolphin consciousness at that time.  We understand that the dolphins in and around Bimini and the Bahamas have specific ET Ambassadorial pods that love swimming with caring humans and our work here in the Miami area and surrounding tropical islands s to open the Heart Chajra of Mother Earth and her liferosm thriht the use of the special energy the dolphins contain within their golden hearts destined to bless all during this age.

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