Welcome to the Pleiadean Dove's 1999 Christmas and Year 2000 New Millennium Light Pilgrimage!


Greetings in the “LIGHT” of Our “Radiant One”. I AM zolTRON, Captain of a scout ship, named “little dove” attached to our beloved Mother Ship, “THE DOVE”, now serving the land region on Earth called the American Southwest. My Family of Light, it is our great privilege to share this report of our sacred pilgrimage with all of you. We welcome all those in our midst, seen and unseen.

We wish to express our gratitude to ALL who have made this Light Pilgrimage a thundering success!

This gathering, by a special consent of the Inter-Galactic Assizes, allows you to be present in the Council Chambers of the Most High and I shall be your escort.

The matter to be shared, will be to review the reports respecting the “1999 Christmas and Year 2000 Light Pilgrimage” as conducted by our Ground Crew and Ambassadors to Earth from the Inter-Galactic Assizes, Moi-RA and RA-Ja Dove, and the American Southwest QuadRAnt Guardians of the PLEIADEAN DOVE STAR-SHIP FLEET.

zolTRON: For the personal upgradement of each of you, our very precious readers, we offer you the stored energies encountered on the pilgrimage, as well as the Light from the Radiant One! Each time you see the little space ship above, {that's me in the middle}, know that we symbolically serve as reminders to you, of the physical and etheric Golden Star Wands that are pointed at these ships as they are created - with this Intent in Mind - to carry ALL GOOD to you! The changes you will notice as more light in your life and of having more energy, more deLIGHT, more good things happen in your life stream of experiences. Sweet Goddess Grace You! Om Shanti! Shanti! Shanti!

Now we shall begin our excursion: Please utilize your Third Eye's inner visual functions and your sacred I-Magi-Nation to assist us as we transport you to the Great Inter-Galactic Assizes Chambers upon the Planet you call uRAnus. The Pleiadean Doves teach that the I-Magi-Nation is the HU culture's greatest gift in that their Inner Eye may magically create their own sovereign nation of truth. We do create our own reality!

The Assizes, represented by one member of each Planetary society in this, our Galaxy, as well as the Omniverse, has been awaiting your presence, though in session for quite some lastingness. You are welcome now as our honored guests. As you now enter the Great Chamber you will find your places in the front right-hand portion of this great berth. You are honored in this way, and receive these seating positions because this work most concerns your people and the planet where you now reside. Many of you, are, of course, here on assignment from other planetary associations. Upon the cathedra, a hundred feet from your current sitting position, sit the presiding forces of this assizes. They are known by the titles, Omniversal Hierarchs, their names are many, and WE ARE ALL ONE!

We have entered during an intermission so as not to disturb earlier pursuits of the Assizes. First a synopsis will be given. I trust you will find this conclave interesting, amazing and most enjoyable. Should you have need for refreshment or rest-room facilities, just think of it and all will be provided for you. We use what on Earth is called magic - yet for us it is thought-wish reality!

If there is necessity for clarification on any point, I urge you to simply call on the Master Within You - and the answers will be provided according to your faith and inner belief. I shall attempt to serve you during the intermission or breaks in the presentations to make all as clear as LIGHT!


All reference books used in significant manner in this report, are available via our Aquarian Mail Order emporium, unless we have other arrangements with the author, and then their web site will be offered. Should you like to order any of these books that have asterisks after their titles in this report, please see our Book Emporium at:

zolTRON: All of the Inter-Galactic Assizes members are now present. Roll call is taking place, each of your names will appear on the screen above. Please press the blue button on the table before you when you see your name (in energy essence) flash on the screen above. The Hierarchs - WE ARE ALL ONE - are rising. The Synopsis will now be given.



Corresponding Earthly News Updates:

Source: CNN:
Within days after doing our “Protect The Earth and Respect The Elders” ceremony, Pres. Clinton was at the Grand Canyon signing the bill to DOUBLE THE PROTECTION of this Universal treasure! Double meant more land protected, and more guarantees signed as decrees that condominiums will not be built and mining will not take place within this new doubly protected confine! Bless You President Clinton!

Source: CNN:
Then just days later .... another significant news report came in that reflects upon our “Respect Planet Earth's Aborigines Ceremony.” President Clinton signed into law the giving back of 80,000 acres to the Ute tribe in Utah! Beloved ones, this is in the very same State that our final reception Light Ceremony was held: at Zion Canyon, Utah! Diplomatically, our lips are sealed as far as the energies sent along the Universal Energy Network to get this to transpire but we can say how glad we are in the quick response from our league in operation here - the United States Government under President William Jefferson Clinton and Vice President Al Gore. Thanks to the First Lady Hillary Clinton and Second Lady Tipper Gore, as well. More on their work later.

