Why ETs Don't Come Down and Make Themselves Known Physically

In the very beginning of the contacts from ETs at the Sattva Sanctuary in Trout Lake, Washington, landings did occur along with face to face contact. This ended several years ago due to the aggressive and negative behavior of certain groups here on Earth.

So many ask the questions concerning the ETs, "Why don't they land, come down and make themselves known physically?"

The answer is best shown on a short video tape of a large golden ship which flew over the Sanctuary in view of a large group that included myself, my webmasters and about 6-7 other adults, one being a physicist. As it passed over the Eastern flanks of Mt. Adams, it was fired upon. This was some very advanced technology that the physicist observing it with us believed to be pulse lasers and plasma weapons.

We were told by a friend who's name must be withheld that his nephew was part of a top secret team involved in such an operation. The details and exact location of the operation could not be extracted yet the time period and area mentioned matched the event.

This video will make it quite clear why there has not been landings on the White House lawn or any other public place by benevolent ETs.

Throughout history governments and religious organizations have treated all enlightened human beings and messengers of peace with great adversity. They were ridiculed, isolated, driven out of society, and sometimes crucified and murdered. There is really not much difference in today's society. Those who have made contact with spiritually and technologically advanced off world visitors are experiencing much of the same difficulties. We can speak with authority in this matter due to first hand experience.

The spiritually and technologically advanced civilizations do not want to engage any aggressive behavior. They do not want any harm to come to those they have contacted. They see the future of humanity currently in a downward spiral headed toward a social, economic and environmental collapse and truly desire to help, yet how can they?

They will be making contact with us in Mount Shasta at THE PROPHECIES ARE COMING TO BEAR Meeting held in a special secluded place in Mount Shasta - for details email us.

A barrage of emails, well wishers, even elders in wheel chairs, as well as local guardians of the Mountain are coming down beating a Path to Attend this Remarkable Gathering! Limited Seats! Email to register now!!! OR CALL US: 530-235-2979, 530-926-5287, or 505-770-5426 (CELL). The people of Earth have to make a decision. Earth Humanity has to decide as a collective they want help. There has to be an agreement to stop engaging off world visitors {including their star seeded ambassadors and emissaries in human flesh} with aggression. Education and legislation has to be implemented if we are going to join the rest of the universe in peace.

Legislation has to be written that protects the ambassadors chosen on Earth to communicate with these heavenly visitors. There must be harsh consequences for interfering in bringing out the new technologies that can end disease and provide clean, fueless energies which can be used in the restoration of Earth.

Rather than ridiculing, chastising and leaving the true humanitarians, enlightened ones on a cross, maybe it is time to stand behind them. It seems Earth is being given a choice as to who it is going to stand behind and support. There is one group that wants to continue to support war, the burning of fossil fuels, nuclear waste and the poisoning of the land, water and air even disease.

There is another that is entirely the opposite. Which one are you going to stand beside?

Which one are you working for?

Are you a willing participant, turning a blind eye to actions which are not in the highest and best good of humanity and the Earth? Are you living a life of impeccable integrity? Or do you lie and deceive to get your way? Have you ever caught yourself with multiple personalities or become very weak and know that you were possessed for a time by a negative force that used you? Used you to disrupt and stop a thoroughly purposeful, thought-filled process of development initiated and guided by THE ASCENDED MASTERS?

With the new energies coming in we are all going to have a chance to face ourselves, a chance to choose.

Are we self serving or serving others?

Selfish or selfless?

Are you a blessing to life or part of the downward spiral?

The only gain at the expense of humanity and the Earth is a step back in evolution. A karmic repercussion with a loss of consciousness, joy and true power: LOVE.


James Gilliland & the ECETI staff from www.eceti.org and at
BEAR 2012