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#1: Hello Star Doves,
I will definitely be there. I have been receiving your wonderfully enlightening emails for a number of years and just recently in Mt. Shasta, at Wesak met you. I also was then guided that I had to come back and have just recently relocated to Mt. Shasta. All of the reasons I thought that I was suppose to be here, have dissolved and I had been wondering, what direction next. It felt like I still needed to be here, but wasn’t exactly sure why. In reading your email, I now feel strongly that this is why I am still here and would be happy to assist in whatever we have to do to create the planet we are suppose to be. Count me in!!!
Thank you,
Gaye Unverferth
#2: Namaste Dear friends,
So have you now moved to Shasta area? What is happening in your adventure ... It would not hurt to look for some acreage, an old farm or ranch perhaps. One that is protected and visited by the masters ... A place where a University might be established and those of us who teach, could foster a new form of awakened teaching methodologies for the next seven generations ... Most of the paper work, and credentials are already completed, and there are investors who would help us achieve such a goal ...

From what I can remember when I was there last, and spoke with the illuminated ones from the mountains center Shasta will stand and the area for at least 80 miles around will survive the next shakings and moving of Terra.
To answer your previous question, I am about 80 miles south of Taos ,,, in the East mountains near Albuquerque. The energies here are not good, and there is as always that sharp black and white edge to people. Where we are is safe, and the elementals have been brought in once again. However the OPC contingency here, along with way too much frequency experimentation has had its negative effects ... So Shoshanna asked me isn't there any place near Shasta ... And I said my goodness it has been almost eight years since I journeyed there ...
The University potential is a very real item ... so investigation could result in it being placed there ... Either that or I will look towards Colorado ... Durango Area ... A graduate school, with a focus upon Natural medicine, producing ND's in an environment of the Hermetic arts and sciences ... Perhaps Adama might have some input into this mater.
In the light,
Dr. Robert Ghost Wolf
#3: I really would love to join you there. I am so drawn to Mt. Shasta. However, my mother had a stroke in June and I moved from Colorado to Myrtle Beach to take care of her. I don't have a way to be free, at the moment. Would you mind if I met you there, etherically? I'd need the itinerary so I can hook up at the time you are doing your meditation.
STARDOVES: And we all send our love and kind energy to your mother!
#4: Hello there dear ones ~
I would like to register to attend the meeting on Oct. 26th. Please send me what information I may need and let me know if there is anything I can do to be of service for you. I thank you kindly.
Much Love and Light ~
#5: Ahhhhhhh. found you today reading on Source of Light. Thank you ... I have felt and known inside of me for years that there are wondrous beings living down in our earth. The two years I was living in the woods ... traveling about ... when i was camping in the mountains ... I so often just expected one of these loving beings to step out and greet me. Recently I was at Petit Jean State Park in Arkansas and soooo deeply sensed a whole civilization there in that wondrous mountain. My heart is so ready to greet these dear sisters and brothers of the light and love ...
Thank you for your love and light
Eesha in Florida
#6: Aloha, RA-ja and Moi-RA,
This is Greg O'Neill - Spirit has moved me to contact you now, after I learned about your mission from my friend, Krsanna Duran in an email posting of hers this morning. I visited your stardoves site at http://www.stardoves.com, and learned about your connections to New Mexico, Richard Boylan, and Hawaii. I've already let Richard know that I will gift him with enough acreage from my farm startup to give him room for his Star Kids Academy/Residential School. We both feel the Kids will benefit by being close to our group of brilliant scientists, and engineers, gathered to do breakthrough work on Free Energy, ElectroGravitics, Ai, and Neural Optical Response (NOR) systems, including teleportation, and holographic projection applications. When I came across your mention of the coming of these advanced technologies to our Mother Earth, and the 'First Contact' with the Federation of Planets, I felt it was time to get in contact with both of you.
I've had lifetimes in Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt, and Nepal, as well as offworld among the leonine Pashat folk, perhaps we've known each other back then. Thanks to my friends, and their contacts with funding sources, my farm/TEV startup will soon be funded, and underway. On 564 acres of Sacred Land near Hilo, Hawai'i, we will co-create a farm, based on applied principles gleaned from Permaculture, Aquaculture, AgroForestry, Forest Garden systems. We will gather and grow representatives of many Plant Allies, herbs, vegetables, fruit, hardwood bamboos and trees. Our Plant Allies will help us to support the ongoing work of the TechnoEcoVillage nestled among them. Many years ago I had the good fortune to meet Peter Caddy, and David Spangler, co-founders of the famed Scottish Findhorn Garden Community - I knew that one day I would co-create such an enlightened eco-community, now I am much closer to realizing that dream, on the Big Island of Hawai'i.
Several years ago, Serenius Maitreya, Ascension Engineer, told me that my project would one day evolve to become a Healing Center of Light, one of twelve strung around the world, like shining 'Pearls of Light'. Rajiv Pradhan, in Kathmandu, Nepal, wants to work with me to build a farm/TEV in Nepal. Pete Ziegler is interested in working with me to build such a farm/TEV in the Philippines. Other folk want to help me build farm/TEVs in Mexico, Puerto Rico, and South Africa. Jacque Fresco http://www.thevenusproject.com is already creating visionary designs for futuristic eco-communities. He is meeting with the Prince of Dubai even now to go over designs. My team of engineers, scientists, and technicians, are eager to build working prototypes to demonstrate, and showcase Free Energy power production on the farm.
Serenius did say that my project would have a star port to receive ambassadors from the Star Nations, and this was before I told him of my being in contact with people ready to build ElectroGravitic systems to propel modern 'Vimanas' for offworld exploration, and getting around our Mother World in clean, non-polluting fashion. Perhaps I will be able to meet you both near Mt. Shasta, before I return to Hilo to begin building my project.