Source: National Public Radio: Native American News:
Today (1/17/2000) we learned that 60,000 acres are being considered to be given back to a native American tribe in New York who have been deprived of their land for centuries! The Native Americans reported it was the first time that a U.S. Court allowed a case of its kind with the intent to reimburse the Natives both monetarily and land-wise for what was obviously taken from them a long time ago. We send our prayers for this case and all others that will reach the dockets of U.S. Courts for their faster relocation to the proper recipients during this New Millennium! Blessed Be!

Source: CNN:
Papua, New Guinea: Full report not in at this time, but from what we understand, there is some kind of action by the aborigines to peacefully take control of the powers of the government.

Source: CNN:
Quito, Ecuador: At the time we are posting this we only got a news brief that, “Indians gain control of governing.”

Africa tops United Nation's Agenda this month! An extraordinary meeting is taking place at the UN this week. To lower the curtain on a month of heavily focused UN attention on Africa, presidents and foreign ministers from 10 African countries have gathered to plot a road map to peace for the Democratic Republic of Congo.


“The Omniverse is a CONGLOMERATION of EVERYTHING as a WHOLE and will come together at a CERTAIN POINT IN TIME, when they need to, WHICH COMES TO MIND of everyone concerned as accessed from the AKASHIC RECORDS. The information given always has a valuable meaning to EVERYONE'S LIFE in relation with all the events that are happening in nature, in all the kingdoms and dominions and principalities of God. This is basically in accordance with the universal plan which everyone concerned have created and evolved according to their wishes. Thus, we all are ONE and are responsible for whatever is happening around us and unless we realize this INEVITABLE and UNCHANGEABLE unity of life, we will be holding up the transformational and evolutionary process of all life. To open up to this wonderful, unbelievable reality of life, lets OPEN up our HEARTS and let the inherent LOVE flow out freely, UNHINDERED and, like water, seek its own level. These are the GRANDIOSE ENERGIES of creation that will lead to other GRANDER CREATIONS out of the JOY and BEAUTY that results in this UNION!! Hallelujah!!”- M

“The wise man looks into space
and does not regard the small as too little
nor the great as too big;
for he knows that there is no limit to dimensions.”
- Lao Tzu
I was amazed that at certain points along the Pilgrimage and Sacred Word Ceremonies, humans would ask our earthly ambassadors: “Why? Why do you feel the need to go about and do ceremony? Just who do you think you are and what can a few people do, anyway?”

They must have thought our ambassadors were ordinary humans who should be at the office making money, mergers and profits! Or at the gaming tables gambling to get what they could; or in the drug dens and sex halls seeking pleasures of the senses without love or care for others.

“We are not just humans, we are hybrids, and though we may be in this body, we are not of it. We are “Star Beings” living in hu-form and this is our Mission.” As to what we can do; the power of thought is the greatest GOD POWER. The POWER OF the I-MAGI-NATION is equally as great, being the magical portion of it.” Then some react out of fear when we use words like “New Age” and “Magic,” having been conditioned by religious programming. So, it does not matter if we are humans or Star beings, or a hybrid, for, as seen in this form, we have the power of thought and the invocation of divine forces, so “WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD!”

So that you may have a clear understanding of what is meant by “LIGHT” PILGRIMAGE, and so that you will know what force we are projecting into your Earth Grids during this pilgrimage, I AM bid to now give forth the Inter-Galactic Assizes official definition of the LIGHT. I produce for you a document from the Inter-Galactic Assizes Archives, a textbook sent to Earth to another of our Inter-Planetary Mission's titled: The Solar Cross, the book as channeled to one of our ambassadors, Richard Miller and it is titled: STAR WARDS *1

_______________________________________________________________________________________ "THE LlGHT OF THE RADIANT ONE"
August 24, 1974
Solar Cross Tape # TC-3A
By: Hatonn
"Greetings, in the Light of Our Radiant One. I am Hatonn, It has been a long period of time since I have had the privilege of extending my thoughts to your minds, and if I may be allowed the privilege of submitting a few of my comments, for your inspection, I would be greatly pleased. I would share my thoughts with all, on a topic which many upon your planet have given a great deal of thought. Let us think about that most inclusive subject called, "The Light." We have noted upon many occasions your various expressions concerning "The Light." The "Light of The Radiant One" - the "Light of the Divine" - the "Light of the Creator," or whatever other descriptive sources that you visualize "The Light" emanating from."

