Portal work was performed at the

International Gathering centered at Mount Shasta, California

- Sunday, October 26 2003, 2-6 PM

The following material was gathered as research for the event and presented for your education.

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What is the esoteric meaning of Mount Shasta in today's modern mystery school tradition? Shasta visits upon beings energies allowing them to discard it for other and higher forms of energy. Thus It has progressed always by means of the sacrifice and death of the form. Always the outer form is recognized as imprisoning; always it must be sacrificed and must die so that the life within may speed ever on and up.

The path of resurrection presupposes crucifixion and death, and then leads to the Mount whence Ascension is made and the externalization of the Inner Hierarchy to the outer worlds occurrs. Mount Shasta thus impels the occult entity to Highest Path.

Beacons of Light ~ Re-minders from Home
~ It Has Begun ~ Portals Are Open

Special Request:Copyright 2003. Steve Rother at http://www.Lightworker.com/beacons/
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The Vortexes Become Portals

Many of the portals are now in motion that had been previously twirling only as vortexes. The energy coming in from the sun, the crystal energy which has been placed here, is now making a big difference for you. Because of what is happening, much of the energy coming in at this point is now starting to acclimate into the earth itself. As it does, the twirling motion of the vortexes is beginning. As that twirling motion of the vortexes in the universe continues to replicate itself on the planet, what happens is that it interacts with the earth itself - the magnetic grids of Earth - and everything changes. That is what is happening now.

Changes in the Manmade Intentional Grid

We have told you before that you have been building an intentional grid. As that energy happens, there are different processes that are set into motion which set things up for your next dimensional reality. One of the most important things for you to understand is that these inter-dimensional connections that we call "portals" are actually a thinning of the veil; and as the veil thins, as the energy changes, as the right and the left come together as one, the magic happens. That is what has been bringing your process about. That is how the magnetic grids of Earth are now connecting to the magnetic grids of the Universal Energy.

The Mars Connection to the first Portal

There has been a veil in place. You have placed a veil firmly upon your own face so that you could play the Game. And now that veil is beginning to thin. That veil is connecting through the portal to the actual Universal Energy itself. Five days ago, we tell you that Mars passed the closest it has been to Earth, setting more things into motion than you have ever seen, for it has been the closest to Earth that it has been in 26,000 years. That set up a magnetic ripple to allow this portal to open completely.

Many of you have seen the results of the portal, for the first portal that opened, the first connection through the inter-dimensional realities, happened in a place you call Cincinnati, Ohio. It is what set into motion all the other chains of events that set about your own electrical disturbances.

We tell you there are more coming. You are not done with this energy yet. You will see two more at least. Whether they actually turn into electrical "blackouts," as you call them, we cannot tell at this point, for you will determine that. It is how you acclimate to this energy yourselves that will make the difference on this planet. That is what makes the difference: your own hearts, your energy, your taking this energy and bringing it into the higher vibrations of humanity. You are holding the essence of Earth in your hands. Yes, you are the creators. You are the ones that have set this energy into motion from the beginning; and now you have the opportunity to hold your power as creators as the whole process rises to the next level, for that will make the difference in who you are and how it acclimates for you.

Blending the Polarity of Duality

Dear ones, do you know who you are? We do. And we trust you to take care of this energy. We trust you to hold this together and connect the portals. Please understand that much of your magnetic energy is shifting poles, because as these portals connect, you will see light and dark, positive and negative, blend together in ways that you have never seen before. It is that blending motion that is causing the electrical disturbances you are seeing on your planet.

Oh, but it is not just in your electrical systems: it is also, actually, in the systems of your own essence and the systems that you call "electrical disturbances" of the planet, for you are even seeing this in your own lightning. We tell you the essence of what makes up your own ionosphere is beginning to change to help you thin the veil. This new energy will help you live in a veil-thinned environment that is readjusting itself at this point in order to allow you to step fully into your own power as empowered humans.

You will see more portal openings, for it will happen in different places throughout the earth, and as the magnetic grid adjusts now to make space for these portals to come through, there will be changes. As the light and dark, the positive and the negative, have blended together, they have wreaked some havoc. But please do not feel that there is anything wrong, dear ones, for that is not the only thing that is going on. We also tell you that many of you who have very emotional systems, very emotional energies that have been connected to the earth in this way, also feel this energy. For we tell you there has been more despair on this planet in the last few weeks than there has ever been before. Do not fear it. Know what it is; know the essence of what this truly is. It is the change. Embrace it, hold it, help each other through it. Be the human angels and touch one another whenever possible. Let them know it is okay.

The Thinning Veil

The veil is thinning, dear ones. You have looked forward to this day for a very long time. It is happening now. It has just begun. You are at the very beginnings of this process. We have been in preparation with you as well, for we tell you it is not always what you think it is. You have been looking forward to the thinning of the veil. You are saying, "Why can't I see home?" But we tell you when you do, there is a sadness. You've begun re-membering Home, and you are not Home, so you miss it. Know where you are going, for as you acclimate to more of this energy of Home, as you create this energy within you, you will create Home on your side of the veil. You will create Home where you now stand. That is the magic that you have all set into motion for yourselves. That is what has happened here.

