Jan 22-Mar 22, 2004

Blessing the USA Expedition

This included a 26 U.S. State Blessing Tour spotlighting: The USA Blessing Expedition is an arm of the Aquarian Perspectives Inter-Planetary Mission, a non-profit 501 (c) (3) humanitarian organization based in the United States of America. Founded in 1984 by Dr. Raja 'Merk' Dove and Prof. Moi-RA 'Lady of the Sun' Dove, also known as STARDOVES. The USA Blessing Expeditions are now being performed as a part of the "harvest" of this world. They are governed by a cosmic board of directors that includes the Council of 12, and guided by the STARDOVES, Ambassadors to Earth, and a group of Light Workers and World Servers, Physicians, Nurses, Psychologists, Economists and Attorneys interested in building the New Earth.

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."
- Hebrews 11:1

USA Blessing Expeditions are of intellectual, spiritual, and scientific faith. The evidence emerges that proves the evidence. It has become visible, and can be accepted on the basis of its visibility. Fortunately, for human progress, we have not been limited only to that which can be made visible. Religious faith is an area that, even if it does not yield to measurement, because it is experiential, we can speak of it as something tangible.

“Ask and ye shall receive. Knock and the door shall be opened for you." – this is the fundamental promise the Creator made to Creation, which S|He has always respected. The Radiant One immediately grants Supreme Divine Energies ofHer|His Spirit as an answer to our prayers. In this way, truly, no child has to be left behind. Yet, one must ask and has free-will to do so.

The spiritual portion of this work comes from that portion of the "harvest" known as the "Separating of the wheat from the chaff." It is an agricultural term Jesus the Christ applied in the Gospels to create a word picture of God's merciful Judgment Day. It spoke to the everyday experience of the people. At this time we can reveal that the "harvest" of which Christ spoke, involves a Greater "harvest" in which Sananda is involved and of which Jesus could only speak in veiled terms to his child-like followers of those days. It is part of the Mission of the Inter-Galactic Confederation of Peaceful Planets. These "harvests" occur in major cycles of approximately 25,000 years each, depending upon how long it takes a planet of this dimensional frequency to pass through the photon-belt as it orbits the galactic center. At the end of each of these 25,000-year cycles, the highest possible grade of vibration is reached for this dimension. At this time, entities going through their reincarnational process can graduate into higher dimensions {Ascension} via a transition Jesus the Christ referred to as the "harvest." (If they have attained a sufficient blessing of LOVING VIBRATIONS and surrendered their ego driven concepts, vile attachments, arguing amongst themselves, genocide and other divisive counter activities.) No judgment is rendered while performing the Blessing Expeditions. The Light of the Radiant One falls equally upon each one. How that light transforms or touches each one, is a different matter. Those on Earth will be receiving these blessing gifts as a part of these "Harvest Expeditions" which both comes through the LOVING VIBRATORY RATE of our Radiant One, and those harvested are actually those with the sufficient ration of the 'love' quotient.

Agricultural examples may not speak so clearly to today's urban-based person who has never seen up close the harvesting process. Although machines do the work once done by hand, the process is still one of separating the grain from the inedible husk in which it grows.

Even on a small farm, where agriculture is the primary industry, an average city dweller has little concept of the effort, expense and risk involved in producing the flour used to make the loaves of bread so abundantly available on their supermarket shelves. Just imagine what it takes for our Omniscient Creator to move entire planets forward in evolutionary growth. This work is carried out by the Confederation of Planets through Councils of Light in service to our Radiant One. It is STARDOVES' work to accomplish this on Earth. Make NO MISTAKE, we are not alone in this effort. There are many interplanetary ambassadors and their teams performing this service, some 'incognito.' Our work is to step forth and proclaim the work publicly and gain momentum by gathering the flock called to assist in this process.

Does it occur to the American consumer that the expectation of plentiful food is a matter of faith? We are so accustomed to an economic system that has delivered food and fiber instantly on-demand that we see world hunger only as a concept. The Inter-Galactic Councils are more concerned with the hunger of the soul, and the light which feeds it.

To ensure high success ratio for its local offerings, the Mission has teamed with the Global Peace Foundation, Dr. Da Vid, M.D., Larry Frank, Lady Catherine and Nurse Violet. The group has now strengthened the planet where some places that needed cleansing and blessings have been lovingly and happily accomplished.

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