Chapter I

Welcome to the Pleiadean Dove's 1999 Christmas and Year 2000 New Millennium Light Pilgrimage! This New Millennium Light Pilgrimage include Anchoring and Upgrading Light Ceremonies held at ancient sacred sites in several of the United States of America's Western States.

The assignment commenced on the Solstice - December 22, 1999 and ran untill January 4, 2000.

Why the American Southwest?

The Inter-Galactic Council explained to us that their first star-seeded upgrade on this continent took place in the deserts of Nevada, Mexico, New Mexico, ColoRAdo, Utah and Arizona 36,000 years ago during the LemuRIan times. This same upgrade also extended into Central and South America. The Anazasi came much later at sacred ceremonial centers like Chaco Canyon, Mesa Verde, and Bandelier. Sacred sites such as Mt. Shasta and Sedona were parts of the old MU colonies and were star-seeded over a million years ago.

Why the Pleiadean Doves?

We have been working (in this lifetime) for over half a century, with our inner circle of Light Workers subtly guiding the evolution of cultures on many worlds and many mansions. We have worked with the Earth since its inception. We had extensive Missions here during Hyperboria, Pan, Lemuria, Atlantis, Ancient Egypt, and Ancient Mayapan. During the last two decades, we have completely encircled the globe since we consciously embodied in HU form in this Mission and, at the behest of the Inter-Galactic Council, have performed ceremonies in: After our deployment to Hawaii, we landed in Santa Fe, City of Holy Faith in 1996. This led us to re-connect with our Mother Ship, called the Dove, which has been guarding and protecting, over lighting, as it were, the American Southwest Quadrant for over two decades! Our present level of grid work has brought us closer and closer to the 7 Cities of Cibola, the Sangre de Cristo (Blood of Christ), an etheric city of magnificent light over the Sangre de Cristo mountain ranges in ColoRAdo and New Mexico; and our beloved Dove Mother Ship from the Pleiades, our starry home!

In issue #25 of the STAR LOVE NETWORK JOURNAL, now renamed the AQUARIAN PERSPECTIVES INTER-PLANETARY JOURNAL, we wrote the main feature, "MOTHER SHIP OVER SANGRE de CRISTO MOUNTAINS", "Thirty miles from Santa Fe, last week, we stopped the automobile, pulled over to the side of the ancient cliff dwellings where earthlings have lived for thousands of years and watched the Mother Ship hover for about twenty minutes. Then a smaller craft appeared from beneath the Ship and we could hear a distant, audible sound becoming louder and clearer. It was the voice of our beloved Kadar MonKa who began telling us about the city": "There is a lush paradise where the blessed dwell, where only the pure in heart may enter. This place knows not suffering, aging, need, poverty, loneliness, hunger, war, greed nor crime. It is a veritable oasis where no solitary instance of a negative deed has ever transgressed its realm. This place can be equated to Mount Olympus, Shambhalla, Shangri-La, Avalon, or another place which mortals have dubbed as ‘the dwelling of the Gods,’ for indeed, that is exactly what this place is – a dwelling of Ascended Beings, Gods and Goddesses, Extra- terrestrials by all means, only of goodly design.”

Our beloved friend and wise counselor from Mars, Kadar MonKa appeared to clarify the main points in our Mission. “Your Mission is to serve as beacons, way showers and energy transmitters for this city. The overall goal is to have the city begin its manifestation process thereby beaming down into this dimension, certain of its aspects."
This will see: Later Kadar MonKa personally took us up in his scoutship for a tour of the Sangre de Cristo etheric city. We saw many old friends and relatives and were reminded once more what it feels like to be really healthy. We saw many who appeared to be in their thirties but were known to be well advanced in years. Most of them wore simple robes and long flowing hair. They were beautiful and perfect in every way. These Great beings possessed vast supernatural powers, with great spiritual knowledge, supreme technological abilities, everything the Earth once had, and is heading to be once more.

The city is invisible as it is made of subtle etheric web-like substance. Being there is like constantly receiving magical elixirs and special potions as well as gifts of every imaginable design. Everything appears to be one beautiful transcendent, omnipotent existence. Jade and precious jewels line both sides of the streets, constantly giving natural energies to all who glide by. The trees look like crystals of different shapes and colors. Pegasus and unicorns live there with a whole legion of fairies, gnomes and other members of the Middle Kingdom. The SpacePort admits travelers from all over the Omniverse. We witnessed at least 35 different types of star crafts coming and going.

