August 2006

Washington D.C., At the Pentagon during StarDoves' Goddess Bless America etLIGHT Pilgrimage

During our March 2008 Energy Blessing Pilgrimage in Washington D.C., the planet's busiest international political metropolis, we were treated to a delightful array of SpaceShips from the Inter-Planetary Confederation. The skyline over the Washington DC hotels, government buildings and other landmarks were abundant of these same SpaceShips. Plenty of reports and sightings of other Inter-Planetary SpaceShips have popped up all across the country. The same miraculous views have been seen over bridges, homes and hotels in San Francisco, Chicago, Orlando and other major cities in the U.S.

Armada of Star Ships from space appeared overhead at the George Washington Masonic Mystic Shrine in Alexandria as we did our work. They had told us they would be there to direct the work. We were delighted to see them in such a special way.

We were treated to an amazing display of the presence of our brothers and sisters from the InterPlanetary Confederation wrapped in clouds over the George Washington Masonic National Memorial in Alexandria, Virginia on Good Friday March 21, 2008. We all knew the Ashtar Command, Pleiadian Beam Ships and the Arcturian science fleet of star ships were with us as we did our sacred work. You might even say we in the human form were the representatives on Earth that day, of our brothers and sisters who were really doing the work from the exalted realms.

The ships were seen within beautiful cloud formations. All Lightworkers recognized these as being starships. We were all standing there with our jaws dropped to the ground, for never have we seen the armada assembled in force as they were there that day!

"Flying saucer clouds," "angel ship clouds", "cloud ships", "clouds of heaven". These clouds and clouds of similar kind have been reported as UFOs in cloud disguise. In the Bible there is much written about cloud ships. The Bible is referring to some type of flying craft that possess an ability to hover in one place for a longer time and appears in the sky surrounded with clouds. Ancient texts describe how pilots could using correct proportions of certain chemicals give their flying machine "the appearance of a cloud".

Ufo Clouds from the files of the Senior Ambassadors research

StarShips Energy Beams supply us with positive energy. The magnetic energy that is delivered in Love raises the electrical current of the Earth's normal ratio to a higher frequency range, thus allowing your home world to experience levels of exaltation and wisdom. The Light energy that will come into your planet will enliven it and will awaken it's inner cellular activity, consistently opening it up to the higher energetics from the Stars. This will help other StarSeeds and their Mission of Love that you volunteered for when you came to heal that which happened during ancient Lemuria and Atlantis, causing them both to sink beneath the Ocean waves!

Love brings higher Star Light energy into the Earth, awakening, realigning, balancing, re-focusing and healing your home world at the sub-atomic level. Through this Blessing the amperage of light energy is increased 7x777. The primary energy has is now blessing the Earth, preparing it as a New Haven for Peace and Plenty for All.
BEAR 2012