A SACRED EMERGENCE SITE can be found in the Sangre de Cristo mountain range above Taos, New Mexico. The Sangre de Cristos are the sacred mountains of the Tiwa tribe of New Mexico, and Blue Lake is their ceremonial place of emergence. At one time the tribe did not have private access to the site but in 1970 President Richard Nixon signed a bill returning 44,000 acres of land, including Blue Lake, to the tribe.” One of the blessings to come from the Pilgrimage will be the prayers and mandates from the Confederation to return native lands to their rightful owners - at least the U.S. needs to make some compromises and share as mush as possible so we can all live together in respect, humility, peace and honor for all!

zolTRON: The Aquarian Perspectives Inter-Planetary Mission is composed of earthly ambassadors from Venus (Moi-RA) and the Pleiades (RA-Ja) and off-world emissaries, such as myself, zolTRON, and others within the Inter-Galactic Assizes. This “Mother of Pilgrimages”, was destined to fulfill several of the early prophecies which is the mandate of the Mission to accomplish!


I begin this segment of our report with passages from a trusty codex for the Aquarian Age, “SECRET PLACES OF THE LION” *2, by another of our earlier earth ambassadors, known on Earth as Dr. George Hunt Williamson. This text was used significantly in the awakening of our Ambassador Dr. RA-Ja during his star seed awakening in the Yucatean forests, circa 1984. Deep in the forests an American born Mexican Shamaness noticed Dr. RA-Ja’s meditations and ceremony and inquired as to its significance. When he told her it was regarding the Extra Terrestrial Visitors and their connection to the Ascended Masters, she produced a book written by Joshua Shapiro titled: JOURNEYS OF AN AQUARIAN AGE NETWORKER {out-of- print}. In it was a chapter from another book by Dr. GH Williamson, titled: “OTHER TONGUES OTHER FLESH *3 and the Chapter was titled, “The Wanderers.”

EARTH AMBASSADOR DOVES’ REPLY [R]: Of fond note, Joshua's book was written in a self-published unique format. Joshua's maverick way of writing, inspired me to write in order to awaken and enlighten those whom the Inter-Galactic Council declared they would send to meet me. This is when they awakened in me the commitment I had made to serve as Sacred Scribe in putting in a journal form the chronicles of this Aquarian ET Contact. Included in the Sacred Scribe work would be to deliver sacred messages, to do a more advanced emissarial healing work than my Naturopathic Practice and to discover and reveal sacred texts and documents that constituted the ancient wisdom and teaching of all ages and more! The plus some was the completion of these in the form of updated energies and wisdom from our ET parents!

As I was saying about the author, Joshua Shapiro, he has since become our good friend of over 15 years! Just months after my departure from the jungles of the Yucatan, and upon deployment to Northern California, he mysteriously appeared in my life, and volunteered to compose the first Aquarian Perspectives Inter-Planetary Journal on his computer! It says a lot for the UEN - Universal Energy Network! At this very moment [2/12/2000], Joshua and I prepared a high level briefing concerning the Crystal Skulls. See: It was because of the star-seeded codes in OTHER TONGUES OTHER FLESH *3 that triggered my awakening, through the action of an Aquarian Age Networker, Joshua, traveling the planet, revealing the works of the Light in this age. From that point forward I could consciously communicate with the ships above and heightened my reception to inner messages. I immediately commenced my mission on earth and began writing the first Aquarian Perspectives Inter-Planetary Journal [1984]. I merged this with my Naturopathic Practice and these have been my full occupation for the past 16 years. The specific star-seeded codes that awakened me will be repeated here, as my guides say these passages with the codes will awaken many! From the book by Dr. GH Williamson, OTHER TONGUES OTHER FLESH *3, Chapter 8, “The Wanderers.”

"To the Apples we salt we return! Space Intelligences said that this was one of their old prophecy legends, but what could it mean? It sounds as though space people salted away some apples and were now returning to them. But what about the word apple and what did it represent? For a long time now, evidence has been accumulating at a rapid rate that there are many people on Earth that don't really belong here! This doesn't mean that they came here aboard a Flying Saucer, disembarked, put on a tweed suit, polished up their English and moved into the house next door. It does mean, however, that there is a special class or order of beings in the Universe that are different from the rest because of the fact that they wander from one world to another, and from one star system to another. They are the chimney sweeps of Creation. It is their specific job to go to the trash cans of the Universe and give aid to their fellow beings on those backward worlds."