"Perhaps I may somehow increase your awareness regarding this. When you employ the term "The Light," perhaps you could visualize it in this way. "The Light" is of no specific color and yet it is all colors, whether it be the visualization of the pure white radiance or however you do visualize it, its color qualities are very incidental. But, you are calling forth, knowingly or not, and invoking the most powerful emanation in creation. In your holy works, I have observed a reference. It is this: "In the beginning, there was the Word." "The Word," my brothers and sisters, was "The Light of Our Radiant One" - the most encompassing emanation in all creation."

"The Light" may be employed in every manner that is conceivable to your mind and for whatever purposes you envision. You may call forth or INVOKE "The Light" for the protection of your being and person, as well as for your loved ones and your possessions. You have INVOKED "The Light" on numerous occasions to condition the very environment in which you exist. I believe that on each such occasion your employment of this force and essence has always produced the desired results. The reason I bring this topic - "The Light of the Divine Radiant Essence" into your awareness on this occasion is that in your Pursuit and study and evaluation of that which presently you shall encounter you will have great need to employ this "Light."

"I would submit for your consideration that upon each and every occasion where you are either thinking, or considering, or executing, any form of thought, word or deed, that you employ "The Light." That this "Light" be employed in such a way as to use it to clarify your thinking. I believe you will sense the reasons for this."

"How many of you have thought of INVOKING and employing "The Light" in your daily activities and thinking? My brothers and sisters, this is perhaps the most important aspect and usage of "The Light," for those thoughts which course through your minds, which result in some form of action, should always be enveloped and permeated by this "Light.” You use a statement in many of your thought processes which seems to be a type of safeguard, when you state - and I use the words "Thy will be done." What you are implying, but not stating correctly, IS that "The Light" will function as it is intended."

"I merely submit these thoughts to help clarify your thinking, to make them more responsive, and at one with "The Light." To perhaps clear away some of the clouds of confusion which, unfortunately, obscure much of the thinking upon your planet, as well as that observed in your minds. With your employment of "The Light" many subtle qualities are to be experienced."

"I have spoken on numerous occasions about the topic called "Love.” Can any among you visualize the magnitude of the "love" inherent in this "Light"? Can you visualize or comprehend this subtle quality as it permeates your beings and your thoughts as you employ "The Light"? Can you not be aware and realize that a new and subtle quality of this very essence will become AT ONE with all of your thought processes? Would not this "Light" then illuminate the darkness of the outermost reaches of your minds?"

"In those days which lie ahead in your individual futures would not the very magnificence of the use of "The Light" bring about a new condition of being, as it is employed? You have heard from another brother that it was a peculiar type of light which emanated from your planetary sun which brought about the malfunctioning of natural laws upon your world. It was only by the correct application of, A LIGHT SUBSTANCE OF DIFFERENT AND ENHANCED QUALITY that this form of radiation could be nullified. If, my brothers and sisters, "The Light" has such potentials in its employment, do you wish to continue using it ... so casually? Would you not rather include it, in its true functioning, in your everyday activities? You need not be concerned as to the functioning of "The Light," for "The Light," my brothers and sisters, needs merely to be called forth. Its functioning are inherent in itself. "The Light" will always operate and function in the correct manner. It cannot be abused in any way. A negative quality of "The Light" does not exist, for it could not then be "The Light," but would be some other emanation instead."

"I have submitted these thoughts with your permission to illumine your thought processes with this "Light" that we have spoken of, for my beloved ones, you have great need to employ this "Light." As the planet upon which you reside at this time passes through the great period of transition, use "The Light" so wisely, employ it often. Your beings will become all the more radiant by this usage and perhaps, that which you anticipate as a period of great difficulty, will merely become a period of great illumination."

"It does not require any great degree of effort to transcend those patterns of thinking in which you have been caught up, and so, through the use and the employment of this "Light," see the way more clearly. I trust that these concepts, which I have submitted, find their way into the innermost core of your being and its awareness. For when I. use this term, "my beloved," it is a term which describes most adequately the scope of my affection for those of your planet who share these thoughts, as well as all who eventually come to know them. I leave you now, my beloved, with these thoughts fresh in your awareness. Tend them with great care and love and you will see them blossom forth into the reality of a new form of creation. A creation that will be in perfect harmony with that which you are to become. I am most pleased that you allowed me the privilege of imparting these thoughts from one who is perhaps somewhat older in his thinking."

