SECRET PLACES OF THE LION *2: “Later these beings incarnated, appeared, and lived as men among men.”

Pleiadean Dove Earth Ambassadors: And this is how we found the Tablets ... we remembered! ... We planted them and incarnated later as people destined to find them again to complete our work that we began then!

SECRET PLACES OF THE LION *2: “Many thousands of years ago in the eastern section of the Motherland Lemuria, in a land known as Telos, the first trade-ships arrived from the planet Hesperus (Venus). This land is now in the Grand Canyon of Arizona.”

Pleiadean Dove Earth Ambassadors: We have some special news about Telos. It is related spiritually, synonymously with that also known as Tula, Altai, Tulum, and likewise - Taos! LauRA Lee pointed this out on her radio show with an interview with William Henry, “Oh I see, so there are many sites around the world that have the name association of Tula and they are all interchangeable. {Telos-Tula-Taos}."

William Henry, has some amazing things to say in regard to this: On his web site, William says this: "In his book The Keys of Enoch, Dr. J.J. Hurtak relates this docking station to the legends of Tula and the Christian New Jerusalem. On page 315 of his book he displays a map showing the locations of the former 'regions of Altai' (Altai and Tula are interchangeable). Included on this map are the Great Pyramids of Giza, the former alleged location of Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean, a mysterious site in Mongolia and the area of Rennes-le-Chateau, France. Dr. Hurtak tells us that not one, but two, new docking stations are due to be created. One in the southeastern portion of the United States. The other in the Four Corners area of the United States."

"When it is realized that most metaphysical researchers, following the lead of Ignatius Donnelly's groundbreaking work Atlantis: The Antediluvian World, believe that Atlantis was the true Garden of Eden of the human race. All creation myths and the original Earthly religion and science are remnants of the Atlantean original, according to proponents of this remarkable theory. Significant to us is the notion that if Atlantis was the home of the original divine couple, this would link it in myth with Mt. Ida, the original Garden of Eden and source of wisdom. Indeed, the Mayans called their source of wisdom Tula, which is the sacred name for Aztlan, Atlan or Atlantis."

"With what we now know about the power of Quartz crystal's information storage capability in our own world, let us now reconsider the Tibetan terma legend of the original divine couple who preserved secrets in rocks in a hidden paradise. Are these myths the Tibetan version of the Atlantis story, and dim recollections of an advanced ancient Quartz crystal based civilization? Did the ancestors of the Tibetans lose their advanced technology in a sudden cataclysm? Were there survivors who preserved samples of their technology and teachings who settled in Asia and elsewhere as is widely proposed? Did they create a Hall of Records in a massive Quartz crystal deposit knowing they would one day return to reclaim this repository?"

Pleiadean Dove Earth Ambassadors, [R&M]: What William Henry just revealed above is significant. A complete study of his web site is most fruitful. We look forward to many fine discoveries from his work. On another line, we have been told by the elders of many traditions that there exists a tunnel beneath a mountain here called Three Peaks, that goes all the way underground to Tibet. And when one breaks ground at the other end, one greets another mountain mysteriously called Three Peaks, by the locals. This involves Secrets of SubterRAnean Cities!

Our experience with the charming subterranean couple, Princess Sharula and Shield Dux began after our deployment from Hawaii to Santa Fe. A mutual subscriber to our work and theirs began insisting that we contact them upon our arrival in Santa Fe. We did make contact and exchanged some information that we each placed in each other's publications and had many interesting conversations with Sir Shield Dux. The Princess was in isolation. A year or so after our first encounters, another mutual friend insisted that we contact the Princess for inspiRAtional purposes. The Princess was still not taking callers or giving audience to anyone but close family. Even our Ambassadorial status did not appear to open this door. Our mutual friend confided to us that the Princess was having a hard time adapting to surface world energy and earthlings, due to their rather coarser natures. We could understand that very well, having suffered a great many betrayals, crucifixions, etc., ourselves. The mutual friend thought we could cheer the Princess up and inspire her.

We received a commission to relocate the Earth base in Taos, deeper in the Sangre de Cristo mountain range, and so left behind our mutual Santa Fe connection, without any contact! After a year in Taos, another very close mutual friend, our dearest Ashtar-Athena SheRAn came to stay at the Taos Ashram for 2 weeks for Christmas 1998. Shield Dux and entourage came from their Base in Santa Fe to take Ashtar-Atehena to stay with them for a few months beferore she left for India. Plans are now underway to perform work with the Telosian Royal Family during our work in the 4 Corners Region. For the energies bathing the Earth now from the stars must be in proper synchronization with the Inner Earth.