"If these Wanderers didn't arrive here by spaceship, how did they get here? They volunteered to come to Earth and go through the reincarnational cycle here. In other words, they were born here! {I knew immediately - I AM ONE!} They have birth certificates, they went to school, had the childhood diseases, drank soda pop at the corner drugstore and made eyes at each other in school, or threw spitballs at the teacher. In brief, they were exactly the same as all other people on Earth, except for one thing: they didn't belong here! They occupy physical vehicles and are born to parents of their own choice who they feel will best give them the advantages and training they need to fulfill their mission on Earth."

After a year in the Yucatan, Chiapas, Oxaca and Guatemala, I was deployed to Mount Shasta where I received the book “Secret Places of the Lion.”

From Chapter 1 titled: ”PREPARATION”

“The lion also represents one of the Four Comers of Creation.” zolTRON: So how appropriate that the pilgrimage commenced in the FOUR CORNERS REGION of the American Southwest.

The following is by T. H. WATKINS, editor of Wilderness magazine, and the author of numerous books, including "Stone Time: Southern Utah, a Portrait and a Meditation." This essay appears in the September 1996 National Geographic: "Near the point at which U.S. 160 crosses the San Juan River there is a sign that will direct you a quarter mile or so to an official monument. It is a large slab of concrete on the top of which are implanted the official seals of four states: Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona. The monument marks the point at which the corners of the four states intersect. This is the Four Corners. In the desert its likely to occur to you that our daily lives in the cities are full of seeing, hearing, and worrying over a great many things that are of no consequence whatever. To the comfort of solitude add pure joy in the existence of incomparable beauty, for this landscape is an ancient geologic battlefield scarred by the wounds of time and littered with the detritus of unimaginable violence. Successive waves of sedimentation have given it multicolored plateaus and mesas of sandstones and limestones and shales. Mountain building has given it the San Juans of Colorado. Volcanism blew the tops off the San Francisco peaks in Arizona. In Utah, bubbles of magma forced the land above them to blister into huge laccoliths like the Abajo Mountains and the great mound of Navajo Mountain. Diatremes, gas-charged eruptions of magma, left towering volcanic remnants like Ship Rock in northwest New Mexico."

"The final touches in shaping all this tumbling-down and shoving-up country have been the work of weather and erosion wind-driven sand to help mold the rocks into unearthly forms, temperature fluctuations so great they fracture exposed stone, peeling slabs from it like ice calving off a glacier, and the rivers, always the rivers in this arid land, doing their eternal work of carrying the land to the sea, bit by bit. They have carved some of the most impressive canyon systems to be found anywhere on the planet: Dark Canyon, Marble Canyon, Grand Canyon, and many, many more, their names like starred entries in time’s encyclopedia of immutable change."

"A place of earthly trauma, then, where the forces of time have created scenes that inspire awe and get people to musing about the pitiful insignificance of their own lives. The higher we climbed up the bed of the creek that had made the place, the more narrow the canyon became, red rock walls closing in on both sides, opening up every now and then into elegant little alcoves of beautifully sculptured stone swirled with maroon and ivory bands, the creek’s white banks as smooth and unmarked as a beach at dawn, ferns clustered in dark wet corners, trickles of water and bright green swatches of moss oozing down the rock faces. Then we neared the top of the canyon and entered a thick grove of maple. It was late fall, and the leaves had turned. They fluttered and tossed in the breeze. The color of each leaf was unlike anything I had ever seen before, a thin, nearly translucent purple, and there seemed to be millions of them swarming about our heads and shoulders like a flock of lavender butterflies. I found myself raising my arms and turning in a circle, laughing in simple pleasure at so much unexpected beauty."

"Pilgrims to the Four Corners seek solitude here because they can find it in few other places, certainly not in cities that have grown crowded and worry-ridden, and finding that isolation can, they hope, help them discover themselves. They seek to know something of the earth’s past, and find it written in the rocks. People have not been content merely to experience the Four Corners, of course. But giving the land names, putting a ruler to its dimensions, pocketing it with towns, plugging its waters with dams, and lacing it with highways does not make it ours, nor does it give us the wit to comprehend its truest meaning. The Navajo, whose huge reservation encompasses nearly a quarter of the Four Corners country, have their own way of measuring. It may not be ostensibly as precise as our own way, but it probably cuts closer to the essence of the land’s magic. If a Navajo stands at the center of his heart’s homeland, he looks to the La Plata Mountains in southwestern Colorado, to Blanca Peak in the Sangré de Cristo Mountains, to Mount Taylor in western New Mexico, and to the San Francisco peaks in northern Arizona. To the Navajo’s way of thinking, these are not just geographic points pinning down the four corners of the place where he happens to live, they are the bounds within which lie the ancient spiritual traditions of his people. In the Navajo cosmology, the landscape here is numinous with meaning and power, and when a person lives in harmony with the land and its spirit, he is said to be walking in beauty."