Lady Aphrodite approached us and spoke: “Return to our earthling brothers and sisters, and remind them of what you have seen here again. For your spirits have come from these realms and so have many of those now serving on the Earth. So too, is it the destiny of all humankind to dwell in a place like this. We all work for the day when all of creation on earth will bask in paradise cities like these.”

“No matter that some think of you as egoistic for telling these tales; no matter that your Mission is seemingly stopped in its tracks when it is about to enter or record a new step for humankind; none of these matters, for every step we take, as long as we are on the path, is another step in the direction of assisting humankind to reach these shores.”

The Sangre de Cristo etheric city has, as its mission, to pattern HU culture after its lofty design. It is the blueprint for the inevitable way that HU culture will exist during this Aquarian Golden Age.

Kwan Yin, who also helps this city from her home in Shambhalla, startled us by her appearance and said, “I knew the time will come when we will meet again, as we have worked together since time immemorial, in helping to lessen the burden of HU-kind and aid this planet in her evolutionary process. There is so much cleansing to be done and we need more souls to coordinate in this transmutation to the next dimension. Go and advise more to awaken and go about their task. With much love in your hearts, there is nothing impossible.”

That article was written in 1997, and 2 years later we were nestled deep within the Sangre de Cristo mountains at our TAOS ASHRAM. We have since had many experiences with the Mother Ship and the Etheric City. Per the guidance of the Inter-Galactic Council, we began ceremonies and classes working with Earth's bio magnetic electric crystalline grids, ley lines, vortices and power chakRAs here at the TAOS ASHRAM.

To commence this portion of the mission, we were directed by our Pleiadean Guides from the Dove Mother Ship to gain Pyramids and MerKAbahs as star tools to do the work .

The Council of 18 EL-ders, one from each planet in this solar system, (there are many so-called undiscovered and unnamed planets in this system), are now upgrading intelligence on this planet. We will be bringing 3 advanced star technologies with us who will use to monitor and channel through the necessary energies to accomplish these upgrades. These star tools are called:

Individual information concerning these tools will now be offered:

  1. UNIXITRON: Projects Pure Light Consciousness from the Divine Mind of St. Germain. It is the star tool this Grand Alchemist and Hierophant of the Aquarian Age uses to perform his Divine Alchemy of turning the Earth into Spiritual Gold, rather than that from which it has been vibRAting for several millenniums! Now is the time for the Earth to be magically transposed into a Great Ball of Love Light! The crystals we will be planting at all sacred sites have been charged in our UNIXITRON, "purified in the Love of CHRISTRON, in order to be manifested in METATRON and so consolidated as the One and Triune Light"
    • The UNIXITRON ascends all-ways - thus causes a change in all those living, moving, breathing and taking its life within the sacred bio magnetic crystalline electric grids of the Earth, whereby there is an ascending movement toward the nucleus being, toward the Holy Being, toward divinity, absolute and total."
    • Thus when we plant our crystals in Los Alamos. Las Vegas and Reno, we know that Hu KIND will now have a Greater impetus to do right: to love, to care, to share. Gone will be the illusions, the sins, the hate, the crimes, etc., to phase out of the HU experience such impetus to seek gratification through the senses without care, without love. Thus the vast empires of this illusion - Las Vegas, Los Alamos and, as they call it, the biggest little city in the world ... Reno. Now these interests will just die out and those who re-main will profit by switching their fortunes into systems that help people. Thus, no one loses- WE ALL GAIN! WIN - WIN - WIN - No one loses!
    • Thus the Battlecry of the Seattle WTO re-sisters will WIN: "PEOPLE WHO CARE ABOUT PEOPLE ... NOT BUSINESS!"
  2. MERKABAH: "Divine Light vehicle used by the Masters to probe and reach the faithful in the many dimensions of the Divine Mind. The Merkabah can take on many forms of a brilliant violette in the physical worlds." - KEYS OF ENOCH, Dr. J.J. Hurtak, Academy for future Science. We brought our MerKaBah which is in the form of internally joined points of the Icosahedron, and the resulting lines from a Dodecahedron, a regular polyhedron consisting of 12 faces and 20 vortices. Constructed in this manner, our MerKaBah projects the vortices of the Dodecahedron which may be imaged as being 22 energy projections within YOUR inner-space that YOU can project through the MerKaBah casting LOVE!
    • The Icosahedron enclosing the Dodecahedron represents the dual nature of this Universe that is about to change rapidly! No longer will there be negative for the balance will swing and the fulcrum will lead to a NEW MILLENNIUM of all positives - the new Star Guards-In: LOVE FAITH HOPE CHARITY. So Mote It Be!
    • The MerKaBah has the charged energy to produce such massive waves of positive energy so the negative forces will simply vanish! So Mote It Be! OMmmmmmmmm . . . . .
    The Following Entities have lent their energies to the glorious outcome of the Pilgrimage:
    1. BRahaMA/AbRAham
    2. Shiva
    3. Buddha
    4. White Buffalo Calf Woman
    5. Aphrodite
    6. Athena
    7. Ashtar
    8. MonKa
    9. RA MA
    10. Kwan Yin
    11. Mary
    12. Mother MU
  3. SOLAR CROSS OMNIVERSAL RECEIVING STATION: Dr. Randall N. Baer, (Hebrew for Dove) a co-Naturopathic physician and friend of Dr. RA-Ja, collaborated together on perfecting this tool. Dr. Baer did sacred ceremony at Los Alamos years before leaving this dimension, and he provides the explanation of this tool:
"The process of communication is fundamentally one of matching intelligence codes to corresponding code levels of the UNIVERSAL ENERGY NETWORK (UEN), thus inducing correlative interactions. Consciousness can access only those UEN code-levels with which there is a code correspondence."

