November 15, 2004 - January 5, 2005

Scotland Expedition

This included Rosslyn Chapel * Findhorn * Loch Ness * Edinburgh Castle *

Where The Doves Were Initiated Into The International Order of Gnostic Templars Pictured above with Grand Prior Ian Sinclair (middle) of the Scottish Knights Templars at Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland

Knights of the Solar Cross

Unto Thee, great God,
belong mystic rites and sacred song;
lowly bending at thy shrine.
Hail, thou Majesty Divine.
Glorious Architect above
source of light and source of love,
here thy light and love prevail:
Hail! Almighty Master, Hail!

Our Dearly Beloved Readers,
The following will give you just a taste of what we underwent while in Scotland during our near 55 days stay in bonnie Scotland! Nov 15, 2004 – Jan 5, 2005. We are very happy to see our report being released for the year of 2005 – the Chinese Year of the Bird (Rooster) – the year of Advanced Spiritual Teachings! Bless you 7x7,000 – Pleiadean Style. Great changes are in store for the Earth and our Star Guides wish to keep our beloved mission members and readers as up-to-date as possible. So though the outer worldly political situations do indeed look glum, the inner is teeming with vast changes slated to bring glorious results! It is y|our destiny!


The Knightly Armor of the Templar should be complete in every respect, and should be fully explained to the novitiate as it is piece by piece buckled upon him. Sir Knight, thou art now in form and semblance, and by declaration of principle, and, we trust, in spirit, a true Knight Templar: as such, it is your sworn duty to aid us in endeavoring to make this world a Temple fit for the abiding place of the Great Architect of the Universe. Receive this sash; its color is an emblem of sorrow and mourning for the miseries and sufferings of humanity. Receive, also, and wear this Celtic cross of blue, the jewel of the Order; deserve it by the services you shall hereafter render to the good cause in which you now claim to be a chief and leader.

Ironically, the truly interesting part of the Knights Templars Saga began only after the order was liquidated. According to the generally accepted view, the order went underground, developing a deep animosity for monotheistic religions and the Church in particular and, in the long term, transmuted into the organization known today as Freemasonry. The Masons' anti-fundamentalist plastic religious philosophy and involvement in revolutions and political movements against corrupt governments and royalty is a consequence of their Templars ancestry. In other words, the Knights Templars still survive in the present, under the name of Freemasonry. This is why the Catholic Church, Orthodox Christianity and Corrupt Governments spread false tales about them and otherwise persecute them today, attempting to fool the masses into thinking Freemasonry are Satin worshippers. Those who reach the highest degrees of Masonry are granted Templar inspired titles such as "Guardian of the Temple."

The Aquarian Perspective is that the Templars and the Masons are the Earthly branch of the Knights of the Solar Cross which Champion TRUTH, rather then religions which are formed to bind men to dogma. In the United States, some lodges that convene under the name of the Knights Templar are affiliated with Masonry. Masonry, on the other hand, continues the Templars' foremost tradition of opposing false religions and corrupt governments, as well as being actively avaricious. Advanced lodges rely on extra-terrestrial assistance. Many of the Grand Masters were also Ambassadors from the Interplanetary Confederation sent to keep an eye on this developing wayward planet. There are, as is always the case in a dualistic world still caught in the good versus evil scenarios, evil men disguised as Masons and Templars, which in Truth they are not that at all!

Our deployment to Scotland for 2 full months just after the last U.S. Presidential implant to run America, was so we could delve more deeply into the beginning of American Politics and Government. This connection occured during our USA Blessing Expedition that carried the Mother Mission thru 26 U.S. states! Specifically the state where our Masonic connection was renewed was Georgia, in the fine city of Savannah.

Now we see why we were deployed to this unique power center destined to bring World Peace. Here, at Rosslyn Chapel near Edinburgh, Scotland. The herstory of Occultism in Scotland gives a complete picture of what we were doing there at this time of world herstory.

Near the end of our 3 month long, 26 State USA Blessing Expedition, we arrived in Denver, Colorado and were directed by the library angels in one of the largest Barnes and Nobel in the USA to a book by Mark Amaru Pinkham titled, “The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom.”

The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom is a landmark book that brings together the lineages and teachings of the spiritual masters around the world whose symbol has been the serpent or dragon. The book traces the fabled beginnings of these adepts from the legendary continents in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, to their later occurrences as the pyramid builders, priest kings and hierophants of pre-Christian cultures around the globe, and finally to their clandestine manifestation as the Secret Societies of Europe, within which they orchestrated the overthrow of the British rule and the eventual founding of the United States of America.

