STARDOVES Pilgrimage to Savannah, Georgia

February 2004
During our 2004 USA Blessing Expedition

During our USA Blessing Expedition through 26 U.S. States! The state where our Masonic connection was renewed was Georgia, in the fine city of Savannah.

This image of the Savannah Masonic Bldg. was made in the early 1800’s.

This image of the Savannah Masonic Bldg. was taken by Merk Feb. 2004

STARDOVES were given a special tour of the Masonic Temple. The first activities of the Masons in Savannah were traced to 1790. According to George Koeln, 33°, Brother Jacobs arrived in Savannah in 1790 via shipwreck from Kingston Jamaica. He settled, became a teacher at a Hebrew School, and for a time earned an income by conferring ritualistic degrees. He was known to have conferred degrees in Augusta, Washington Co., and upon his return to Savannah, assisted in the constitution of the first Lodge of Sublime Masons in Georgia in 1802. This was the first officially recognized Scottish Rite body outside of the famous events in Charleston occurring the previous year.

For more Georgia Scottish Rite History, please refer to

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We drove our trusty Lincoln Continental Signature series from California to Florida.

STARDOVES Lincoln Continental used for the 26 State 2004 USA Blessing Expedition.
Our 2004 USA Blessing Expedition was kicked off by our Bermuda Triangle Blessing.

Bermuda triangle – Florida keys 7 Goddesss (Left to Right, Rev. SuELy, Lady Catherine, Prof. MoiRA, Nurse Violet, Capt. Mimi, Dr. Elena and Cathasha)
Here is a little taste of our remarkable Bermuda triangle Blessing while in the Florida keys. 7 Goddesss (Left to Right, Rev. SuELy, Lady Catherine, Prof. MoiRA, Nurse Violet, Capt. Mimi, Dr. Elena and Cathasha took part in the Pilgrimage. Here they are on a small Pelican islet in the middle of the Bermuda triangle near a new coral reef.

Dr. Raja, wearing Serpent of Wisdom Crown, was the only male figure in attendance during this Pilgrimage and was forced to suffer the companionship of these 7 beautiful Goddesses all by himself!

During our Bermuda triangle Blessing work we were fortunate to perform some research at the famous Dolphin Research Center which was home to FLIPPER. In order to allow our participants to enjoy their pilgrimage we included a Dolphin Swim along with the program. We were overjoyed to experience
Jumping and spinning dolphins that came right up to our boat
and jumped and played to our delight!

Hákon the Dolphin keeper of Paradise

This channel has been somewhat resistent for me to be speaking through him. But I only have a few brief words to say.

A few brief words of encouragement. Some of you know that I am the keeper of this place and have been the keeper of this place for many, many thousands of your years. For many thousands of your years I saw no human being. No humans came past here. They were not drawn and felt they had no reason to be. But for a number of years now there have been more and more human visitors. It has been my practice to keep my self well hidden from them, not to communicate with them in any way. But over the last 11 or 12 years I have decided that it is possible that I and humans have much to share. Humans to share with me and I to share with humans. If I were to share everything I know with you it would take a long time. I do not think in this moment that it is appropriate that I share everything I know with you. So it is encouragement I come to give you. Encouragement to allow the Goddess to integrate within you. I myself have achieved a Goddes initiation at the same time as you have. And it is something that I have waited for, for many aeons of your time. For as you know many or almost all became separated from the Goddess energy. Because of male energetic domination within this Universe. Times have changed. That's right times have changed. Many are again starting to receive knowledge of the Goddess. Many have volunteered to receive the energy of the Goddess and carry that out into the world. So that it may be transferred to others as you walk among them. So my message to you again: Allow yourselves to integrate this energy and do not try and stifle or deny the Goddess within each and everyone of you. At this time my friends this is the end of my transmission to you by this medium of voice. I will transfer to each and everyone of you the portion of the energies that I hold within this pool, within this pond so that it may help each and everyone of you to accept who and what you really are. Peace be with you.

Transcribed Dec 17th by Lilja Petra Asgeirsdóttir Shamballa Master This message was most appropriate considering that this Pilgrimage was one of the Goddess Energy!

Solar Cross Symbol with Dove on Church
Protection For America
Mighty I AM Presence, Mighty Hercules, Archangel
Michael, Great Divine Director, K-l7 and Your
Legions of Light, envelop the United States and the
three Americas with a wall and canopy of Light. Hold
control and direct the people, the governments, the
resources and all activities to produce perfection for
all mankind, eternally sustained and ever expanding.

(Silently visualize a wall of steely white Light
around and over the United States with the Blue Flame
outside; then around and over Alaska; the Hawaiian
Islands then around and over the three Americas.)

It was most interesting that we had just completed the USA Blessing Expedition and had a marvelous tour of the Masonic Bldg. in Savannah - - - All of this was pointing us, as Interplanetary Ambassadors to our next Mission, something in particular that we did not yet know involved exactly. But evidently the Great Planner = G>O>D> = GeniRAtor Of Dimensions through Her|His Omnipotence, did know!

We do need to mention that as you certainly already know, MoiRa has been a lifelong member and former President of the Theosophical Society and also a Co-Mason, which is the feminine membership of Freemasonry (originally called the Eastern Star) and I a member of the Rosicrucians. Yet our Ambassadorship with the Interplanetary Confederation supersedes all of those other positions.

Our Interplanetary Guides revealed that certain Sacred Sites on Earth have much to say to those who could interact with its cosmic software. The greatest purposes for which are to transmit cosmic communications and vibrationally harmonic waveforms from the Interplanetary Confederation. It is sort of like receiving a large specialized download and storing it for a later time when there is proper time and place for the download. We first developed this during our days at the Great Pyramid in Egypt and later in the Yucatan our Starry Guides sanctioned these Star Coded Awakenings and placed us in the presence of great cosmic computers.

The Star Guoides stand by us and transmit the star coded energetics thru us and then by secret methods of transmission reveale donly during the live sessions directly to the individsuals who have aligned themselves for thes Star Coded Initiations. The Star Masters thenm direct these energetics via crytals we have on our Altar that is all-wasy with us down into Your Crown Chakra. These Sessions are performed by those who wish them while we are on a star tracked ley lines that activates the energy impulses of a whole series of sacred energetics that are coming from the stars now.

Eventually all the people of the World will have the opportunity to receive these Transmissions. This is why STARDOVES are now conducting these Blessing Expeditions.

The New Heaven and the New Earth is now upon humanity and blessed Gaia. We will detail these blessings and revelations in our words to come . . . we want to thank each of you for coming to this site and enjoying it.

There is so much we have to tell the world from this deployment and we will commence NOW – we will continue and just remember that the end is written in the stars and it has a wonderful ending which leads to a marvelous new lighted beginning!!

We Love You So Very Much and Bless You
BEAR 2012