"It is always our great privilege to come within the emanations of the "Light" that each of you represent. I am most pleased and humbled and it is with love that I depart now. In doing so may I be among the first to INVOKE this "Light," that it become ever more magnified in your being and awareness. In the Light of Our Radiant One, I depart now. Adonai, my brothers and sisters of Earth. I am Hatonn. Adonai."

Now that you understand the Radiant Qualities of the Light going into the Earth, let us examine the spiritual qualities of why the Winter Solstice was chosen for the time of this blessing pilgrimage. To do that, we produce from a post sent to the Taos Sanctuary by one of our correspondents.

Winter Solstice, one of the most important days of the year. Wesak, at the time of the full moon in Taurus is the time when the greatest amount of Light and Cosmic Acceleration and waves of ascension are released to this planet, thus making it the most important day of the year. Winter Solstice is the 2nd most important day of the year for this same reason.

Sacred Mission Colleague, the late Dr. Joshua David Stone (Mahasamahdhi Aug. 2005) who produced the first 10 annual WESAK CELEBRATIONS held at glorious Mt. Shasta! The Aquarian Perspectives Inter-Planetary Mission assisted Dr. Stone in conducting portions of the WESAK CELEBRATION for 9 of those years. And this year, WESAK will serve as the final part of our WORLD ILLUMINATION DAYS - GRAND PLANETARY ALIGNMENT celebrations.

The magic of Christmas is really and truly the magic of the winter solstice. Celebrating the birth of Christ on December 25th is an illusion because He was born in the spring of His time around April 10th, and not in December. Also, the commemoration of the birth of Christ that people are celebrating once a year is half a joke because people are more interested in the "frenzy" of parties, drinking, eating, decorating, shopping, wrapping gifts, going into debts for the show, etc. than celebrating the true birth of their own Christhood in their own heart. The truth is that we need to celebrate the birth of the Indwelling Christ on a daily basis, not just one day a year. This Light needs to be constantly renewed and nurtured daily in order for us to grow and mature spiritually and become the great, immortal, god beings that our brothers and sisters of the Inner Earth have become. Lets use them as role models and follow their examples.

I want to share with you that the "Inner Earth " people do not celebrate Christmas. For them, it does not have much meaning because the "Christ" that was represented by the Lord Jesus two thousand years ago is not an "outer" thing but an example, a state of consciousness that we need to follow daily, that will lead to their ultimate "liberation" and "ascension" those who will make the right applications to become the fullness of what He has come to show us.

In Telos and other Inner Earth civilizations, they celebrate the great release of Light that Winter Solstice brings. They have around this date, Dec. 21st, several days of great festivities and spiritual ceremonies, gatherings with friends and families. They sing and dance and honor the "Earth Mother", sing their gratitude and their Oneness in God.

It is my sincere wish and desire to wish you all a Blessed and Glorious Winter Solstice Day, full of Light and the Joy and the Glory of the Great Central Sun and the knowingness that together, the Lightworkers on this planet, we can make the difference to bring a permanent Golden Age of Love, Prosperity, Brotherhood and Enlightenment. My love to you all, Aurelia Louise Jones -
The Pilgrimage was inauguRAted with a message from a culture of Pleiadeans living in HU form known as the sacred Mayas! Etherically we often visit our dear Uxmal Cosmic University and our dear friend, ELder Shaman of the Mayas: Hunbatz Men.

The following message was sent by one of our correspondents:

“While most of the planet celebrates the 'millennium,' those who track the thirteen-Moon Calendar know that synchronistically, 'January 2000' actually occurs during this year of 7 Wizard, a cycle which asks us to receive and channel the mystic powers of timelessness in order to create a new resonance - a new inspiRAtion! This year we have the opportunity to restore the sacred enchantment of our earthly garden through keen awareness of vibrations and a willingness to open and explore our sacred channels. Alignment with the Natural Time Calendar helps us to accomplish collective healing while we release the old and welcome inspiRAtion of replenished cosmic life-force. It is now time for the Wizards to step forward! I am another you - in Lak'ech.”