#7: From The Philippines: Dearest Moi-RA and RA-ja,
I hope somehow you'll get the message. How I wish to join you on October 26 - so I'll be there in spirit.
I love you. Big hug to both of you,
El Miriam II
#8: This is SO exciting it leaves me Breathless! It is what I have been waiting for all of my Life. I Dearly Love Mount Shasta and Stardoves and Kiara Windrider and St Germain and Love is my only Reason - I was told once, that I was to work with Shambhalla and now here you are!
I would Dearly Love to be involved in this. Please tell me more (I just read the article about Mount Shasta and the Sacred Sites and the precious McClungs). I AM, in humble Love and Light of the AWESOME kind - Terre/RainbowHeart (ter ter)
#9: Greetings Kind Sir Name of Raja
We now share your entire message, as below, on our site with these three pages/links.
I believe the sharings on the link http://www.marketingwiththestars.com/Lexigram.html are the entirety of what we created for Marketing with the Stars. There is the Star Art itsElf, and then below that, the One Line Letter Perfect Anagrams of the name.
Blessings, Will I AM @ http://www.goodworksonearth.org/peace_on_earth.html
#10: Dearly Beloveds~
ET~ Thank you for sending this, via who or what the 'magical ' connection was made!! At the bottom of the excerpt that I am responding to, is my communiqué. I am MOST interested in The Council of 12 , and wonder if this is the same Council as attended by Kahana Shanti Ariel, and ALSO communication with Sophia On Ra. As Sophia is the same as Ashera, I was told that another way to say my name is A-Sher-Ra On Sophia!!!! W-One-der to Be to meet and meld with another aspect of our combined Beingness!!!! The bottom message will explain more..
AAAAhhhhhSoooooo....... Call me The Blue Flame', that of Isaiah. I am going to share with you my direct inner experiences, also those of Cerise/Lorna, the dreamer grandmother that I came to before I came back on the planet. There is nobody more excellent than she is about explaining just about anything that comes up for discussion. She has the patience of Job and the Wisedom of Methusela, or should I say Sophia. She was taken on board Pleiadian craft extensively as a small child and was shown the many potential 'playouts' for the end times that we are in now and is extensively on board many craft, including Sananda's. [The name Cerise is Earth adaptation and spelling; inner and space spelling is 'Siryas'/Sirius. She is Lady Siryas, her husband is/was-past over now- Lord Siryas. My physical mother was also High Command from Sirius from whom I received many direct teachings/remembreances ie on 'being' a Light beam and a peacemaker/keeper'.
In coming to Cerise before re-incarnating back to the planet, I explained to her that as the Blue Ray, that I carried the highest frequency that exists on Mother Earth and was the frequency that all on and in Mother Earth were to attain to. Oneness is not merely an understanding or a fleeting experience, it is a state of Beingness and a frequency of energy. I did tell her at that time also, that I was the 'Spirit of Oneness' . Whatever 'Name' I called myself was too foreign to her young mind and she was not able to retain it.
My experience of seeing my Self as the Blue Ray, was given to me by Isaiah, who exists in embodiment in Hawaii. I had anchored 'the Great Peace' for the Harmonic Convergence' and also had much the same information previously from Grandmother Morna Simione, the Hawaiian Kahuna, and from Aurora, through Nancy Shipley, also of Hawaii, both who had come to Vancouver and to myself with the message. Interestingly enough, Grandma Morna spoke of the Great Peace and 'The Blue Ray' and said that since the birth of Jesus, the Hawaiians had done ceremony on the banyan tree (that the Queen had built her Palace beside and since chopped down by the 'Hoolies' to build yet another Highrise ) to focus the Blue Ray, and that after 'The Polar Shift", the Blue Ray would be focused in the Lower Mainland.
Now, if you will look up http://www.pistissophia.org you will see 'The Holy Spirit', the Shekinah, the wife of God, Sophia represented by a Dove, as will you in many other similar renditions of the Trinity. Now, I refrain from claiming to be the wife of God, but Golden Eagle, the Native version of Sananda, did ask me to be His Bride, and that was before I went into the deeper states of oneness beyond the beginning of all creation, the first word and first thought, beyond the dichotomies of the Void and the Fulness of the Pleromas. I was told that it was to be a Christ 'gathering', which is what 'Mass' means. ... job is to go before The Christ, to prepare the way for Christ.
I would sit and meditate for hours with my young, at that time, son Davon on my lap and at my breast, usually with a shawl over my head, for all the world, like Mother Mary, now that I think about it. In those days I hardly knew anything on the exterior plane about Mother Mary or any Goddess. My most extensive female inner companion was Ma'at and in another section of time, Amethyst (AA counterpart to Zadkiel) and Aurora (Uriel). All was Total Love. Deeper and deeper and more profound Love. For everything and everybody. Saw no evil, thought no evil, heard no evil. Pure bliss and oneness. All experienced in response to the question: Who Am I and Why Am I here? So I am Pure Love, I Am Divine Peace, I Am Infinite Oneness and One With All That Is. I Am That I Am. And I would kindly remind any who read this, that, as my spiritual brother says: 'The only difference between myself and you is, that I remember myself as God and You do not', or as in this case, the only difference between myself and those who have not discovered there divinity is just that; that I have attained to the Divine remembrance of All That I Am and the Perfection of All That Is, and Your consciousness has not. In this case, as my Purpose is to bring back the Goddess energies as Sophia, who is called Love, the Dove of Peace and the Spirit of Oneness; who is simultaneously the Blue Ray, also called the 'Ma'Ray, hence is the Universal MaRay, the Leader of the Heavenly Hosts that are now returning to Mother Earth. The Divine Feminine energies were re-anchored on Mother Earth.
