Welcome to the Pleiadean Dove's 1999 Christmas and Year 2000 New Millennium Light Pilgrimage!



The Sacred Sites we have been dispatched to charge were established in grid formation so that MerKaBahs and chronomonitors could gather all information and know when upgrades are necessary. These sacred sites on the grid, which we are charged to upgrade, are now ready. We will be performing these upgrades to set these changes in motion. We will conduct provisions to explain this work on line and give lectures and updates at each sacred site and large cities along the grid.

The work is overseen by the Planetary Regent, HeadMaster of the 7 Solar Regents, Machiventa Melchizedek. He pronounced, "Planet Earth has been disconnected from the rest of the universe for 200,000 years. Due to the rebellion of Lucifer in which our planet took part we lost the privilege of Cosmic Citizenship. The word cosmos (Greek) means order, so it is time for us to submit ourselves to the Laws of Perfect Order that rule our Universe. Now, at the end of the millennium, these wonderful messages are given to us as a tool in order to help us achieve that."

These messages comprise the service that will be rendered the Planet Earth.

You can help right from where you are. Only certain lighted ones will be moved to come forth to the sites. It takes courage and resolve. You can help if you feel called by the angels. Dolphin pods from Sirius and a Pleidean dolphin pod will take part and they will assist the HU specie in accessing this site. {Actually the current HU is more a hybrid than a pure specie}. YOU can help by sending your thought matrix: please hone your foundation of holographic visualiztion skills, for this is the basic language of our RADIANT ONE UNIVERSAL MIND FIELD!

Those of YOU who are well versed in superior mind projection programming skills, those of you who have come to partake in this starry re-claiming of Mother Earth, now is your time! Those of you with expanded interdimensional communication access abilities YOUR HELP is now needed and will speed our progress with your related services.

There are many allied Star Commands now enlisted in SERVICE to THE LAW OF ONE.

Imagine yourself in this meditation pose while you do your part in helping to DREAM POSITIVE LOVE THOUGHT VIBRATIONS along the ley lines of force of the bio grids of Mother rearth! Oh, don't worry about negative energies being put in ... that is impossible in this Aquarian Age! So Mote It Is!

"John F. Winston who works with High Inner Plane Masters residing within Mount Shasta have guided him to the followng truths which are now time to share with HU kind:

JW: "The space people from the Pleiades say that over 300 types of civilizations have come here. There are 30 or more different types of Greys alone. Don't make the mistake of throwing out something just because it is the New-Age. You must gather information from all sources to get the complete picture. [The Elder race that populated Lemuria] they were and are a good type of people. [Atlantis was inhabited by extraterrestrials]. It was seeded by the space people. The Atlantians had a habit of when they became technologically superior to other people on this Earth they had a tendency to push people around and dominate them. They became very materialistically oriented and not spiritually advanced and this brought their downfall. [Some say that these races manipulated the local inhabitants, both genetically and physically enslaving them (or if not forcefully enslaving them, then giving them no choice but to worship them ... Lyrans, who are learning to be not so authoritative ... Sirians, who were sometimes kind to man ... and the Sirians who often weren't too kind to man either. The Pleiadians were basically good people and our kinfolks but when they came to Earth for more than 2 years they became as crazy as the rest of us due the the Lamda radiation that was not being filtered out by our ionosphere. This radiation has been stopped somewhat in recent years. [The Pleiadeans have a deep love for mankind]. The Pleiadians are here to help us out. They have dominated us in the past and have progressed to the point where they want to come back and undo the harm that they have done to us in the past so we will progress into the next dimension and be as they are. In this new dimension we will have peace and harmony."

This significant level of our work deals with anchoring specific star fields of force, star gates, star seeds, into the Earth's biosphere. We have been doing this work in various forms and formats since the planet's inception, and most especially during:
Currently [1998-2000] we are working on the grids of that which has been called, aptly so, the "Enchanted Circle", which is Taos-Angel Fire-Eagle Nest-Red River-Questa {all in a circle of some of the most beautiful desert plus high mountain splendorific sites in America}! Our work concerns placing the "positive programming-positive vibRAtions" from the regions of the positive thresholds in the Star Belts of Orion, AldebeRAn, Sirius, Arcturus and the Pleiades. The specific earth quadRAnt that we are working with now concerns the American Southwest and the etheric city called, "Sangre de Cristo" or "Blood of Christ".


On our Altar at the TAOS ASHRAM, we have a physical representation of the Akashic Record Book file titled; "The Pilgrims Progress." Specifically, the Inter-Galactic Council holds Court here in the physical dimension and all those who enter this AshRAm to be initiated in THE PILGRIMS PROGRESS, undergoes a soul quest whereby they are taken before the Inter-Galactic's Council of 12, which comprises the representatives from the 12 Tribes, or Planets of Light within this solar system. This august body of representatives of many galaxies within star systems proceeds to connect the initiate via a circuitous energy field that catapults the initiate toward ever-expanding degrees of enlightenment, the spiRAl Path leading the soul of the initiate through the windings of their Earth life ... pointing out that any trials the initiate underwent were for the sake of growth junctures in their evolutionary progression. Pass the city of destruction, the desert of depression, mount of crucifixion, valley of humiliation, valley of the shadow of death, vanity fair, plains of ease ... and then presto ... abRA cadabRA ... you are admitted to the CELESTIAL CITY: SANGRE dE CRISTO - providing you keep firm on your path!