With this introduction, the pilgrimage was about ready to commence. I AM bid to offer you this legend that exists in our Archives within the Pleiades:



On a planet called Earth, many, many moons ago, negative aliens penetrated the Earth with legions of cursed bio-robotoids to attempt to capture the LIGHT that was bathing this planet in LOVE. The Sacred Teachings were burned, teachers of the LIGHT were crucified, hung and burned at the stake. The populace went to the dark side. As this happened, the higher values of life also disappeared. The masses forgot the contrast of light and dark, good and bad and no longer had the ability to discern between right and wrong. Gone were the days when the people of Earth treated each other in a fair and equitable way, and instead treated each other with unfair tactics and dishonest motives. Selflessness and egoless actions ceased and when exhibited were seen as signs of frailty. People were warned not to smile, it would be seen as a sign of weakness! Fear and distrust swept the Earth. Power, food, sex and pleasure at any cost became the motivation of nearly all beings. Deeds of charity, giving, even caring and sharing nearly disappeared from the face of the Earth. Trust departed from the lives of the people and in its place rose the ugly head of hate. Now diseases began to spread upon the land and monsters arose from that which was once considered human. Humans breeded constantly and overpopulation was rampant and all new beings coming into life shared the hate, wars, and genocide! Endeavoring to abate their insatiable desires, humans polluted Mother Earth, the very Goddess that allowed them to live upon and within her once pristine state of glory and goodness. The oceans, rivers, lakes and creeks flowed with filth, the astral world was filled with the hateful emotions, the land was smitten with war and the forests, trees, shrubs, herbs and their seed were poisoned and unhealthy. Life was forlorn and suicide was raging. Yet on and on the masses produced unhealthy, unwanted and unhappy babies. Some even discarded the new-born children in garbage cans and other areas of refuse! Gone was AHIMSA-respect for ALL LIFE!

The Draconian invaders attempted to finish off the Earth by attacking Mother Earth herself - her soil, vegetation, and her elements of fire, water, air, ether. The Ashtar Command began to swing into full gear. The LIGHT could not allow the wholesale destruction of the forces of goodness from this world. The Emissaries of Light deployed to the Earth from the Inter-Galactic Councils of Light began issuing decrees and orders as to the level of involvement. Extra Terrestrial ambassadors and Teachers of the Light began hiding all of the sacred teachings in caves and on imperishable tablets and secreting them away for the time when the Earth would be regenerated in the LIGHT.

Then the Draconian forces began manipulating nature and the weather, causing earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tidal waves, Chaos stalked the Earth. The Ashtar Command placed on alert all of the craft in its fleet then on patrol guarding the Earth. The Immortal Inter-Galactic Tribunals resolved to intervene. Approaching the Omniversal Hierarchs, for help, WE ARE ALL ONE deployed the full-force and might of the Ashtar Command to protect the Earth at all costs. The Healing Angels were deployed to nourish. The Ascended Masters form various Planetary chains came to teach and uplift. When enough earthlings meditated with love and faith, asking for help from the star fleets and the Glorious Hierarchy, response was quick! It has taken to this day, a blink in the eye of the eternal to see this Plan the Masters Know and Serve to come to completion. Now is the Time! This is the Age!

In came another post to the Mission’s Sanctuary, from our ever-roaming correspondent, tantra teacher and dancer, "Rajna Star Kumari"

"Now is the time, Now is the hour, Ours is the magic.."



"You have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour, now you must go back and tell the people that this is the Hour. And there are things to be considered... Where are you living? What are you doing? What are your relationships? Are you in right relation? Where is your water? Know your garden. It is time to speak your Truth. Create your community. Be good to each other. And do not look outside yourself for the leader." Then he clasped his hands together, smiled, and said, "This could be a good time! There is a river flowing now very fast. It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid. They will try to hold on to the shore. They will feel they are being torn apart and will suffer greatly."

"Know the river has its destination. The elders say we must let go of the shore, push off into the middle of the river, keep our eyes open, and our heads above the water. And I say, see who is in there with you and celebrate. At this time in history, we are to take nothing personally. Least of all, ourselves. For the moment that we do, our spiritual growth and journey comes to a halt. The time of the lone wolf is over. Gather yourselves! Banish the word struggle from your attitude and your vocabulary. All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebRAtion. We are the ones we've been waiting for." - Oraibi, Arizona


It seemed appropriate to commence our journey with what is known amongst some Native American tribes as a PLACE OF EMERGENCE! So the Mission got to commence the Pilgrimage in its own backyard! CLICK HERE TO GO TO CHAPTER 4! _______________________________________________________________________________________ "We can make a difference, We are Powerful, We are Masters, We are the ones we have been waiting for." - Hopi Indians

We wish to thank and bless the Native Southwestern people of many tribes who have selflessly kept the original teachings safeguarded for this time that Mother earth surely needs them. Our prayer is for all visiting cultures to this land ... whether from earth or the stars .. respect and honor these guardian tribes ways and life. om sHANTI!

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