Omniversal Council
Shamanistic Grid Medicine
For Inter-Planetary Missions

Giving hope to destitute planets and their life forms by providing blessings along the grids. Partnering with other Star Seeds, Lightworkers and humanitarian groups, we serve as a resource for essential Light Codes reaching Planet Earth for long-term survival mission teams, and disaster relief from weary war-torn worlds.

STARDOVES: We know that you have all been enjoying the heightened energy lately. Rejoice! For it is just the beginning! The New Age energy fields are going to go up higher and higher as each day unfolds upon you. We have successfully anchored the 4th dimensional frequency here on Earth. Certain changes can occur that will alter HER like NEW ENERGIES basking under the Great Central Sun. We have a special treat for you.

We now introduce to you our beloved Lord Christ Sananda, who lead our small group of world Servers during this segment of service for the planet ON OUR FANTASTICALLY AMAZING expedition to Ancient Atlantis and the BERMUDA TRIANGLE
That took place on January 15-18, 2004

SANANDA: Greetings and Blessings in the Light of Our Radiant One! I AM SANANDA. I INVITE EACH OF YOU to TUNE into my photographic murti at left, and feel the VIBRATIONS of the LOVE & BLESSINGS I SOW FORTH INTO EACH OF YOU NOW. Please take a few minutes to just sit and be with my symbolic picture which will harmonically weave patterns of advanced Venusian Love DNA Star Codes deep into your Souls.

I AM CALLED EACH ONE of YOU to STEP FORTH that heard the echo of my call deep in your hearts. I mobilized a Global Light Brigade through these Global Ceremonies and Meetings of Lightworkers for Planet Earth. I Mobilized these brigades at this time, because the changes coming to the Earth requires prime consideration in your hearts and minds.

I do wish for ALL of you to focus on the GOOD that results from storms, floods, fires, volcanic eruptions, etc., rather than the seemingly negative ones that most of you mistake them for which is out of context.

I SANANDA, called upon YOU ALL to review your previous incarnations. Do any of them apply to your current mission on Earth? I called YOU for a very special work that I initiated. A TRUE EMERGENCY BLESSING SERVICE for planet Earth. Now the hidden places will give up their secret treasures. Just as dictators may emerge from deep within the Earth, so will ancient treasures come forth from deep within her bowels.

Earth Changes are NOW happening everywhere. You see a tremendous increase in People Changing Abodes everywhere! Some are moving in with others unexpectedly and wrecking havoc; yet others are like Sweet Angels blessing the people, places and things wherever they go. Many are in a flux now, being attracted to the work they have to finish which they have started at the early part of their lives.

My dearly beloved ones, you and your planet are in the middle of a tremendous evolutionary shift that is affecting you in many unusual ways that may appear bizarre, yet are very fortuitous. As the Great Mystery unfolds, all that has been hidden until now, will be magically revealed.

The Sacred Children of the Sun are the beings who will accompany STARDOVES on their very important pilgrimage of them all, to the Bermuda Triangle! These Ones will have the mark of ATON, for they were sent with the Wheat. When the Angels of the Lord do their service work during these STARDOVE PILGRIMAGES, it is known as the "SEPARATING OF THE TARES FROM THE WHEAT."

* NOTE: LORD SANANDA also commented about this in the book, ASHTAR, as compiled by TUELLA:

"These come as MY Angels, to reap that which has been sown, to divide and set asunder the tares from the wheat, to gather the wheat into My Barn."


"So I shall call unto those who follow Me, to listen to the voices of these who come from other worlds, and harden not your hearts against their words or practices. Rather, lift up LOVE unto them and desire for their coming, for THEY ARE THE ANGELS OF THE HARVEST! I AM SANANDA, AND THIS IS MY MESSAGE TO THE WORLD."

