Early March 2001
Israel, Jerusalem *



Recorded: March 28, 2001
Posted: August 19, 2002
Last Update: September 24, 2003
During the first two weeks of March, 2001 STARDOVES underwent a High Level Diplomatic ET Peace Mission to the Holy Land, Is-RA-EL! Our members, students, and friends world-wide supported this effort. The Aquarian Perspectives Inter-Planetary Mission has fulfilled worldwide crucial ET Diplomatic Missions especially in the down-trodden countries such as India, the Philippines, Tibet, Nepal, Mexico and now war-torn countries such as Israel and earlier Kashmir. We also served in Egypt, Greece, Paris, Hawaii and the Himalayas, to anchor the new stellar energies.

The Pilgrimage was funded by the Global Peace Foundation, Da Vid, M.D., Founder, Write-In Candidate for U.S. President. See: http://lightparty.com and http://globalpeacefoundation.org Stardoves are Associate Directors of the Global Peace Foundation and New Mexico State Peace Ambassadors, of the Department of Peace, USA.

We were brought to homes, light centers and sacred sites by our sweet Hostess and Supreme Guide Dorit, an Israeli Peace-Activist Woman of Bat-Shalom, See http://www.batshalom.org and aided by her Able Assistant Asher.

Please pray for "PEACE ON EARTH" in the most comfortable way for you.

Please stop whatever you may be doing, and do this PRAYER NOW for just a few minutes, as you are inwardly directed. Thank you. Bless You.

During those 10 days we spent in Israel we planted crystals in Jerusalem, Nazareth, the Dead Sea, Palestine and at other sacred places. The crystals activated ancient star grids that connected with Glastonbury, Kashmir and Washington D.C. Avenues for peace will complete as soon as a critical mass of earthlings get behind this stellar project.

STARDOVES MISSION in Israel was a success, as we did receive a message from the Angels of the Lord that directed us to a mountain top where we were shown we would rebuild The Temple For All Nations; where all beings that chose themselves would be chosen to live in peace, with not one above the other, but all as equals. We were shown the days of the warlords of all Nations were over! We were told to have faith that regardless of all seeming outer appearances the Earth is being made anew just as the DNA of our bodies are being made anew; so shall Peace On Earth, GoodWill to All Life, Be! So Mote It BE! Selah! Shanti! Salaam Alekem! Shalom!

Again, kindly and sweetly visualize and imagine in your MIND'S INNER EYE, MIRACLES CO-CREATING PEACE ON EARTH - Good God/Goddess's Will on Earth!

Sacred 144,000: Use your sacred crystals and power objects for peace on Earth - this is the sacred hour!

Now is the Time!



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