RA-Ja Merk Dove

RA-Ja holds a doctorate in Naturopathy, majoring in Iridology and Nutrition. He practiced for over a decade with an Alabama state license and taught his unique form of healing in medical universities and hospitals world-wide. RA-Ja has operated holistic clinics in major spa locations around the world.

RA-Ja was Born {Stephen Stass} in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, the city of Brotherly Love (1950).

He had worked for more than 4 decades as a naturopathic physician, teaching in medical universities and hospitals and working with chiropractors and doctors while maintaining his own clinics in remote centers around the globe, before becoming a full-time Star Seed Ambassador.

Dr. RA-Ja Dove:

At a very early age, I began to have psychic experiences and so I have always believed in spirits, angels, beings from other dimensions. I came of age in the 1960s, when across much of the country (USA) there was a great dissatisfaction with what we called the status quo of the governmental establishment that Bob Marley called, Babylon! There was also an influx of teachings from the Far East—Hinduism, Buddhism, yoga—that were making inroads into American culture, as well as a renewal of appreciation for the ancient ways of the Native Americans. It was a time of big change for the country.

Some years later (1978), I came across the Rainbow Prophecy, which had foretold this time. It predicted that there would come to pass a time when the children of the race of Europeans, who overtook the Turtle Island, would be reborn into the indigenous cultures of the world, to be mixed as the colors of the rainbow. And these children would rebel against the usurpers of this country. This merging of cultures—those from the East, the Native Americans, the African-Americans, all the oppressed peoples of color—would unite with the hippies, the people of the sixties. The fulfillment of this prophecy generated great idealism; many people believed that all cultures should be able to get along in peace and love. I was brought up to believe in this idealism, but somehow even that did not satisfy me.

I very much wanted an alternative lifestyle, and not to become just another successful businessman. The Bible and my upbringing taught me that the best thing that I could do with my life was to be of service to others. Through the Great Spirit or Godhead I took up natural healing and dedicated my life to the principles of what would be best for humanity. I had found that Western medicine had been corrupted by money. It had become greed and profit oriented. So I was led to natural healing, Naturopathy—system of healing that treats illness with natural elements from Earth and spiritual methods—no drugs and no invasive procedures. Naturopathy also includes meditation, color healing, and eating the right foods.

All these different forms of treating illness began coming together as an Aquarian synthesis, which is what the Age of Aquarius is all about. I became very excited by this and traveled all over the world to study with great natural physicians such as Dr. Bernard Jensen (1975 California), Dr. John R. Christopher, (1976 Utah) and Dr. Pavvo Airola. They were pioneers of holistic and natural healing. I studied Naturopathic practices and techniques in various centers around the world. I received a degree in Naturopathy, got a license and began my practice in Alabama.

For a while I found satisfaction there, helping people and being of value in their lives. However, eventually I began to feel that something was missing. I felt like a slave, a robot to the system. I would show up for work every day, and the same twenty to thirty people would show up with the same problems they had had the previous week. Instead of taking responsibility for their own life and health, people only wanted a doctor to heal them. Again, the system of politics within the social custom was making them sick. They ate improper foods, thrived on anger and hate, fought for money and power, and it made them sick. What good was I doing by putting a bandage on a sickness I couldn’t heal? The whole point of Naturopathy is to get to the cause of the illness, not to heal the symptoms. I threw up my hands to the Great Spirit and said, “Lead me to where life can be of value and my life can be worthwhile.”

The spirits moved me to give everything away. By the time I was ready to do this I was living in Boston in the ashram of yogi Amrit Desai, at the Kripalu Foundation, training their medical doctors and staff in iridology, and being the guru's personal Iridologist (1978). I left everything, got on a ten-speed bicycle, and rode all the way to Central America. Sometimes I would hop on a train or a bus for a thousand or so miles, with the bicycle checked as my baggage, then I’d get off and ride a couple hundred miles. The Great Spirit led me down to Central America where the Mayan pyramids are; it is a land and people still untouched by the civilized monster—I could get next to the land and spirits and receive the truths I was seeking.

In Nogales, Mexico (just across the border) I met a crazed-looking American. He was a CIA agent in deep cover, who told me that I would be shot and killed if I went to Chiapas and Guatemala. He said that the CIA did not want anyone to know what the U.S. government was doing to the peoples of Central America. They were instigating a war and did not want any hippie guys, like me, down there telling the people the truth. I recited the Twenty-third Psalm and told him that the Lord would watch over me. Not the false Lord that the business world has created, nor the church teachings of fundamental bigots and war-like militant Christians who kill people of color and different lifestyle (beliefs, etc.)