I am totally conscious of All My Beingness on All levels and all dimensions. I am responsible to slay "The Beast". So I have been studying it for quite some time now, and there is great council on the inner planes in this regard as I speak as how best to do this. 9-11 was a shock and set back for all. But Divine Intervention will only take place if Humanity as a Whole is Totally Clear that that is what they want and shout there message loudly with One Voice.
I was given the Orb and Scepter and told to "Hold the Vision of bringing Heaven to Mother Earth" and that this would be done in conjunction with a Council of 12 Spiritual Elders and Leaders. These I take now to be the masters of the 12 Rays. And under each of these would be another Circle of 12, and under each of those a circle of 12, etc. This consciousness was also informed that where 12 are gathered and 'aligned' in the Light, that when the 'changes' came upon the earth, that the 12 and those under their guardianship would be 1) infinitely protected from everything, albeit geological, meteorological, ecological, economical, social. Whatever. and Number Two we will be able to manifest All that we require. Just understand, Please Dear Ones, that what I tell you is my true inner experience. I never thought to be anybody important, nor aspired to such. Until the Bear medicine which took my spirit (as is the experience of Pistis Soppier), I was a complete pure and innocent in every sense of the word. If I wasn't, it probably wouldn't have happened. One cannot go into the Oneness and have even a vistigual of ego. And believe me, Dear One, I am having a great deal of difficulty coming to terms with my mission on earth, and finding out who I am in earthly terms and what that means. And believe me, my Heart wrenches within my chest at the pain and suffering in these realms and dimensions.
I still haven't told you the rest of what the far distance viewer told me, except that she also reamed me out for not getting my butt in gear. IF I AM MEANT TO BE WITH YOU - I WILL BE THERE! I have made repeated overtures to various ones as to the mission and spiritual mandate of this soul and spirit in this embodiment . And of course, My Spirit had to be garnered back and re-anchored in the body, as was the plight of Sophia. Two months ago a friend and myself were on my patio and looked to the skies to see the whole sky filled with the Viscea Pisces through which this consciousness had traversed and transcended through hundreds of and three hours worth of, each being one level of initiation I find out years later, and which, though taken as a sign of Jesus, is that sign of the 'returning Christ', which is also the overlapping parts of the circles in 'the flower of life' and also 'the coverage' of the body of Pistis Sophia. See Alex Grey's painting of Pistis Sophia in his website: http://www.alexgrey.com/
I would very much like to open dialogue on our parallel experiences, and for myself with Sophia On Ra!!! or the somebody who is 'channeling' my Higher Self if that is the case. Very interesting. Can't wait!!!!! My home phone is (604) 792-8850, or my alternate email shekinahonenes@yahoo.ca but will only be at present location for one or two months, so please phone or email soon.
I Am from the Aeons, endless ... limitless ... Beyond days ... beyond reckoning ... And leave traces of my Being ... Across the Strand of Time ... AAAAAAAY, Eeeeeeeeee, Aaaaaaaah, Ooooooooooooh, Ah, Ah, Ah Pure.....Pure......Pure...... CHRIST, CHRIST ALL, CRYSTAL LIGHT a SharOnSophia
#11: I am enjoying hearing from you. I have had some incredible sightings here on Kauai, where I have lived for 25 years. The most dramatic one was three days after I sent a telepathic message out asking for one. That occurred on February 3, 2000 at approximately 6 am. I was trained as an observer in the military of high speed military aircraft. This was definitely light years in difference from anything from my previous experience. I wonder if Larry is aware that there are still living here direct descendants of those very same pre-Polynesian Lemurian (Mu) peoples here? Read Tales From The Night Rainbow by Koko Willis and Pali Lee. Borders has it.
- Tom L from Hawaii
#12: The author of this original email has since requested removal from this post.
#13: Would love to attend your meeting. Please give directions.
Glad you are here,
Barbara & Florence
#14: HI ET, Warmest Greetings ... Friends, Brothers and Sisters,
When is the event scheduled for? While I have no plans to be in California your event sounds quite intriguing. We invite you and your networks to consider the possibility of co-creating a New City of Light with us. This, coming on the heals of the Harmonic Concordance we offer this gift to the world. We invite you to share this information with your networks the announcement of the establishment of the Yalaha Village - "A City of Light", in the days, months and years to come.
Love and Peace to you,
Bates Reed
The Yalaha Foundation
#15: I miss you already and I am here, waiting to fulfill the mission. I am on the {Taos} mesa with a library of good books and the spirit is sending me what I need to fulfill the mission. Keeping hope alive and well on my end of the bargain, loving you and all, stay well, blessings from Taos mountain headquarters of the new world paradigm.
Recent Earthquakes in California and Nevada, Map
Recent Earthquakes in Pacific Northwest, Map
ANSS Recent Earthquakes in the US Volcano Cams
Secret Diary of Admiral Byrd?