We are happy here to offer some teachings provided by the Princess, that originate from her Queendom in Telos:

“Christmas means many things to many cultures. So it would hold true that how it is observed and celebrated in the subterranean cultures would be quite different from those who embrace the Christian ritual on the surface. In fact, Christmas itself, on the blessed day of December 25th, is not wholly observed by the people of Agarthean cultures. Instead it is Winter Solstice that is heralded as the celebration of the year, but even this needs further explanation. First it's probably a good idea to bring up some linguistics, some history, as well as acknowledging planetary energy patterns that will help us make sense of the whole magnificent collage of the Christ Season both for surface cultures and subterranean alike. According to Christian mythology, in the western world we celebrate Christmas because it is the birth of Jesus Christ. The Greek language is a root language for Western Civilizations, in Greek Jesus Christ, or Jesu Cristo, translated means I will be powerful when I am anointed with the light. So Christ means anointed with the light. If we linguistically observe the word Christmas, we can break it down to its energetic significance, ie ... the Mass of Christ. Which also means to celebrate or observe through ritual the arrival of the Christ energies for the planet. In other words we are celebrating Christmas because the light of Christ has returned again to bathe the planet in glorious uplifting energy.”

“Let's also observe the dates, because there we will find some interesting historical bits of fact that have helped us shape our observance of Christmas. In Telos they observe the Christ energies arriving on the planet on Solstice, not the day surface folk observe, which is Christmas Day. Solstice Day, December 21st, is the shortest day of the year because of the Sun's position in the Heaven's. The very next day, that being the 22nd, the Sun begins it's long and gentle joumey northward. The Sun's direction change heralds the return of lifeforce to the northern hemisphere, and the yearly event ensures that after the Autumn when things have completed fruition, another cycle will begin again. And even though we mistakenly refer to our winter months sometimes as "the dead of winter", they actually are teeming with lifeforce from the recent dispensation of life energies that arrived on Solstice Day."

"Also using that planetary shift are the christic light patterns. Light rays from the Office-Of-The-Christ ride the waves of energy into the planet and humanity on that day. The new life force for the planetary cycle and the christic light rays are felt by us as being one and the same. So if this is the case, you are probably wondering why we celebrate Christmas on December 25th, instead of December 2 Ist. First of all, when the early Christians established the Julian Calendar and later the Gregorian Calendar, due to the fear of paganism the western world lost the significance of the planetary ebbs and tides. Awareness of both the Solstice's and Equinox's really didn't seem to matter anymore. Secondly, the fallacy of Jesus of Nazareth being our only Christ was established, this included the fact that the church misled us concerning his birth date. As most of you already know, or perhaps are now learning, there have been many many planetary christs. It is the office of the Christ that remains constant. Each astrological age, which lasts approximately 2000 years, mankind experiences the physical birth of a soul that holds the office of the Christ. Babaji, Krishna, Buddha, Osiris, and Horus are but a few. Our Jesus of Nazareth is only the most recent, and main World Teacher for the Piscean Age.
Here's the twist! Jesus Christ was actually born in mid summer, not December 25th. How do we know this? The astrological alignments of certain planets and stars recorded when he was born ascertain the time of his birth to be mid summer. Remember, they called him "The Lion of Judah", signifying that he was born in the sign of Leo, the sign of the Lion. So where on earth did we come up with December 25th? Would it surprise you to know that in ancient Egypt during a previous astrological age, a Christ was born named Horus. It was Horus who had been born on the birth date of December 25th. And guess what ... in the years that followed, the Egyptians celebrated the birth of their Christ by decorating christmas trees and giving each other gifts. There is no doubt that we reached into our collective conscious and remembered the birth of a previous Christ while honoring Jesus on that auspicious date. As mentioned earlier it is Solstice that the Agarthean cultures observe as the blessed day the christic forcefield envelopes humanity. And thanks to the rotation of planet Earth and our Sun, a chance to celebrate twice. As you will recall, when the northern hemisphere is experiencing winter, the southern hemisphere is having its' summer, and vice versa as the seasons change. The main Solstice celebrations are held in the Atlantean city of Poised under the Matto Grasso of South America for Summer Solstice, and the Lemurian city of Telos under Mt Shasta in North America for Winter Solstice. Each goes all out in celebration and reverence as it is their most sacred time of year."

We were ever aware during the pilgrimage of the presence of our beloved Sananda, Commander of the Mother Dove Ship. We quote from HIMALAYAN STAR CONCLAVES here about Sananda. The HIMALAYAN STAR CONCLAVES were a series of proceedings between the Spiritual Hierarchy for this planet and members of the Inter-Galactic Confederation of Light that had us record the proceedings for the benefit of earthlings, lightworkers and starseeds deployed to Earth with Missions from the Stars. It was recorded and released to the world in 1990 to commence the decade. The Ambassadors, Moi-RA and RA-Ja Dove spent an entire year in the Kingdom of the Himalayas from India, especially Kashmir and Darjeeling, to Nepal, especially Katmandu and PokhaRA, to Tibet, especially old Ladakh. The following is from Chapter 4:
Image above from book: ALIENS IN THE BIBLE: A biblical perspective of supernatural entities. Author: John W. Milor


We shall now introduce to YOU the first member of the SPIRITUAL HIERARCHY of the Earth to come through in the body of these PROCEEDINGS, to speak with YOU concerning all that has been given, and what the SPIRITUAL HIERARCHY wishes to officially say about these things and WHY they have consented to take part in these STAR CONCLAVES. It is my sincere pleasure to introduce to YOU all, the ASCENDED MASTER KUTHUMI LAL SING.