The teachings do not say “Love thy Christian neighbour.” They say “Love thy neighbour—everybody!” In any case, this man was just a test, a temporary obstacle on the path. Earlier, back in the United States, I had heard about the CIA’s war against the indigenous people of Central America. At the time, I felt that it did not really concern me. But why didn’t it concern me? We are the sons and daughters of men who are creating the wars. My adoptive father was a military man. He was a prisoner of war who walked the death march at Bataan, Philippines. I respected him. I was taught in school that America was a great and beautiful country. The Statue of Liberty says, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send the homeless, tempest-tossed to me. I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”

I thought that America was a land of acceptance and opportunity for all. I did not know that this was a lie but when I witnessed the problems of the native Mayans in Central America I saw the truth firsthand. The guy was right; they did try to remove me in Central America.  I had a mission. My mission had to do with the Pleiades. At Palenque, in southern Chiapas, I received my instructions intuitively from the extraterrestrials and was told that, in the near future, the Star Ancestors are coming back and some of them will be in human form.

Through synchronicity I was given a book with a chapter in it written by Dr. Hunt Lewis Williamson, Other Tongues, Other Flesh. I read a particular passage which stood out for me: “The Knights of the Solar Cross have a highly developed pineal body, or gland, a “third eye”, which gives them their astounding telepathic abilities. They examine everyone by this “eye” instead of by normal vision, which would only allow for reason and logic instead of Truth.” The Knights of the Solar Cross are wandering extraterrestrial beings whose task is to clean up backward worlds. When I had this amazing extraterrestrial experience at Palenque I did not know how to make head or tails of it. When I read further I discovered that there are many people here on Earth who don’t belong here. The Knights of the Solar Cross are the “chimney sweeps” of Creation and it is their specific job to go to the “trash cans” of the Universe and give aid to their fellow beings on the backward worlds. This began to make sense to me. The passages within the book explained the vision I had a Palenque and my mission on Earth. I began naming my work Aquarian Perspectives Interplanetary Mission and gave it the symbol of a spacecraft with wings and a halo. Something that all cultures can understand.

Through this extraterrestrial experience I was told to go back to America to write books and articles and spread the word about the mission and the extraterrestrials. This is my life, the truth of my being.

I was guided to go from the Yucatan to a Rainbow Gathering at Mount Shasta, in California (1984). After the gathering I took teachings and UFO films around to different societies to share the knowledge. I called on the Theosophical society in Oakland, and there I met its president, Moi-RA, (1984) who became my wife. Since then, we have worked together for more than twenty years to share the message of the extraterrestrials, that they are coming to help and bring peace to the planet. We have traveled all over the world, working with the grid lines. We are working in very scientific and technical ways to advance the consciousness of the human species. We are working with the human energy system to upgrade the DNA patterns, using extraterrestrial energies and codons. “Codon” is a technical word for genetic manipulation and genetic coding based on advanced sacred geometric principles. This is done through the use of pure copper, pure gold, and crystal. The whole world is transforming and the Aquarian Mission is aligning with sacred places. People are receiving the extraterrestrial language through the grid lines that connect the sacred places, the frequencies. Every living and nonliving thing in existence of Earth was created by the extraterrestrial scientists who used sacred math for the work.

The Star Beings guide the Aquarian Mission to the grid lines of sacred places all over the planet, where we do our work. We assist with this upgrading of genetic coding. The tools and instruments we use for the Aquarian Mission are high-energy radionics instruments, crystals and pyramids made by advanced beings in accordance with the same sacred geometric principles used to create the universe and our cells.

Crystals function as transformers, amplifying the normal energy of the brain so that its energy is enhanced. The crystals are then incorporated into the two pure metals—copper and gold—which conduct this energy. A blue quartz from Siberia is set in a pristine field and is surrounded by turquoise, lapis, and diamond which, as magnets, form a force of living elements that may be used with pure intent. I use this tool to project thought. The Earth needs joy and happiness in very heart. The extraterrestrials want the seeds of joy and happiness to be spread. The Lords of Light and Liberation perform miracles, but only they know when it is time for the new communities to gather up the pearls of rightness, the energies necessary for transformation. These new communities are a new way of life where everybody helps each other to be free, to be who they are, and to live together in love and peace. The extraterrestrials guide us to do the work—the mission has been assigned.

Healing Waters, Eden Arizona, Dr. Raja was the staff Naturopath
Pah Tempe Hot Springs, Hurricane Arizona: Dr. Raja was a staff Naturopathic physician
Studies at the Edgar Cayce ARE, and Dr. Raja opens his first Naturopathc-Holistic Healing practice, Virginia Beach, Virgina
Naturopathic Studies and Raja earns Doctorate from the International College of Naturopathic Medicine: Mexico City, Boston, Los Angeles, with a major in Iridology from Dr. Bernard Jensen's International Iridology School and specializing in Diet, Nutrition, and Fasting with Herbal diploma from Dr. John R. Christopherand license with help of Dr. Clayton in Birhingham, Alabama where Naturopathy was grandfathered in by Count, State and City laws.

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