In this book you will learn the history and teachings of the following “Serpents”:

STARDOVES were most impressed with this work, that we dubbed it the culmination of our journeying for over two decades. We were amazed that anyone could have put together such vast and deep information in such a compact and precise book. A very close link to our work exists here. We have pilgrimaged to many of the areas indicated and have written about many of them. The Interplanetary Confederation told us that this work represented the Truth in a nucleus that is very important for humanity to know at this time. It definitely mirrored much of our work and pilgrimages over the past two decades.

Solar Cross Symbol with Dove on Church

As we were leaving the Florida keys and heading up the Coast - we saw this in the front of a Church and just had to snap the image. This symbol, which we also showed thee at the commencement of this article in a picture we snapped while at Rosslyn Chapel, that sacred and holy shrine in Scotland brings to mind exactly why we were brought to Scotland directly to Rosslyn and also accomplished this 26 state USA Blessings Expedition. That is that it relates to our holy and sacred orders of deployment to this sweet garden planet as a Knight of the Solar Cross!

Yea, while at Roslyn Chapel. Merk remarked, “This is what inspired me the most, as upon seeing it, I at once recognized why I was called here. The call originated from my very own ancient Starry Order known as the Knights of the Solar Cross. My first having come across this was from the day of my first Star Soul Attunement and Star Seed Initiation in the Yucatan and Chiapas Mexico, and Guatemala, 1984. During this time, a dear Rainbow Goddess delivered a curious book into my hands. In it were the following words which I AM proud to say came from my now dear friend and Crystal Skull Explorer premier, Joshua Shapiro, who now lives with his wife Desy and lovely daughter in Twello, Holland, whom we also visited during our deployment to Europe. I am also happy to report this material can be found in detail on the Internet at: - it originates from one of or early UFO Bibles, titled, Other Tongues-Other Flesh, which we also offer for sale here and use in our Star Seed lessons here

"Some might ask: 'Why don't the occupants of the Saucers do the job of lifting up humanity on Earth?' Actually, they couldn't do the job alone. First of all, in order to get by for very long in present day society, an individual has to have papers and records proving his birth age, place of residence, driver's license, draft board classification, etc. Secondly, people of the Earth wouldn't want to be 'lifted up' or taught by 'foreigners' from outer space. But, if space people are among them as their own kind, they will be raised automatically into higher states of progression. Only if the 'apples' volunteer for such a mission can it be accomplished."

"Saucer occupants and 'WANDERERS' in our own Solar System belong to an order known as Knights of the Solar Cross. The literal solar cross is a luminous appearance consisting of a light-pillar combined with a segment of the parhelic circle, forming a cross with the sun at the center. A similar phenomenon about the moon is called a lunar cross."

"Solar Cross, used here, however, means something entirely different. The swastika symbolizing the Four Great Primary Forces [Static Magnetic Field {the force within a bar magnet}; Electro-Static Field {field from electrical current in charged capacitor}; Electro-Magnetic Field {as in radio waves, light or heat}; Resonating Electro-Magnetic Field {celestial bodies operating in a vortex, space craft propulsion field, basis of life, elemental life}] is the true Solar Cross, for without these forces our Sun and Solar System could not operate -- in fact, they wouldn't even exist, and neither would anything else in Creation." STAR SHEPHERDS NOTE: {It should be pointed out here that Hitler used a reversed swastika to denote his nefarious Nazi regime.}

"A Knight Errant was a wandering knight who, in the middle Ages, went forth in search of adventures fitted to exhibit his skill, prowess, or chivalry toward women; he belonged to wandering knighthood. Therefore, the WANDERERS are Knights Errant of the Solar Cross as they go to the various planets of our Solar System. They operate through the authority and powers of the Four Great Forces to point people everywhere to the Great Path."

"As said before, it doesn't matter whether the helpers came here in Saucers, or whether they were born here as 'apples' -- they all belong to the Solar Cross Order. The symbol of this Order shows the present twelve planets enveloped in their Resonating Electro-Magnetic Fields. The planet of the fifth orbit to space intelligences is the Earth, and its field is shown shaded and dark. This is because the Earth is now the only world in our Solar System that does not belong to the Interplanetary Brotherhood. The twelve planets surround the swastika {Editor Note: the true meaning of the swastika, an ancient symbol which can be found in the ruins of many ancient cities; it is a symbol of the four great cosmic forces listed above} and superimposed over this is a face-like shield with a single eye in the center of the forehead. This symbolizes the fact that Knights of the Solar Cross have a highly developed pineal body or gland, a 'Third Eye' which gives them their astounding telepathic abilities. They examine all men by this 'eye' instead of by normal vision which would only allow for reason and logic instead of truth."