We have been performing these sessions during classes at the TAOS ASHRAM with beings in attendance from the Inter-Galatic Councils and they are guiding us in advanced operations for Mother Earth since September, 1999, in prepaRAtion for this work. Some of the HU individuals coming to our classes have a hard time comprehending these things as actually happening, but they are! Only the advanced Initiates and the Shamans can understand. A few Initiates and Shamans from many lands have come in the physical and they knew what they were doing right away. Especially those students of the KEYS OF ENOCH understand what we are doing. The Inter-Galactic Councils say "now is the time for this work." And they have selected various ET Missions on Earth to carry out this work.

The Council of 12 wishes the Pilgrims to know specifically how they perform these opeRAtions. "It is all done through the chakRAs. These are your energy centers and we send the required energies, channel them, to your chakRAs. Your dedication, purity, courage, discipline, love have removed the final obstructions, which like the 'dangers of Pilgrim's path', appear as the vices of hu-nature. Now that you have removed the blocks, we super-charge your energy centers ... and you're off to vaster and greater and greater glories in the name of LIGHT to perform ceremonies of Light in the MANY MANSIONS of the RADIANT ONE! So Mote It Be!"


The Light Pilgrimage commenced on the day of Winter Solstice ...
We commenced from Taos, {La paz-the peace} New Mexico
To Santa Fe {City of Holy Faith} New Mexico

What better energies to inaugurate the pilgrimage with other than PEACE and HOLY FAITH?

Then onward we went to:
The Tibetan energy joined with the Mayan energy during this pilgrimage, bringing together two ancient sacred star races. To inaugurate our pilgrimage we received a message from Mayan ELder Hunbatz men whom we worked with in Chichen Itza and Merida with whom we left a dozen crystals to be planetd at all sacred sites in the Yucatan. They were given to us by aides Gary Creyghton and Joisonn and Devon Doyle. Just before commencing this pilgrimage ELder Hunbatz emailed us and said:

December 16th, 1999, "Solar Brother RA-Ja: May the Great Father Sun be with you when you receive this. I am very glad to work together with you. I planted the crystals in the TEMPLES where they will do best. Humanity is expecting for more Initiatic works in the sacred Mayan Temples. And in this way they will be able to transcend as spirits for humanity. I really agree with you on the idea of organizing Iniciatic Tours in the sacred Mayan Temples for this new Itzá Time, I await your next letter ... please suggest to me which works we could perform together. For example, an itinerary you want me to suggest.

May the Great Spirit be with you always.
Hunbatz Men.
Mayan Itza Tradition
_____________________________________________________________________________________ We shall re-turn to the Yucatan to work with ELder Hunbatz Men,the Great Mayan Shaman who initiated Jose Arguelles and commenced the HARMONIC CONVERGENCE!


There was 5 reversal consciousness programs that will take place:
We conducted a lecture in Reno, Nevada at the Silver Sage Metaphysical Bookstore with the kind assistance of Mary Jane, where we met Major Aho and his lovely wife Sherry, friends of long ago, in our work together in the Starseed gatherings we organized for their benefit. We then visited the different places in the city of Reno, where we planted crystals that we charged with the loving energies from God.

We then proceeded to Grimes Point, an ancient community ruins, ten miles west of Fallon, Nevada, through the invitation of an American Indian Shamaness According to their legends, it served as a sacred hunting site. It had many petroglyphs and caves around. Strong spirit guidance were received by the Mission that we were called here to perform ceremony injecting peace and love energies to override these hunting energies. We were told that part of the site was used by hunter shamans for spirit journeys where they would capture the soul of the lead animal believing the animal would come for its soul and the rest of the herd would follow. And here exists the crux of the entire matter of this Pilgrimage - to tranform and to heal the hunting energy reality on this planet. The local Shamness who guided us to this spot, seemed so proud that this was a hunting area and when we told her that we were there to heal thie rift, she laughed. The emotional energies for killing that abound in that grimy place soon changed the connecting friendship upon our first meeting into an interspersing love and hate projections on the part of the shamaness, to the consternation of members of our group from Taos. These, we are just now getting out of our orbit --- yet, we sent love and understanding and forgave them instead. Thus, we had to stay our ground with complete forgiveness to accomplish our mission of leaving love to remove those ancient hunting practices.

We were informed that Hunting Ceremonies happened here as well as purification and healing ceremonies. If a hunter had an illness of the mind, body or soul it was believed to jinx the hunt so part of the hunting rites included purification ceremonies during sweat lodges, vision quests and dream travel. Paiute and Shoshone shamans were both active at different times here for a few thousand years and still are. Traditionally only the shaman could mark the rocks at this site.

The shaman's area and the ceremonial sites are right above the first parking lot. The main shaman's site is this really wonderful community of boulders that amplify Earth energies and hold an ancient group of imprints that maintain a strong spirit of place! It takes a bit for the energies to interact with your neurochemistry but within an hour of being at the site I bet you can begin to enjoy and learn from the experience. There is more to this site that you might like to explore. There is a community dwelling area down the road from the shaman's petroglyph area that holds a different feel and imprint, interesting and worthy in its own right. There are some caves in this part of Grimes Point that were inhabited for a long, long time that add to the on site ambiance."

"We can make a difference, we are powerful, we are masters, we are the ones we have been waiting for."
BEAR 2012