Phenomenon ~ What to Expect

Do you know who you are? We do. Dear ones, we tell you it is a very joyous occasion, for you do not understand the essence of what you have created. You will see things, for you will see electrical anomalies not only in your electrical systems but within your homes. You will see electrical charges within yourself that will now affect different things. Please take time to ground yourself on many levels, including the electrical one, for it will make a difference. Please understand that you have charge over your reality completely at this point.

We also ask you to pay attention to very unusual smells that you will pick up with your nose from time to time, for your nose has been one item that has been in preparation for this shift. As you come across those areas where you will experience these portals and these openings in the time-space continuum, you may actually detect them with your nose. So watch for that, and when you find it, rejoice. Share it with each other.

We tell you there is another part of the puzzle which is becoming even more important, for as you go forward, that which you have created on your planet is beginning to blend together. The Universal Energy itself is starting to exist in a different way, for it is starting to unite as one. And as that happens, everything changes. As that happens, we tell you many of these connections start going through the physical and emotional selves and the spirit body becomes united as one. That is why we are in preparation for what you are experiencing. That is why we have been telling you to blend the male and female and balance the energy within yourselves as much as possible, for that will make this transition much easier.

Visitors Through the Portals

We also tell you that you have divided yourselves with these wonderful imaginary lines in the sand. We think you are so imaginative to draw a line here and say that this is one country and that is another. We tell you it will not be long before you have visitors, for that is what these portals will allow. And as you experience that, you will become Earth citizens. Take that energy now. Find ways of connecting with each other through venues of this nature, through your intentional grid that started first as your telephone lines, have started now as lines of light. It will continue as lines of magnetic and create a grid of the heart, for that is the energy that will take you to the next level and blend all the dimensional levels together. That is what a portal is: it opens a space to create the energy between all dimensional realities simultaneously. That is what is happening. That is why you are seeing different connections. That is why you are seeing electrical impulses that hit your systems like never before in many different parts of the world. You have two more coming. Watch for them. Rejoice. When you see them happening, you will also notice that each one of these has decreased in its intensity. That is for a reason, because as humans are starting to acclimate to this energy very quickly, less energy is needed. Those are the triggers that have started into motion. You will continue to see electrical disturbances. You will continue to see unusual lightning on your planet, for the challenges you experience are due to the fact that you use a form of electricity called "alternating" current. Energy that moves from positive to negative and back and forth 120 times per second does not fit into the Universal Energy. And that acclimation process is where you have experienced challenges with your electrical systems. Please understand that this will change, for that is what is in motion now. This acclimation process has actually made space in the Universal Energy for your creation on Planet Earth.

Magicians of the Gameboard

Dear ones, do you know who you are? You're the magicians of the Game Board, you are the masters of the Game Board, and you hold that energy within you to create all that is. For the choices you have made on the planet of free choice have set about a change in all Games everywhere. Now do you see why we honor you so? Now do you understand why we are in such awe of you? You are the ones who have had free choice, the ones that are here working with this energy any way you can, even though you cannot see yourselves. You're wearing the veil of forgetfulness. You wander around, and you try to figure out who you are. We are here to tell you. You are the creators. And even though you have difficulty feeling that and believing that within, we tell you it is true, for you have set into motion an entire process of events that will now shift and change All That Is. It has begun.
It Has Begun

At the end of each of these "channels," as the Keeper calls them, one of the things that he and the Keeper's keeper (Barbara) have to figure out is a title for each channel. We tell you this time we are going to give it to you. "It Has Begun." Know that as each one of you holds this energy within yourself, you acclimate the energy of the new portals that are opening on Planet Earth. As you do, each one of you will feel it a little bit differently. It is not appropriate to put big banners out saying, "Watch for the emotional energy; it's going to be a roller coaster," but we know for some of you it will be. And yet, for some of you it will feel wonderful. You will feel the excitement of a new energy. You will feel the possibilities of the greatest expectation of the next part of the Game. That is wondrous indeed; and we cannot wait to see how you acclimate that energy within yourselves. But as you become the human angels, you will take responsibility for helping one another. You will take the responsibility for being there to open the door for others. So when you see an Angel falling, reach out and help them up. When you see another one that is having difficulty with the energy, or having difficulties with their own emotional energy, reach out and touch them. That is where the real magic will now happen on Planet Earth.

Acclimation ~ Creation

We tell you there is much that has to acclimate to this new energy, and even as this is going on today, we tell you that you have acclimated the energy of what you call the "Spiritual Community" [where the Lightworker Family Room is located]. For even as many of you have been kicked away from this room and not allowed to be in here, that process of being moved and having these electrical challenges has also set the energy for the next time to be clear.