Legend of a Cross-within a circle represents balanced work. STARDOVES Mission is in the balancing of east and west, male and female. The Cross-outside a circle denoted suffering in many cases, as in the Crucifixion. This became the symbol of the outer Church, just as the true Inner Church was represented by the Cross-within a circle.

Protection For America

Mighty I AM Presence, Mighty Hercules, Archangel
Michael, Great Divine Director, K-l7 and Your
Legions of Light, envelop the United States and the
three Americas with a wall and canopy of Light. Hold
control and direct the people, the governments, the
resources and all activities to produce perfection for
all mankind, eternally sustained and ever expanding.

(Silently visualize a wall of steely white Light
around and over the United States with the Blue Flame
outside; then around and over Alaska; the Hawaiian
Islands then around and over the three Americas.)

Guardians of the Holy Grail:
The Knights Templar, John the Baptist,
and the Water of Life

Guardians of the Holy Grail: The Knights Templar, John the Baptist, and the Water of Life presents a unique history of the Knights Templar and the legendary Holy Grail that has never before been published. For nearly one thousand years the Knights Templar have rightly been regarded the eternal guardians of the Holy Grail, but what the Holy Grail actually is has never been accurately revealed – until now. Guardians of the Holy Grail proves that the Holy Grail existed many thousands of years before Christ, and that it is as old as the Garden of Eden itself.

During their one hundred years in the Middle East, the Templars received the Holy Grail from a lineage of Holy Grail Guardians that had existed for many thousands of years previously. This ancient Grail lineage, which included John the Baptist, Jesus Christ, and Mary Magdalene and John the Apostle, had originated on Sri Lanka, the island paradise recognized within the Arab world as the true location of the fabled Garden of Eden.

Topics of this text include:
MARK AMARU PINKHAM, KOTpl is a Templar Knight of The International Order of Gnostic Templars, a division of the Scottish Knight Templars. With his wife Andrea Mikana-Pinkham, he currently directs the North American branch of the IOGT in Sedona, AZ, where they teach the various facets of Gnostic Templarism.


It was most interesting that we had just completed the USA Blessing Expedition and had a marvelous tour of the Masonic Bldg. in Savannah, Georgia and then given the blessing at the end of the Pilgrimage of Mark’s Book on the Return of the Serpent Masters of Wisdom and then he was most excited about His Guardians of the Holy Grail book that he sent us autographed copies for which we expressed great joy. All of this was pointing us, as Interplanetary Ambassadors to our next Mission, something in particular that we did not yet know involved exactly. But evidently the Great Planner = G>O>D> = GeniRAtor Of Dimensions through Her|His Omnipotence, did know!

We do need to mention that as you certainly already know, MoiRa has been a lifelong member and former President of the Theosophical Society and also a Co-Mason, which is the feminine membership of Freemasonry (originally called the Eastern Star) and I a member of the Rosicrucians, all connected to the Knights Templars. Yet our Ambassadorship with the Interplanetary Confederation supersedes all of those other positions.

While in Scotland we were so fortunate to spend nearly 3 weeks in Findhorn. We became inspired to investigate Spiritual Communities, to see which ones we may wish to live in.

We also noted that around the same time of this proposed pilgrimage, the International order of Gnostic Templars would be in Scotland. After reading Mark’s book, Guardians of the Holy Grail, and also the Introduction by Ian Sinclair, a Grand Prior of the Scottish Knights Templars and direct descendant of the Sinclair bloodline who built Rosslyn Chapel near Edinburgh, and the Clan that kept the original Knights Templars going after their hasty departure from France and subsequent journey to Scotland, we felt it compulsory to join in the good fight and help re-establish a modern day Templar Organization that would shed light on the truth for planet Earth as regards Geopolitics, bring balance (male-female – yin-yang) to Mother Earth and help restore the original Goddess teachings on Earth. How could we, as Ambassadors of the Interplanetary Confederation become involved in any one Organization down on a planet we had come to serve? That remains to be worked out. But join we did and join for the sake of Mother Earth we could not resist. We were subsequently invited by Mark and Andrea to take Initiation into the ancient order of Chivalry via the Knights Templar thru IOGT and would have our Initiation at none other then Rosslyn Chapel on December 10, 2004.