Visitor Inside Mt. Shasta
MY FAVORITE STORY > The Smoky God, Or A Voyage to the Inner World TELOS_CODES OF ENTRY GROWING UP IN TELOS, by Princess Sharula Dux ADAMA, NEW DNA, CIVILIZATIONS FROM INNER EARTH, by Dr. Louise Jones, ND Lemurian's Views on The Benefits of Living Underground, by Aurelia Louise Jones, Mt. Shasta MESSAGE FROM TELOS, by Aurelia Louise Jones, Mt. Shasta GREETINGS FROM ADAMA OF TELOS, Channeled by Lailel ADAMA ON PHOTON BELT AND ASCENSION CONNECTION, by Aurelia Louise Jones TELOS_SUBTERRAAN WORLD UNDER MT.SHASTA ADAMA, Dianne Robbins, SHARULA DUX, Andy Lutts RAGING BATTLES BENEATH THE EARTH, by Princess Sharula Dux CIVILIZATIONS FROM INNER EARTH, Dr. Louise Jones, ND Mount Shasta Light Publishing, Dr. Louise Jones, ND GATEWAY TO FREEDOOM, by Princess & Prince Dux From Area 51 To The Inner Earth, Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, United States Air Force Mother Shipton's Prophecies The Starseed Quiz Strange rays coming out of Mt. Shasta "GREY ALIEN" IN EGYPTIAN ART "REPTILLIAN ALIEN" IN IRAQ MUSUEM "REPTILLIAN ALIEN" IN 5000 B.C. JAPANESE RETIILIAN CLAY FIGURES
#17: I would love to have details.
Mary Aver, England
#18: I am very interested in knowing more about the Shasta meetings. I may not be able to come because of the distance, but would like to know when/where. I'm pretty familiar with the McCloud area, as well as Panther Meadow and some of the hiking trails.
Love and Light,
#19: Hi Folks
Greetings Beautiful Dear People,
A friend sent a link to your website and I was sooo excited to see photos from Mt. Shasta! In 1991 I went on a vision quest with a bunch of gypsies to Mt. Shasta. Only two of us made it all the way to the mountain. On the night before I hiked to the top I was camped at about 9000 ft and everyone else who was camping went to sleep. I was too excited to sleep from the NRG that was just rushing through my being! Suddenly I heard some pretty peculiar sounds coming from outside my tent (kind of like digital angelic music). I thought someone was playing music softly and wondered who else might be up at the wee hours of the morning...so I went out of my tent looking for some company. When I got out I discovered that no one was awake and the music was definitely coming from INSIDE the mountain and I was actually hearing it with my inner ear! As this discovery was happening in my mind I looked over my right shoulder and watched a Light Being about 7 1/2 feet tall start to materialize! by the time he (male or neutral, but seemed male) got to about his waist the NRG was too much for me to hold, I got a little frightened and let out a small sound of fear and with that he disappeared and the music stopped. A moment later he came into my mind with a soft and calming voice and confirmed my experience, gave my a slight image of community of Beings who do vibrate (live?) inside the mountain. He also said we would meet again sometime when my matrix could hold more light without fear. Hallelujah!
I have yet to return to Shasta. I have been very busy parenting my two Light Beings in the form of children. Many of the Ascended Masters you listed have been 'talking to me' and guiding me for years and I was sooo deLighted to check out your site. Keep smiling and sharing.
Thanks for putting me on your list. I wont be there in physical form for the 'Prophecies Coming To Bear' Meeting. I'm wondering if I might hold a tandum meeting here in Ithaca, NY where I live...or if there's any teleconference capabilities. What do you expect to happen at this meeting?
There's a group around here that gathers every so often to invite intergalactic beings. Do you have some kind of agenda for the meeting. I can really feel the earth changes happening so quickly these days and I'm eternally grateful to all the beings on the planet resonating with Light and LOve and comPASSION!
Can't make it to the meeting as I am in over my head with parenting duties here in New York...I'd love to read the earlier research and purpose of meeting though if possible :-) Thanks
Love and Laughter
Peace to your bones
#20: From: BATV43@aol.com
To: COME@stardoves.com
Sent: Friday, October 17, 2003 9:10 AM
Subject: This sounds fantastic.
When is the event? How do I get involved? I work at a public access TV facility. Is there something we can show or promote to our television audience?
Dan Shanahan
#21: Hi Larry:
I would like to have some information on the meeting in Mt. Shasta on Oct. 26. If there is any information on where to stay while there I would appreciate that as well.
Thank you
Monica Valentine
#22: I grew up in Mt. Shasta. The talk about it being the surviving tip of Lemuria has been around since the time of the early I AM movement. Geologically, though, it doesn't prove out. - Gwyllm Llwydd

Actually dear Gwyllm, our research is showing that it does - our investigations into the Volcanic Cascades shows that indeed this area is far different then the surrounding geology - if you send me your postal mail address I will be mailing out our research into the ring of fire - cascade volcanism and Shasta - eventually it will get on the web - but we'd be happy to continue a sincere dialogue with you to refute your claim and lets see who can produce in a kind way the strongest evidence to prove our conclusions.

Well I would certainly appreciate that!
- Gwyllm Llwydd

Thank you Gwyllm - we'll be sure to send it to you!!
Blessings INDEED!!!!
#23: Hi! my name is Conan Nagle and my partner Joanne Urlacher are coming down. We live in Sherwood Park Alberta Canada around Edmonton. We're going to get a group together, but I'm not sure how many yet we will let you know in the next day or two. Where do we stay when we come down there, do we just bring a sleeping bag, or a tent, motor home. Or is there some type of logging like a hotel Could you please let us know.
#24: Yes - please send details for the Mt Shasta event. Thanks so much
Joy Rae Freeman|Spiritual Warrior, Healer, Writer, Teacher, Producer - Internationally Award Winning "Joy to the World" KSER 90.7 FM Sat 7 AM Pacific
#25: Please send more information on the October 26th event. Thank you. All Is Well.
Love & Light
#26: I am interested in this meeting please provide details.
- Ridk Otto
#27: I hear you - blessings on this retreat - will not be able to attend and send you my best.
- Kim Conrad
#28: Greetings,
I am interested in your meeting. Could you send me more info please? Thanks.
Roxanne Carol
#29: Please let me know the details so I will know how to attend ...