SANANDA CONTINUED BRIEFING STARDOVES: "The disappearance of people from your surface world, including the horrific latest wave of child kidnappings, pregnant wife|mistress slayings, even the genocide in the Middle East, has its generating roots in the terror that is let in from the hell dimensions in the Devil's Triangle and we can help you stop that now. These disappearances are due to an intelligent, technologically advanced negative- based alien culture living under the sea. They are involved in assisting sky borne negative aliens in dragging certain DNA off the surface Earth by force. In the past 1000 years, the Bermuda Triangle has probably taken over 10,000 lives."

The sunken Atlantean pyramid attracts, at certain times, an accumulation of purposely generated cosmic forces alien in nature and time to that of your Earth. This causes the disappearance of people along with their crafts. Some do become temporarily trapped in-between time dimensions.

These disappearances are not at all accidental. As we know, there are no victims. Thus those being in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Others were outright kidnapped and taken to other dimensions. The "Bermuda Triangle" is one of two portals, used by the "human-like" aliens, to travel from their planet to ours. It is not actually a triangle. When it is "on-line," it is constantly in motion with an intensity between one to one and a half miles wide. The disappearances occur when the object is caught in the center or within the first two outward radiating rings when it is on-line. It is on-line approximately 25 times per year and lasts for about 22 minutes per session. There is also a "Pacific Triangle," which is on-line only 3 times per year. The "Bermuda and the Pacific Triangles" are linked to other triangles that exist throughout the universe.

There are certain negative alien technology that we will disable during this Expedition. I will guide you, as will Monka, Hatonn, Soltec, Lady Venus, and Ashtar. These ones will come forth from the SPACE CONFEDERATION to assist in the cleansing of the Bermuda Triangle.

To see how the SPACE CONFEDERATION will help you, ASHTAR will step forth and send you a HOLY MESSAGE. (This will be posted soon to the entire list.)

Using "time compression solar power travel" ASHTAR COMMAND SHIPS have the ability to reduce friction for traveling across vast distances. It takes them approximately 24 hours to travel from their planet to Earth.

We are planning your arrival and departure dates to be far from the occurrence dates; so there will bo no chance for any disappearances while we are doing the service blessings. These "time holes" can be described as an "accordion in motion." When the "time hole" is compressed, the craft enters one end and when the "time hole" expands, the craft is at the opposite end exiting one "time hole" and entering another. The "human like" aliens know exactly which "time hole" is compressed, at any given time.

ADAMA called each of you in December to assist your Mother Earth's Grid in the major North American Vortex of Mount Shasta - to treat her with a spiritual principle which came out as a giant geological colonic. Now, I call each of you to the so-called Devil's Triangle, or (the Bermuda Triangle) for a similar service of the Light. This will need many of you to come; so we are giving as much extra planning time for the service. Thus, we have slated it for January 15-18, 2004.

This is the balancing vortex on this side of the continental divide which has some devilish characteristics. Thus, it is time that foolish human minds stop arguing over it and accept that, and move on to do some healing for it. A high degree of electromagnetic energy gyro-rotates through here. This portal is more of a cosmic wormhole to off planet Earth stargates. Not all of them are of the goodly energy. It is time now that we assist you in sealing off the negative aspects of this vortex. Once we do, PEACE ON EARTH, GOODWILL TO ALL LIFE MAY RESUME FOR THIS SOON TO BE PARADISE WORLD. Then the wars and the greed will stop! Then in will come high and mighty Lighted Beings of Compassion born in human form. Just in time! Aye?

Deep in the power of your I-Magi-Nation, lies the secrets for the balancing energetics to come forth. We know as we stood by and watched that enter into the DNA of your minds. Many of our aides are among you who will be there with you as you perform this great service for Mother Earth! At this hour, it is the Most Important service you can do for the Planet who has given you her all!

This work goes far beyond this physical Earth. The Florida Keys are one of the few existing surface remnants of Atlantis. The energies you will pick up here as we lead you through some guided Star Attunements, will take you back to the ancient Atlantean energetics you need to incorporate in order to complete your mIssion during the pilgrimage. Those of you summoned will each have codes somewhat like a puzzle.