"The Navajo, like other Native American people who know this country—the Hopi, the Ute, the Paiute, the Apache, the Zuni, and others—have been making a living here for a long time, and many retain that combination of love, respect, and fear that enables them to accommodate their human needs to the wilder needs of the land itself. You can get a sense of how the traditional Indian people have invested the land with a mute power when you take U.S. Highway 666 north from Gallup, New Mexico. Turn left at Indian Route 13 in the northeastern corner of the Navajo Reservation, drive five miles west, then park your car at the head of a little dirt track that intersects the highway. Walk a mile or so along the track under the high, narrow fin of stone leading to Ship Rock, whose sculptured mass rises 1,800 feet (550 meters) from the surrounding plain like a schooner under full sail. Stand there, listen to the wind sweeping across the flat land, look up the face of that extraordinary thrust of eroded and fractured volcanic rock, let the simple strength of the thing seep into your bones, think of the elemental forces that drove it through the earth’s crust into the waiting empty sky, and feel then something of the fundament out of which the earth was made."

"Then, for a sense of where the proper human place might be in the context of such unspeakable power, have a Navajo guide take you into the green-bottomed declivity of Arizona's Canyon de Chelly National Monument, following the twists of its three main canyons along the banks of its spring-fed creeks, the slickrock walls painted with desert varnish and sweeping a thousand feet (305 meters) straight up from the canyon floors on both sides. Here at the bottom are cottonwoods and sage, desert willow and bushy Mormon tea, all coexisting with neat summer fields of beans, squash, and corn, crops that have been cultivated here by the Navajo for generations."

"Near the fields are modern-day hogans, smoke curling up from the center of their squat, round architectures, and tucked into many of the walls above are the surviving stone ruins of those who came before the Navajo, the Anasazi, the ancient enemies, who lived here for their own measure of generations before moving on seven or eight hundred years ago, reasons still uncertain. The organic strength of Ship Rock and the continuing symbiosis of Canyon de Chelly, like the character of similarly talismanic places in the Four Corners country, remind us that we have forgotten too much of what all people once knew of how to walk in beauty. The most important truth to be found in this landscape, then, is that earth’s power and human understanding once built a long history together; maybe if we bring a willingness to embrace what the land has to teach us of limits and possibilities, it can be rediscovered in our own lives, here in a place where earth meets sky in the long dream of life."

National Geographic Society’s Note: This report is of the heart as well as the mind.
_______________________________________________________________________________________ SECRET PLACES OF THE LION *2: “When did the ‘lion’ begin to lurk in the secret places of earth?' To answer this question we must go a long time ago, so remote in this planet's history that it staggers the human mind. The earliest records gave the arrival of RADIANT BEINGS FROM HEAVEN, who were spiritual creatures and inhabitants of more majestic and enlightened worlds, but man’s ignorance caused him to deify such visitors as coming from the dark red star planet of sorrow and cataclysm.” zolTRON: It was sorrowfu, but NO LONGER! This NEW MILLENNIUM changes all of that. This is why this Pilgrimage of Light had to take place and why so many others are also doing tremendously wonderful works for the Planet.

SECRET PLACES OF THE LION *2: "Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods . . . Thoth, Scribe of the Gods . . . Apollo, God of Light ... and all the other super-beings adored and deified were early-mentors to the people of earth. Later, they became the culture heroes of Lemuria and Atlantis. If Man could only remember the great truth they had brought from out of the void!”

CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE Towards Chapter 5 _______________________________________________________________________________________ "This Earth you stand on is your mother, whether you are red, white, black, brown, yellow, or blue. we must unite and help one another save our precious mother, for without Mother Earth to take care of and protect us we are a dead race."
- Statement from the Navajo nation Historic Preservation Dept.
(delivered to the 1990 Spirit of Place Symposium)

"We can make a difference, we are powerful, we are masters, we are the ones we have been waiting for."
- Hopi Indians

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