For excellent information on: "Egypt, Sphinx, Giza. The opening of the Hall of Records," visit John and Mariola Carlo's

William Henry, points out on his web site, "In his book The Keys of Enoch, Dr. J.J. Hurtak relates this docking station to the legends of Tula and the Christian New Jerusalem. On page 315 of his book he displays a map showing the locations of the former 'regions of Altai' (Altai and Tula are interchangeable). Included on this map are the Great Pyramids of Giza, the former alleged location of Atlantis. Dr. Hurtak tells us that not one, but two, new docking stations are due to be created. One in the southeastern portion of the United States. The other in the Four Corners area of the United States."

Docking stations refers to earth bases, landing sites or places where the Inter-Galactic Confederation will make contact with humans. During this Grand Planetary Alignment Pilgrimage we are to prepare these sites. Our quadrant to prepare is the American Southwest, plus Mt.Shasta. Others will be activating other sites.


All pilgrims on this journey will receive the above gifts. How much and what for, will depend on your development and acceptance codes. You will be able to download and integrate for later access.

We will be bringing with us Metatronic Tools of Light that will include our Merkabah that will orthorotate at light field frequencies, that will pierce your spherical consciousness for later integration. Gaining these personal and planetary keys will be significant to your development over the next decade.

These gifts are being laid at your feet to assist all hu people in the ways of life to lift up out of your present predicament and become the proud and noble shaper of your identifies and destinies. This groundbreaking pilgrimage will serve to, quite literally, open the star gates allowing their light to flood the dark recesses of your being and Mother Earths. The Love VibRAtion will be released from 4 Star Fields of Force: THE PLEIADES - SIRIUS - ALDEBARAN - ARCTURUS. The floodgates of Orion will also be unleashed during this pilgrimage.

This linkage will allow you to be able, like a bee in the hive, to suck up the spiritual energies and rays, thus allowing you to manifest a higher frequency in your daily life. Outcome of our pilgrimage will be those who journey with us to discover once and for all your true origins, from which star you came and what is your mission on earth for this cycle.

This pilgrimage is the first of 33 in fulfillment of the Mayan prophecy of Hunab Ku, the Egyptian prophecy of Ku, and the Lakota prophecy of Peschla. This is also related to the Sangre de Cristo city of light over Taos, New Mexico and Crestone, ColoRAdo, or the Emerald City of Oz, the Shambhalla of Tibet, Avalon of Arthur; this is our new home TULA come to Earth!

Absolutely first time ever advanced star Techniques will be shared during THE PLEIADEAN DOVE MELCHIZEDEKIAN STAR CODE ACTIVATIONS. Each of them are of singular significance for all inhabitants of Mother Earth.

Together, we will receive the star light upgrades during each of our grid sector service. The same energy centers and chakras that exist around our planet also exist within and without your human body. You are deeply connected. The ancient science of acupuncture paths in the body illustrates my point. Imagine lines of power crisscrossing Mother Earth and your human body. You will learn the connection with the planetary grid and your bodies. The underlying principles of the Earth's Grid System will be imparted to you telepathically. You will learn how to activate your endocrine and brain system, attuning it to the the magnetic forces of Mother Earth. Be sure to bring as many crystals as you can so we will be able to upgrade and plant them in appropriate places.

There are crystals planted in the earth according to a divine system that was set up by the ancients with direct guidance of the Space Confederation. some of these we are meant to contact NOW with our mind and thought processes, interlocking the very essence of our genetic makeup and evolutionary development. These crystal will help unlock massive secrets that we will be able to integrate.

BEAR 2012