Our deployment to Scotland was to investigate all of this from our Interplanetary Ambassadorial venue. We renewed our vows to planetary service through a special Initiation as Knights Templars in its most modern Order via the IOGT. We met with descendants of the original Sinclair Templars, and formed a special relationship with Grand Prior Ian Sinclair spending a lovely night and Christmas Eve day with him at his lovely Castle and Lighthouse. We had further conclaves with financial trusts for funding Spiritual Communities, which the Interplanetary Confederation says, are the saving grace of Mother Earth. To have Conclaves with the Ascended Masters over a wide variety of topics of pressing concern to Mother Earth as regards the Earth Changes. While we were gone the first great massive change of this era began with the earthquake in the Indian Ocean and the subsequent Tsunami. Actually the wild hurricane season of 2004 officially kicked off the new advanced events, which earthlings will have the opportunity to lessen. The Interplanetary Confederation stands by ready and willing to lend assistance with technology and shields that will divert and protect the Earth.

We were privileged to have all of this occur at Rosslyn Chapel. Our Interplanetary Guides told us this site was selected because it had been used originally as a place where the Confederation had established contact with humanity before. Having even established an ancient Star Community there in prehistoric times. They told us that within the energetic imprints of Rosslyn Chapel are what can best be described in Earth language as a Cosmic Computer. It is why it is veiled in mystery and shrouded in secrecy and few if any alive, know its true reason for being built the way it was. Using sacred geometry and veiled Templar|Masonic symbols, our Interplanetary Guides revealed that Rosslyn Chapel had much to say to those who could interact with its cosmic software. The greatest purposes for which are to transmit cosmic communications and vibrationally harmonic waveforms from the Interplanetary Confederation. It is sort of like receiving a large specialized download and storing it for a later time when there is proper time and place for the download. Not since our days at the Great Pyramid in Egypt and the Yucatan have we been in the presence of such a great generator or cosmic computer. Most important is that it is the Crown Chakra on a star tracked ley line that activates the energy impulses of a whole series of sacred sites that include Stonehenge, Avebury, Glastonbury and on into Wales and even Ireland and Holland. Once it hits Rosslyn the whole of Britain and eventually the whole of Europe will receive the Transmissions. This is why this was very much a European Blessing Expedition, as much as the USA Blessing Expedition we had just completed. Evidently it was necessary for us to pilgrimage to all the places around Europe and America in preparation for some great impending event. The New Heaven and the New Earth is now upon humanity and blessed Gaia. We will detail these blessings and revelations in our postal journals and via the Internet, and they will henceforth be known as the Interplanetary-Rosslyn Manifesto. Geopolitics, wars, rumors of wars and Earth Changes are the imminent topics of concern.

Plus during all of that we were delighted to meet with representatives of the Faire Queendom and some very delightful Scottish fairies, gnomes and Irish leprechauns that made our journey to Scotland one large love fest amidst the turmoil of global despair. Utter dichotomy, indeed, as we undoubtedly live in both the best of time and the worse, depending upon one's attitude and involvement and purpose for being on the planet at this sacred time. Oh! And something else we know you will be particularly joyous about is the special meetings we had with the Crystal Skulls, both in Scotland and Holland with the leaders of Crystal Skull movements (for lack of a better word) in both those countries. Actually one can even lay claim that our dear friend Joshua Shapiro who actually did the Mission’s first newsletter on computer back in 1984 on an original Apple Computer, is now the premier Crystal Skull Explorer and researcher on Earth. We have some wonderfully exclusive photos of which we will share with you now.

We had a few very remakrable Crystal Skull Conclaves while in Scotland and in Amsterdam with leading Crystal skull researchers in Holland and the Uk. Dear friend and Crystal Skull Explorer premier, Joshua Shapiro See:

Professor Moi-Ra Lady of the Sun Dove in Rosslyn Chapel Notice Aaron Sananda the Mother Mission’s Crystal Skull on the Apprentices Pillar at bottom
There is so much we have to tell the world from this deployment and we will commence NOW – we will continue and just remember that the end is written in the stars and it has a wonderful ending which leads to a marvelous new lighted beginning!!
BEAR 2012