Oh yes, we see you. We think you are quite humorous. Some of you have been kicked out of this room and you say, "Well, I guess I wasn't supposed to be there." What we tell you is you have given a gift by allowing that to happen, for the next time this opens up, it will be able to handle many more. You see, your electrical grids, your forms of communication, and your own process around building this intentional grid was originally set up to carry electrical impulses. Now you are using this to convey the energy of the heart. Even your own computers were not originally built for heart energy, so that takes an acclimation process. Add to that the opening in the portals that are now connecting the inter-dimensional realities and you can see that many technical challenges had to happen for this to take place. That is what is going on. Please do not go into fear over this, dear ones, for that is something that can change this energy very quickly. You are the creators. You are the ones that hold the energy of creation in your own heads. Ah, you were not expecting that. You were expecting us to say "hearts," but we say "heads"; for the energy that you allow to reside in your head is what creates your reality. Please find ways of creating only the highest and the best for yourselves. Please find ways of working with the energy from the heart and blending the head energy with the heart.

Reality is moving from Duality to Triality

You are blending the positive and the negative together, you are blending the light and dark, for you have moved out of a reality of duality into a field of "triality." That is where you blend the Higher Self and the light and the dark sides of yourselves. That is the triangle, for all things upon Earth are built upon threes. Your entire Game itself is built upon the number three, and now you are acclimating that into five dimensions. Dear ones, that is what the portal is. That is the opening that has just been created. It is happening only because you are high enough to support it fully now. That is the only reason it is here, and you are the ones who have created it. You should be very proud of yourselves. We are. You do not know who you are. You sit in your rooms, and you cry because you cannot feel the energy, and then, when you do feel the energy, you are completely overwhelmed with it. And yet, here you are. You have walked purposefully to be here at this exact juncture of time and place. Do you know who you are? We do. And that is our job, to help you re-member.

When the energy began as the Infinite Energy, it was in pure crystalline form. As it traveled through the central focal point, which we have labeled the "Central Sun," it split out into many different rays and found expression in its different colors. For the longest time, all bets were on the blue ray, but at the very last moment, the gold ray started moving forward to awaken to its own powers and take those powers as creators. And now the golden ray of the Planet of Free Choice has set so much into motion that the second Planet of Free Choice is already underway. You will see it through the portal that is opening now. That is the reason that you are going in and acclimating to the energy as you are now doing.

Do you understand the beauty of what is happening at this moment? Do you understand what you have created, even as you experience your technical difficulties? Dear one, you are changing the color of the crystals, not only within yourselves and your own physical bubbles of biology but within your emotional states and your electrical crystals as well. Those are the sparks you are seeing. You are creating a higher vibrational existence right where you sit today. And you have done well. We applaud you with the most thunderous applause from the other side of the veil as each one of you experiences some of your difficulties and emotions that you are unfamiliar with.

The magic has begun. Are you ready? Walk forward one step at a time. Be on purpose. Know that you are going to find yourselves crying for no particular reason sometimes, as your own emotional matrix re-adjusts to make space. Know that there are times when you will find yourselves frustrated and biting each other's head off for no particular reason. We love some of your human expressions. Know that there are times when anger may surface. We ask you all to become just a little bit more tolerant of each other. Be the human angels to reach out to support each other during these times, for these are the same adjustment processes that all of you are going through. They are the same ones that happen to your electrical systems which caused what you call "blackouts" on your planet. And if you think that is interesting, wait nine months and see what happens then, for there will be a baby boom, we promise you. Your energy is changing, dear ones. You are shifting All That Is to the next level. This was not intended to happen until the year 2012. You have moved everything forward. You are the Masters of the Game Board. You are the ones that have created beyond your wildest dreams, beyond what anyone could have imagined on this side of the veil. It is my deepest pleasure to be the messenger of this wonderful love and a part of this wonderful family.

- Big hugs and gentle nudges, Steve Rother

From: James Gilliland at: Enlightened Contact with ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence http://www.eceti.org/

There are two major portals that I am personally involved in and aware of. What I have noticed as of late is the portals are being activated with more energy. Add the full moon to the equation and things get a bit rocky.

I am sure this is happening with the other portals as well. These portals or power spots are areas where the veils between worlds are very thin. Those living below these portals are going to experience a heightened awareness, a large influx of energy which is going push through all the blocks and patterns that do not align with the higher consciousness and energy.

For some it will be experienced with emotional outburst, blame and projection. Don't forget to duck. Others will feel a higher power and loving blissful experience yet they to will have to let go of whatever is keeping them from the next level.

Watch the animals. The cows in our area have been bellowing all night for three days. The ravens have been gathering screaming their heads off. The dogs are energized over amped. My cat is also meowing much more than normal following me everywhere. They feel something.

Could it be an increase in seismic activity. Incoming storm, full moon? Storms and an increase in earthquake and volcanic activity often follow large influxes of solar energy and full moon cycles. None the less something is afoot. Something on the horizon.

Often if you are near a portal you can see it right before dusk, relax your eyes and soft focus. There will be a clear darker sky and a ring or edge. - James Gilliland

BEAR 2012