Rosalea's Dynamic Message on the Pilgrimage to the Ancient Lemurian Sea Caves!

Greetings and Blessings from our Motherland Lemuria! I AM ROSALEA, High Priestess and friend to all beings! Yes! We from the depths of Telos are calling forth a 'Special Crew' during the First Annual Global Ceremony of Lightworkers For Planet Earth during this pilgrimage to the ancient sea caves and enchanted forests of our beloved Mother Lemuria.

The 'crew' will be assembled from those who are going. They will have sacred ties to the lost tablets of Lemuria as revealed in the book, Secret Places of the Lion and specifically with certain Initiates that last were together here during Lemuria, Atlantis and then Egypt; some later incarnated as Mayans; and now Americans. It must be stressed that other nationalities are involved in the forming of the Aquarian Age, and that the USA is the main playground. The fact that these energies are taking place now during the OPENING OF THE LION'S GATE is that the Secret Places of the Lion are being opened. The Lion Initiates have returned to earth and will reclaim their Missions and Godly Power of Dominion on earth.

Solomon, Samson and Hercules all had to overcome Lions (a symbolic quiz for you to solve). What does all of this have to do with the current SIGNS IN THE SKIS AND THESE DAYS UPON US? It is time that the secrets of the inner Earth be revealed. The Inner Earth contains records of, as it says in Secret Places of the Lion, p7: "... the arrival of "radiant beings from heaven" these spiritual creatures were the inhabitants of more majestic and enlightened worlds, but man's ignorance caused him to deify such visitors to the dark red star - planet of sorrow and cataclysm."

"Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods . . . Thoth, Scribe of the Gods . . . Apollo, God of Light . . . and all the other super-beings adored and deified were early mentors to the people of the Earth. Later, they became the culture-heroes of Lemuria and Atlantis. Man only remembered the great truth they had brought from out of the void. Later these beings incarnated, appeared, and lived as men among men."

"Many thousands of years ago in the eastern section of the Motherland Lemuria, in a land known as Telos, the first trade-ships arrived from the planet Hesperus (Venus). This land is now in the vicinity of the Grand Canyon of Arizona."

"A prominent student of the mysteries, and historian of Mu, was exploring remote areas of the back country where observers reported they had seen great 'Ships of Light' come down out of the heaven in the night. The masters and teachers of the people were excited beyond belief and the great monolithic cities of ancient Mu were in utter confusion and the population was jubilant - they were rejoicing, for at last the 'gods had come to dwell among mortals.' This had been prophesied by sages for generations - and at last it had come to pass."

"The prominent student was known as 'Lady of the Sun' and had been commissioned by the ruling prince to locate the visitors and welcome them to the land of the children of men."

""The first thing discovered ... were symbols in pictographic language telling the story of the coming of the 'Star People' to Earth. The woman who was the oldest and most revered historian, met the first space visitor to emerge from the craft. "

"The elders felt that the time had come when the people of the earth were prepared for intense visitation from higher worlds. The earth people needed the wisdom and knowledge of their planetary neighbors - and they had proven their right to it by their way of life and their great love for the Infinite Father."

This time has come again! Earthlings need the knowledge of the Higher Worlds in order for them and their|our planet to survive that which is coming. We all know this and now is the time to inaugurate it. They are ready to come and help us again.

"The first visitor's name was 'Merk' (Marc, Marrk), and with his arrival the most advanced race on Earth at the time began intercourse with the neighbor Venus. This lasted for a short period until evil priesthoods caused the almost total destruction of the Motherland and the greater part of her sank beneath the waves into the black depths."

"The great historian spent much time with the visitors and accumulated many facts; facts which she organized into a set of records, preserved on the Lemurian 'imperishable metal' tablets - tablets of telonium. Many great truths were deduced from the careful and meditative study of these records, and the Light from other worlds in time and space made its way into the hearts and souls of the truth-seeking people of Mu."

"Merc' and the 'Sun Lady' erected a memorial over the area where the first 'Light Ships' had landed. It is still intact, although buried, and will be discovered in the years ahead. As Mu rises again from her resting-place and meets another dawn of a greater age this timeless monument will come to light in the present state of Arizona in America."

"Finally, conditions due to storms, drastic terrain changes, and intense cosmic ray bombardment caused the ruling prince to call in the mentors from Venus. He asked for their advice. They told him to gather together all of his people who understood and attempted to live Universal truth and follow the Great Path. The true followers of the Infinite Spirit were to gather at the giant monument that memorialized the coming of the Venusians, and they were then to enter great ships for the migration to Venus. Thos of the 'Left-Hand Path' were to stay on earth to meet the imminent disaster of their own making."