As you enter the Bermuda Triangle, we will offer you full protection. But first, you need to trust in us, completely. If not, this expedition is not for you. The Devils Triangle, also covers the famous lost city of Atlantis, which still exists in another grid reality, time line dimension. Much of it lies beneath the sea in this dimension. We will help you bridge the gulf of illusion and separation while you perform service bringing in higher lighted dimensional forces fields to Earth. You shall willingly serve as conduits for this energy to pass through you. Some of you have been prepared all your life for this Primary Mission. We shall direct these energies through you to the Earth world, as ours is mirrored and running parallel to our experience in Higher Dimensions then Earth. I will teach those of you who are ready to receive the powers of the lost city. You will need these siddhis for your service work.

The Council of 12 and the Interplanetary Confederation uses these portals to visit the planet. We will help you to seal them off, once and for all, from all untoward influences, with the assistance of the ASHTAR COMMAND, so I especially call forth all you ASHTAR COMMANDERS. SEAL OFF FOREVER the entrance used in the Devil's Triangle to seal off the negative grey alien ships and all those of nefarious design. We can again begin to guard, protect, and patrol your grids disallowing all those of negative design.

The Bermuda Triangle is shaped like a pyramid because the area is a major grid point of energy linked to one of 12 ethereal pyramids that create the matrix of your reality on Earth.

When Atlantis was destroyed it sank to the bottom of the sea. Temples still exist and can be seen underwater. Great Atlantean Crystal Generators and Record Keepers that once adorned the Temples and provided the tremendous energy of Atlantis still exist buried in the sea. They are also part of the cause of some of the energy beams that direct ships and people into other portions of the universe.

Unfortunately, this is not according to Divine Plan. Misuse of Free WIll has caused this and it is time it be corrected so that the New Heaven and the New Earth may be implemented. There is much destruction that some of these imbalanced Crystal-Generators cause when they accidentally project their energy rays at random, or when an intelligent misguided entity directs some of these lost Crystal-Genirators. Some of them are around thirty feet high and twelve feet wide. When Atlantis was in its hey day, these crystals created particle vortices allowing astronomical energy and star gates to open for exchange with other worlds. Their attunement to these off-world frequencies allowed this.

In addition to the damaged Atlantean Fire-Crystals, the Timekeeper Crystal still stands guard within the ruined Atlantean Temple of Healing. This great Timekeeper Crystal, however, does not project its energies in the same way as the fire-crystals because it is hermetically sealed.

The Timekeeper Crystal is waiting patiently for the time, yet to come, when once again it will play its important role in the healing of the Earth! Your Service will also help to prevent the prophesied earthquakes and large tidal waves. ASHTAR COMMAND will also help you prevent the wormwood by utilizing shields around your planet based on Nikola Tesla technology. This technology was used against New York City and it said Los Angeles and San Francisco will suffer similar fates. By balancing the rifts, horrible earthquakes can be avoided.

There are 144,000 of you who are specially ONE with ME in every act, word, and thought. Yours in your plane of existence and I AM in my plane of existence all-ways ONE WITH YOU. I NOW, ON THIS DAY, CALL FORTH 18 of YOU TO RESPOND and go forth on this Service Expedition. Eighteen of you incarnated specifically knowing that this was a blessing you wished to perform for the evolvement of the life bodies on the surface of Mother Gaia. Come, we await your blessing-service. I leave you now in the Light of our Radiant One. Thank you for hearing my plea. My Peace and My Blessing I Leave With You. I AM SANANDA

This Expedition also included a Dolphin Swim.
January 15: Orientation, Initiation, Ceremony, Code Sharing
January 16: A Day Spent Swimming with the Dolphins

During the DOLPHIN SWIM the Dolphins offered comfort and aid, as well as imparted Cosmic Codes necessary for the work. A charming Bungalow right on the Sea, with hot tub was utilized. Our Sacred Blessing Service in the Bermuda Triangle was 100% safe. We utilized Professional Dolphin Swim Teams in the Florida Keys. Detailed explanation of the services we experienced can be seen here:
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