Thank you
Grant Williams
#30: Please send 10 page email with further info.
Bright Wings
- Suz Z
#32: Mitaki my Star Family ... my name is SunSpirit, I live in Boulder Colorado ... I am a "Walk IN" ... my prior souls name is BarbaRA ... I have been reading the mail from Stardoves over a long period of earthtime and have felt a strong resonance with the messages that have come thru ... I have been present at many gatherings in my Spirit body, as this earthly body that I inhabit at the moment has been extremely challenged in physical ways and my work here has heavily been with the crystalline grid and the inner crystalline core of our Earth Mother ... and on this physical plane I work with the gifts from our plant nation family, essential oils ...
I would love to be present physically at the gathering this month, however, I don't know that I would be able to make the journey there ... I will share the info re this gathering with a spiritsister of mine whom has been to some of the gatherings at Mt.Shasta ... If I am not able to make it there in person ... I will be there with my Star/Telos/Lemurian Family in Spirit as I have been for such a long time now ...
Mitakuye Oyasin ... Love and Light
SunSpirit ~~~
_______________________________________________________________________________________ #33: Interested in Mt. Shasta info. Please send .
Evolutionary Agent
PO Box 811, Hana, HI 96713
Phones: Home: 808-248-7543; Cell: 808-264-1506; vm 808-243-0336 Websites: http://www.jor-el.org & http://www.earthgrid.com/jorel
#34: Hello,
We have been corresponding a few years ago. I would like to receive details of the meeting in Shasta. Much love to you all!
- Noga from Israel
#35: Dear Dr. RA-Ja:
My prayers and best wishes for a wonderful celebration of love, peace and ET with our beloved star family. I am unable to attend physically at this time but spiritually.
In Our Bonds of Love for you and Dear Moi-RA,
Luis Prada (RA-Hunab)
#36: Aloha and greetings from paradise and Paradise ... How good to get your mails again. I would love to attend this gathering and will have to-do so etherically as i am so committed to my work here and am traveling to boston the following week on community garden business for our local c.g. of which I am vice pres. I am very drawn to your participants as well as to the topics, I can send you a copy of a proclamation our Mayor Kim signed making November Domestic Harmony Awareness month. I have asked the governor to do one too and our congressman. YES!!!!
After we last communicated I saw that you were going through some major changes. Bravo for doing them so well.
I have been so very busy clearing my physical body and was laid up for nearly 6 months. i only started being able to walk two weeks ago. WE have a budget for the pod home projects. Do you still have benefactors who would be interested in seeing them?
#37: I will not be able to attend this one, but would love to know the details. Mt. Shasta is still calling me, but for the winter at least, I will stay here on the Bay and Gulf Shore area - as that is where Spirit put me. Thank you dear one, I AM there with you in Spirit.
- Love,
Glo RA 'el
#38: Hello Dear Ones:
I was thrilled to read this message since it explained a lot about what I experienced when I was at Mt. Shasta for WESAK thanks to your generosity. I received an inner message several months before WESAK that this year's WESAK was very important.
I have 3 sacred geometric energy forms that I created before the earth was born. They work with the trinity. I call them Dolphin Discs. They are deeply connected with 9 locations on the planet - Mt. Shasta being one of the points. Since I have brought these energies back into this reality - with a great deal of help of course - I need to take them to the 9 points and re-activate a few things. During the ceremony my friend and I were receiving so much energy that my body was actually arching upwards, falling backwards, etc. It was intense to say the least. My friend saw Mother Mary standing behind me and the hem of her robe came up around me. She bathed me in loving light that was radiating out from her robe.
After that, we were both showered in all the colors of the rainbow. This rainbow light continued to flow into us for quite some time. Needless to say we were staggering and "drunk" with the energy when it was all through. I thought that particular activation / initiation was why I had come to Mt. Shasta. It had just started raining and this guy from New Zealand came into our booth. He stood there for awhile. We assumed that he was just trying to get out of the rain.
The next thing we knew he was contorting his body in all sorts of directions and zinging this way and that way. Energy was pouring into all of my chakras. Sometimes one. Sometimes all of them simultaneously. I could hardly stand up. Because of the bizarre body movements it was hard for us to talk to him until afterwards. This went on for over 2 hours. My friend, who was there primarily as protection for my work, quickly checked in to see what the heck was happening. As she followed the energy up, she discovered 2 Blue Beings pouring a torrent of blue energy down. It would go to Don (we later learned his name) and his body movements were stepping down the energy enough that my body could handle receiving it. I was completely transformed by this experience.
As we talked with Don later, we discovered that he had been guided that he had a job or mission to do in Mt. Shasta. Of course he had free will and could choose to accept of not. He chose to accept. So he flew all the way from New Zealand to the WESAK celebration in Mt. Shasta and paid to attend. Why? Because his mission was to assist in stepping down this energy to me. I felt so honored, humbled, and overwhelmed that such a blessing would come from someone from so far away who didn't know me - at least on this plane or in this life. What a gift.
Reading about the blue ray, Adama, and the Lemurian Council of Light in Telos made a lot of sense.
Blessings to you and your work,
#39: Dear Hearts,
QuanYin, the Bodhisattva of Compassion, invites you to share in a very special event that will dramatically accelerate our abilities to create Two Sundays from today, on Oct. 26, from 2 - 6 pm we have scheduled {a co-Transmission }of Channellings and Activation of Portals Energy Bodies of Creation, since there are a many of you who are {going to be in Mount Shasta.}
We are offering the transmission by teleconference, or you can attend in person at the new QuanYin Creation Center, in Rio En Medio, New Mexico. I look forward to sharing these amazing energies with you in this amazing space, on this amazing land!