The codes we use are CODES OF LOVE AND LIGHT, as supplied by the MELCHIZEDEK ORDER OF LIGHT. The specific text for the Aquarian Age interpretation we use comes from the book, "CODE OF LOVE" which provides the impetus for the energy of the New Millennium:

  1. The Divine Government shall foster the Action of a Rhythmic Balanced Interchange between each Planet, System and Galaxy that forms the BEING OF THE ALL-BEING.
  2. The Divine Government shall establish the Manifestation of Love as the only means, basis and motivation of all communication.
  3. The Divine Government shall sustain the Unification of the Being from one point to another through the extension of the Divine Kingdom.
  4. The Divine Government shall glorify man's sovereignty as a Free Being in recognition of Itself and in observance of the Divine Will.
  5. The Divine Government shall make way for a direct relationship between all Lifestreams in accordance with the Divine Plan.
  6. The Divine Government shall uphold the Supremacy of Love as the Light Source and Sustainer of all Creation.
  7. The Divine Government shall harmonize each sector in the Universe Network by the Manifestation of Order, Light and Love.
We wholeheartedly endorse our good friend and compatriot, Da Vid, M.D. to assume the Presidency of the Americas.

The entire Northern, Central, and Southern portions of the American Continent shall merge and we will have one governing body: THE LIGHT PARTY!
Cast your vote today! See:


What type of ceremony do we perform? We do the AQUARIAN CEREMONY, which is a synthesis of all that has gone down from ancient times to the new truth, new law, that light is better! The shorter and more gleeful the ceremony, the better. Ceremony is limited because in this Aquarian Age the 7th Ray ceremony is activated through the exchange of prana between the person and our star tools. This also serves to protect individuals from the misuse of the ceremony and the focus of lower psychism and emotionalism is lighted so that the higher intuition, the I AM SELF, through bestowing right relationship increases.

Metatronics is based on Angelic reality and is termed the Science of God - known as METATRON. With these light tools, the Science of Metatronics through the Orders of Melchizedek, especially Machiventa Melchizedek, help to bring together the light body and the Soul - the etheric field and spirit. Machiventa Melchizedek [MM] came to planet Earth 2,000 years before Jesus A Christ and "dedicated his life in spreading and keeping alive the Truth of the One God. He took Salem (JerUSAlem) as the Center for teaching, and there he became known as he came to teach. * [NOTE: We pilgrimaged to JerUSAlem in March of 2001 and laid the remaining set of crystals on the grid.] These are the energies that are transmitted through all of our Star Tools. MM is one of 7 HeadMasters in charge of the energy work done through the Pleiadean Dove Light Work applied to Earth Grids and all Inter-Planetary Grid work now being carried forth through the auspices of the Inter-Galactic ConfedeRAtion of Peace. This august body has now taken over supreme charge in the affairs of all planets in 7 concentric rings of solar systems.

Overshadowed by the prophecy and invocation of:

THE LOTUS SUTRA - "In times of Great Need, those who devoted their lives to helping others will rise again."

The charging ceremonies will be happening live and recorded on this lovely Internet-work, as well as the Inner-Net-Work within each living being sharing life in this sphere, at long last!


To commence, we were joined by millions of light beings working from the etheric, making the ONE WORLD OF LOVE AND LIGHT prophecy a RE-ALITY!

Live Lectures were set up along the grid and attended by local Lightworkers.

BEAR 2012