"The land of Telos was a great trade center and the location of the most advanced scientific research amongst the Lemurians; for those of the Motherland had great slender craft that could go hundreds of miles out into space - but they could not traverse the space between the worlds! Later, the memory of Telos was incorporated into the mythological Roman deity of the Earth, Tellus, goddess of fertility."

"The wise ruling prince led his people out of the great cities where men had now become animals, only seeking to destroy and pillage. He led them as he was to lead others millennia later in another lifetime from Egypt across the Red Sea into the Wilderness. He brought them out of the land of darkness into the great open land of the pristine wilderness where the monument stood, and he told them that he would give them a sign that would for ever symbolize the fact that they had left earth and gone into the great ocean of space, for some day their descendants would return and a troubled world would recognize the meaning of the Tree and the Serpent!"

"Merk,' his companions and survivors of the last days of Mu, mounted up from the earth like great eagles and the 'Ships of Light' took them to a new world. Telos, as the eastern section of Mu, was the only portion of the Motherland to stay above the angry waves that cried for the souls of the unjust." Present day Mt. Shasta, Mt. Lassen and other portions of the California-Oregon coast, such as the world's largest ancient Sea Caves, and Redwood forests.

""Lady of the Sun' and another historian, 'Mutan Mian', were the last of the Remnant to stay on Telos. They had elected to remain and place the valuable records of 'imperishable metal' 'telonium' tablets - in Time Capsules to be put in and on the surface of Telos-Mu."


"Mutan Mian put the information on metal tablets, information concerning the fate of Mu, secrets of its great scientific knowledge, teleportation, invisibility, telepathy, and other vital knowledge that future man on earth would need in order to survive in a New Age yet unborn."

Of course that New age is upon you now in the Aquarian Age and there are those with you now who will help you find these tablets - all the family that feel called by the preceding information are being called now to assemble again at Mount Shasta and journey with us to the ancient Lemurian Sea Caves and Redwood Forests and do ceremony there not of this surface world!

One of the main purposes of the pilgrimage to is to gather the nucleus of the 'crew' who is a part of the returning one's involved in having assembled these tablets and secreted them away. Therefore you are being asked now, if you feel called from within by a feeling or a certain knowing that you are a part of this family, or of this sacred work in anyway; to come together now during this sacred ceremonial work at the ancient sea caves and enchanted forests of our beloved Mother Lemuria. I look forward to seeing you each there!

Outer worldly situations can only change if there is a corresponding change in the hearts and minds of men, women and children on Earth. By coming and participating in this ceremony you are telling all the Earth and humanity that you are ready to step forth and PROCLAIM YOUR DIVINE and all DIVINITY FOR THE EARTH to anchor the star codes and bring them home for sprouting in your geographical area of service. Bless You!

Each of you will be anointed with the Lemurian Light. You will help every soul on the planet to remember the oneness of all life, and that by harming one another we harm ourselves. If there were not ones like you to do this anchoring service, the Earth would remain retarded! You are the Advanced Guard for the planet!

In the New Age comes the reality of the interconnectedness, and the ultimate inter-dependent-ness of all life. This upcoming event in the ancient Sea Caves of Lemuria is likened to be more like the activation just completed during the recent DAYS OF CONTACT and the HARMONIC CONCORDANCE. Nearly everyone in attendance would agree that the victory obtained in that work was indeed worth the effort, would you not agree? This is so because the new assignments for completing the work for the Cosmic Hierarchy in the higher dimensions are now taking on a new tone through the tenure of the individuals who step forth to serve.

Individuals who have proven themselves time and time again are working with ease and grace now to accomplish all that needs to be accomplished. It is this refined energy that the new breed will exhibit as it steps forward to accomplish miracles, surprising even themselves in the process. Service, not self.

Those who are destined to go will go, for all in the perfected matrix of power know who they are. In some cases, this message is but a mere formality, for the Masters know who they are and will not let anything deter them from their missions.

Look within for further guidance and know that all the rules of the past are indeed changing, to bring in the higher agendas of the Fifth Dimension. Everything here moves with fluidity and grace. Prepare now manifesting these same mannerisms and you will shape the course of human events, preparing individuals to move into the higher arenas of life.

I leave you now in the Light of Our Most Radiant One. I AM Rosalea, one of your main guides during your pilgrimage to the ancient Sea Caves of Lemuria. Do continue your excellent services to Gaia.
BEAR 2012