We are open to making financial or trade arrangements if needed. Peace and Blessings,
#40: We would like to attend this wonderful event.
Jim Self and Roxane Burnett
#41: Hi,
This is Lindsay from England.
I'll be with you in my heart.
Bless you
#42: We'd like to register for the meeting on October 26.
Love and Peace
Eddie & Helen Winkler, Austria
_______________________________________________________________________________________ #43: Namaste StarDoves
It's Barron here from Auckland, New Zealand. Due to the geographical distance i shan't be with you physically on the 26th, which is in fact the 27th "Downunder", incidentally, my 2 year Anniversary with my partner Linda!
Was at Dr Stone's Wesak festival May this year and loved the whole area so much that i will be back again next April/May too! Can't wait to hear of all the developments as they unfold.
Much love
#44: Oh this sounds wonderful ... joyful that you have established such strong roots and singing your light words to the world. Blessings ... Just leave a place in there for us.
We will be there
Alisha and Sidney
_______________________________________________________________________________________ #45: I would like to know how much this seminar is, at Mt. Shasta. I do not have much money, as I am not working currently and my boyfriend is temporarily on disability due to surgery. We would both like to come..
In love and light,
Kellie White
_______________________________________________________________________________________ #46: When and where ...
Dorothea Joyce
#47: Namaskar, Moira and Raja
Greetings and blessings from us and Ra Kendra in the Philippines. About Telos. Sometime in the late 80's or early 90's I was in touch with Sharula who introduced herself as a princess from Telos. Unfortunately, I could not go to Sta. Fe during my visits to the States at that time. You made mention of meeting her partner, but not of her. Would you know where she is now?
Rashmi & Ravi, Philippines
STARDOVES: The Princess is in seclusion and has been since 1997. We were told that humans had been so heartless to her that she now shuts herself up in seclusion and sees no surface dweller. We were deployed to the region to assist. Ashtar-Athena also told us of this during her visit and went to cheer up the Princess too, but to no avail. Some have written us and asked us because we have "RA" in our names if we are the Parents of Princess & Prince. We are not! But we do have origins that exist in the Stars, as our "RA" family sent a colony to Telos and their has been inter-marrying of the various star-tribes.
#48: Dear Stardoves,
I would be very interested in receiving more info regarding the spiritual gathering at Mt. Shasta. I have attended several Wesak gatherings, but I feel a calling to this gathering since I have a close connection to my star and planet sisters and brothers. Please e-mail with info.
Gods love and light for your peaceful work for the All!
Jacky P. Roy
_______________________________________________________________________________________ #49: Dear Dr RAJA and MOI-RA ,
Thank you for the e-mails regarding the "Welcoming Committee`s Prophesy meeting" next Sunday. It is absolutely fascinating and I wish I could too be present, but alas living so far from Shasta I will have to be content in waiting for the outcome to this glorious meeting. My heart will be there with you all and I feel a sense of excitement for what is to come. I wish you all great blessings and love in your mission.
Diane Addison
Melchizedek Synthesis Light Academy UK
#50: Please register Mary OGrady and Karen Stalie of Earth Angels Shop, Redding, CA. We would like to attend the event.
Mary O'Grady
_______________________________________________________________________________________ #51: Dearest Doves:
Andi & I send Blessings of Light & Love through Sound to you both, and to Adama and company!
Jonathan Goldman
P.O. Box 2240,
Boulder CO 80306 USA
(800) 246-9764
_______________________________________________________________________________________ #52: To Whom It May Concern:
WE are a Network TV production company interested in doing a story on the events being planned at Mount Shasta by your organization. Please give us a phone number and contact person so our staff can get in touch with you.
Robert Kiviat
Executive Producer / CEO
Kiviat Productions, Inc.
(818) 776-8533
#53: When is the Crestone event. I don't remember seeing anything on this. I live in Colorado within an easy day's drive.
#54: Thank you so much! Your message was enthralling. I have sent it to many lightworker friends with this message: My Dear Ones, I am so excited reading this. Kara, I am hanging on to my halo! Karen, note mention of Crestone below. I would SO love to be there! I am almost transported telepathically! Bob, you and Nancy were already at Four Corners! Enjoy! I awoke at 3:30 a.m. this morning and was so excited about the Day of Contact that I could not sleep. I live in Norman, Oklahoma, am a 76-1/2 Indigo child! It is not too feasible for me to afford this trip, but my spirit longs so to be there. What would be the cost, etc.? Could I fly there if I can afford it? Everything in my being urges me to attend!
Love, Lois
_______________________________________________________________________________________ #55: Please register me for the event on October 26, 2003 MaryAnn Kikerpill
Dunsmuir, Ca 96025
Thank you!
#56: Would like to register 3 for the meeting/welcoming to be held at mt shasta on the 26th,...
please let me know what i can do to make this happen...
Blessings, love & light...
_______________________________________________________________________________________ #57: Beloved Angels-Oh I would so dearly Love to be there!Do you know of anyone who is coming there from the Las Vegas,Nevada area???
Love and Light of the Luminescent AWESOME kind
_______________________________________________________________________________________ #58: Hello,
Please rush me details ASAP as this is the first I've heard about this event.
Many thanks
#59: All the last time I could receive your mails - unexpected. I am so grateful for these informations. It`s like a fresh breeze!
Thank you.
With Love and Light,
Judith Jung
#60: Dear friends,
My name is Summer Breeze and I am a representative, and Managing Editor for "Nomad News", a publication of the Rainbow White Buffalo Nation. I will be attending this event in Mt. Shasta with my husband Cephas and some friends. Please give us more information about the media presence and how we can interview some of the folks involved for a story in our magazine. Will we be permitted to take some photos and to bring a tape recorder, at least for interview purposes? For more information on our group and our magazine, contact whitebuffalo@writeme.com.
This is truly exciting. See you on Sunday and hope to get a reply before then by email.
Or call Summer Breeze at (530) 926-1899.
#61: Here's a comment from a local in Mount Shasta. There is some concern in the community about the type of people who it will attract. "Well , I think it's like the Loch Ness Monster. I can see what it's doing, and it really is no different from what Solara and Peter Caddy did that brought some of us over here - BUT it seems scarier. Like it will attract the real fringe element of needy, desparate people that can be dangerous to live with. That's what I feel. I'm happy to be wrong if beings start popping out of the mountain. But if there is too much media hype it may backfire in a lot of ways. We'll see how Spirit works there."
STARDOVES: All that we have shared this with say this is not love, this is coming from a space of fear. What we are doing here, Dana of Mount Shasta Magazine said, "Is the best of humanity as a group of people who are putting our minds together to do the best we can do for humanity and then with the other side obviously reaching out to us, how dare we try to stop this with limited fear thinking!"
STARDOVES: Do not fear Local friends. THE NEXT ONE WE DO IN CRESTONE WILL BE THE REALLY BIG ONE WHERE ALL THE NEWS AGENCIES PROVIDE LIVE-COVERAGE, AND NASA, NAVY, ARMY, GOVERNMENT will all be there! THIS ONE WILL BE MUCH MORE LOW-KEY THEN YOU THINK. Most of the technologies will be taped by the large Press Factions by reps and fed to them - they will not show up locally. THE GREAT MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE has designed it that WAY, with St. Germain's and ADAMA's aid. Tell the locals that the Mountain is way ahead of them - and she told me to make it a smaller scale here to protect the community - but in Crestone - in FEBRUARY - the mountain is begging for the energy and the global focuses - as it is destined to create the new world-earth.
KRYON told them things were changing, and new energy was coming to town! We do care about the economy of the land. So not to worry, dear locals, your fears are unfounded. We will protect YOU! We will make it real safe and friendly and loving and caring people only - we have the right - all others not admitted!!! TRULY and we will not admit all the fringe lunatics, warring news-factions, and negative fear-based shadow government types. This is purely love! Thank you for sharing with us this opinion - we do want to consider all people's feelings - especially the ancestors and the locals. OM!
Yet let's not be pushed into a corner buy fear-based thinkers. We face the negativity of local energy everywhere we go to do our MISSION! Breaking down the old fears and dogmas is our work, not many like that and start all kinds of commotion to stop it! But the Master clearly says, "YOU ARE EITHER WITH ME OR YOU ARE AGAINST ME." Yet we now see many gray shadows in-between - none the less - it is one way or the other - AND MOST OF ALL THERE IS NOTHING TO FEAR BUT FEAR ITSELF! THE ANGELS ARE WITH US!
It is time the Earth opens to the real light, entertaining unfounded fears or gossip, is not going to help and will not be allowed to interfere with the event. Love thy neighbor as they self. That is what we will tell anyone who sends fear signals. LOVE THY NEIGHBOR AS THYSELF! WE ARE OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS KEEPERS AND WITH FAITH IN THE HOLY SPIRIT WE CAN CREATE WHAT WE WANT TO SEE IN OUR TOWN.
Bless You!
Dr. Raja 'Merk' Dove
Professor Moi-Ra 'Lady of the Sun' Dove
#62: Dear friends,
My name is Summer Breeze and I am a representative, and Managing Editor for "Nomad News", a publication of the Rainbow White Buffalo Nation. I will be attending this event in Mt. Shasta with my husband Cephas and some friends. Please give us more information about the media presence and how we can interview some of the folks involved for a story in our magazine. Will we be permitted to take some photos and to bring a tape recorder, at least for interview purposes? For more information on our group and our magazine, contact whitebuffalo@writeme.com
This is truly exciting. See you on Sunday and hope to get a reply before then by email. Or call Summer Breeze at (530) 926-1899.
#63: Hello,
Would you please send me the details on Sunday's event.
Thank you!
#64: What a privilege it would be to be with you on THE DAY OF CONTACT, Sunday, 26th of October. Please tell me the cost and where to go to. Thank you, Mary Staffa
Mary Staffa * Light Creations * 541-955-9216, fax: 208-441-1876
#65: As-Salaam-Alaikum! Peace be unto you! Greetings beloved! Kodoish Kodoish Kodoish Adonai Tsebayoth! Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God of Hosts! Ah Ho! O'siyo! Namaste! Salu! Shalom! Om Nama Shiva! "In Lak'ech" means: "I am another you" or "I am another yourself".
We here at The R. Watchman, the Canadian Ground Crew, send our prayers and blessings for the "Day of Contact". We wish we could be there with you to help celebrate the Great Mt. Shasta "Day of Contact" but unfortunately due to finances we will not be able to attend. We, The R. Watchman families and friends, will however be there in spirit as well as holding our own celebration on that day.
We wish you much peace, light & love!
The R. Watchman Families & Friends
In Love & Service!
Respectfully yours,
Charles Taylor Sr.
-Galactic Confederation of Love & Light
#66: Bless you Raja for your outstanding work and Moi Ra. SUSIE ANTHONY
#67: Aloha - please sign me up.
Be Love & Be Loved
#68: Hi,
Is there anything happening here in Melbourne, Australia? If so, would you be able to tell me where I could go to hear it.
Regs, Kay Sawatzky.
#69: Hi,
I would like to find out how to connect to this event on the 26 of Oct by phone. If that would not work for any reason, would we be able to buy tapes from this event from you? It would only need four 90 minutes tapes. #70: I am very interested to be able to listen to the messages regarding the day of contact. I am staying in Malaysia and do not know if it is possible. Please let me know.
Love n Light,
#71: I am here in NY..so it looks like I will not be there physically, but yu better believe I will be there in spirit. My husband and I have been to Mt Shasta 2 times. Last October we were there for the unveiling of Adama's' portrait. If there is any service you would like me to do from this distance I would be so very happy.
In Love
_______________________________________________________________________________________ #72: I would like some details about the hookup for the meeting and any details about first contact that day. I am in Port Richey Florida (just north of Tampa). It has been a long time coming. Thank You All. - Wilbur Adams
#73: This is Sheila and yes I want to be included on the day of Contact. I had a vision a few months Ago of a starship hovering about 1/4 mile from my home and it was beautiful. Then I saw hundreds of things (?) flying out from this starship and as they got closer to me all I could make of it was they looked like batman. All in black. I got so scared I opened my eyes and laid in bed afraid to even go to the bathroom. Not sure if there was any reason to be scared but I was. Anyways...yes yes. Right now I have had black helicopters flying over my home for the last several hours not sure what is happening but something is happening. Do You Have Or Know Someone Who Does?
Love & Light

STARDOVES: Have no fear - ever - my dear!!! FEAR is the Great Mind Killer - Nothing to FEAR but FEAR itself - as you think so are you - Goodly ETs and Angels will help you, never scare you. All Black ops have been stepped up - it is their last hurrah!
#74: Dear Raja and Moira,
Hello, I am Chavah Aima from New Zealand. I heard of your work from my friend Whitecloud. My partner and I will be arriving in the U.S. on Oct. 25, 2003 for a three week visit. We will be traveling from northern California to Oregon, and also throughout the southwest and rocky mountains in northern New Mexico and Colorado. I am a Qabalistic minister, and I teach the western enlightenment traditions (Hermetic/Egyptian, Rosicrucian, and the Ecstatic traditions, among others). I lived in the U.S., and practiced in a mystery temple there for many years. I came to New Zealand two years ago at the request of certain western masters, and have been relatively quiet until this present direction came to return to the US for a brief time. I feel it may be important that I meet you, and wondered if that would be possible. Could you please let me know by return e-mail when and where we might find you during our time there?
My web site is www.enlightenedlife.org I look forward to hearing from you at your next convenience. Thank you. Many blessings in the light that is love -
#75: To whom it may concern:
Both my husband and I are of the opinion that we originated from another planet or star and it is becoming more obvious to us as time goes on that we do not fit into this world the way it is.
We are involved in helping to advance the announcement of NESARA and wait patiently every day for this to happen. But we have felt lately a great desire to establish contact with some one from the Star People. Would this be possible? We live in the country in Queensland, Australia and as we read more about Star Ships and Star People on the Fourwinds website we find the need to communicate.
I read where they do not like or have confrontations with humans as they find it dangerous. Well not with us as we are light workers and very desirous of entering the 5th dimension. Can you help us and show us what we would have to do to make contact. Thank you.
Margaret & Robin Therklesen,
Email: romar@austarnet.com.au
#75: The Christian Science Monitor finds your DAY OF CONTACT amazing! If your event is selected for publication, we will contact you. In addition, you might want to consider sharing your views in Monitor Talk, our new online discussion forum on our Web site at:
http://www.csmonitor.com/monitortalk - Plus Online Events and Online discussions with Monitor reporters and other thought leaders are held regularly. Visit Monitor Talk to find out about the next one or read scripts from past events. http://www.csmonitor.com/monitortalk/index.html
The Christian Science Monitor
#76: Hello,
Please send me information. I’m a member of http://www.cseti.org and http://www.disclosureproject.org
Lance Cassino
303 838-0221
#77: Greetings,
This is AthenaStar, Ascended Host Channel/Healer (over 16 yrs this lifetime); with St. Germain, Intergalactic Council, many Lady Ascended Masters and other Hosts. I would very much like to be on the telephone conf call on Oct 26; just received the notice. I would be happy to mail a check for the donation as I don't do charge cards on line. My email is not working very well to receive emails right now. My cell phone is 808 258 1063 for the information for the conf. call; I can call you right back if you leave a phone number. I recently did and activation session with a high being in Mt. Shasta and all the mountain portals throughout the planet connected in (this was done by phone and St. Germain was leading it); it just happened and Mt. Shasta opened up to us; I didn't plan it........ Anyway, that was a week ago so I see the connection now. I am actually in Florida right now near a major Atlantis vortex. During Nov 8-11 I will be in Vancouver. Blessings in your wonderful work and hopefully I will be able to receive emails next week. I can send them right now, but not receiving and a new computer is on the way.
Rev. AthenaStar
Cell 808 258 1063/941 426 7145
p.s. Would also be interested in Mt. Shasta Magazine;
(my address is 5467 Talbrook Rd, North Port, Fl 34287)
#77: Hello: I would be pleased if you added my name to your e-mail listing. I live in the town of Newmarket, just north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. One aspect of my work is as a Reg. Dietitian in a Jewish Home for the Aged in Toronto. Most (about 130 of my 158 residents) have Alzheimer's disease and many are reliving the horrors of the holocaust. Thus my work there is feeding not only their bodies but also their souls. It is part of my work to be a peace-commanding prisons for the residents, their family members and the staff. I work with Mother Mary's energy and Her Compassion and Love come through to bless all. I am happy to connect with others who are involved in raising up Humankind in whatever way they are gifted.
Many Blessings to you.
Linda Mary Elaine Radske
My e-mail address is lmeradske@sympatico.ca
BEAR 2012