Greeting and Blessings to YOU ALL from the INNER COUNCIL CHAMBERS of the GREAT WHITE LODGE, Darjeeling, India! I have come to the HIGH COUNCIL this day, from my personal retreat and Ashram in Shigate, India, to be with my brothers and sisters as we scan these STAR CONCLAVES. We have watched the proceedings from our MAGIC MIRROR, which has been upgraded these days and now hosts a MULTI-COLORED CINEMATIC SCREEN. We have watched with great pleasure! We know that now is our time to come forth and project our initial concerns. I am honored that I have been chosen to be the first from our ranks to engage YOU.

“The TRUTH is, the CHRIST ENERGY sparked the flame to call these STAR CONCLAVES and the first place in which they were to be held, was the ancient PROMISED LAND of the Hebrews with whom the CHRIST of the PISCEAN AGE manifested and lived. Why have we all been taken 'to this land called KASHMIR? My beloved friends, it is now that I must make my first official pronouncement upon a subject that WILL TURN THE WORLD AROUND! YOU have all been summoned here to witness the final burial place of that person whom we all lovingly know as JESUS THE CHRIST!

Yes, I know this will be a most shocking statement! For most of the followers of JESUS have been taught by the CHURCH all their lives that JESUS died on the Cross, was resurrected and ascended to Heaven. I tell you, in TOTAL TRUTH, that LORD JESUS is buried in Kashmir and that the MISSION was taken here to witness this burial place and report all of this to YOU in these STAR CONCLAVES. I can tell YOU what this truth will do for YOU, my BELOVEDS, it will set you free from the past deceits! YOU WILL, for the very first time, from the proceedings henceforth, discover the WHOLE and HOLY TRUTH about the man Jesus, and the SPIRIT, which is CHRIST! Then YOU WILL be free to bury Jesus and your false memories of him which you were made to believe, where he was truly buried. From that point, YOU WILL be FREE to know the rest of the TRUTH about the CHRIST TODAY. Armed solely with the TRUTH, you will hence be free to assist in the co-creation of a world based on LOVE, PEACE, and TRUTH. YOU WILL be FREE to instruct the lesser mature SOULS in the TRUE workings of LOVE and YOU WILL become a well-informed worker in the fields of the LORD. The TRUTH has been prepared for YOU. The COMFORTER who was to come to reveal all things, has come. As you have learned, it is through this COMFORTER, the DOVE, that these HOLY PROCEEDINGS have come to you. The truth has been prepared for you, WE only ask that you set us a table in your INNER HOUSE, allowing us to share the truth with you. WE ask for neither blind faith nor dogmatic allegiance. Allow your INNER BEING to take in that which we give, MEDITATE, PRAY, your Soul will know the truth!

We now call for the ELDER STAR SHEPHERDS of the MISSION to step forth and produce that which they experienced in Kashmir that will take us to the final burial place of our/your beloved JESUS THE CHRIST.


Blessings to all! When we began the HOLY PILGRIMAGE to the sacred Himalayas, per the bidding of the DOVE and the SPACE CONFEDERATION we headed for Darjeeling, India. We thought for certain that this was where our INNER DOVES were directing us. After all, this is the sacred headquarters in the Himalayas where the Ascended Masters of the Great White Lodge assemble and where some of them live in physical bodies. We knew SHAMBHALLA was in the HIMALAYAS, from the Gobi desert to the Himalayan range, and that this was the ETHERIC HEADQUARTERS of the SPIRITUAL HIERARCHY.


T H E T R U T H A B 0 U T J E S U S


TRULY, if one wishes to know the TRUTH ABOUT THE LIFE OF JESUS, one first need establish the proper foundation from which to do so. A study of the facts in the historicity of Jesus do prove beyond all doubt that he did, indeed, live in INDIA!

Without having this FIRM FOUNDATION of facts before them, it would be most impossible for anyone raised in the Christian Faith to accept the THOUGHT that JESUS had lived in INDIA.

"It is hard indeed to divert the current of almost 2000 years of deeply-rooted tradition. Nevertheless, just because a story has been told for two thousand years, it need not necessarily be the true or complete account of those ancient facts."
- Holger Kersten, "JESUS LIVED IN INDIA"

The firm fact that there have always been JEWISH TRIBES EAST of IS-RA-EL, will be the first building block from which we will present our SURE FOUNDATION from which to conclusively examine and prove that JESUS did live in INDIA - Kashmir, most especially, and that the final resting place for His physical body is in Srinagar, Kashmir, INDIA. India has for long, been a special location for certain JEWISH TRIBES. Earlier in the STAR CONCLAVES we gave special words which portrayed that KASHMIRIS and HEBREWS were related. To widen our context, let us produce some background in-FORM-ation as regards the HEBREWS, the RACE to which JESUS was born.


The FATHER of the HEBREWS, ABRAHAM, was COMMANDED by his God, YHWH, in GENESIS 12:1 as thus: "Get thee out of thy Country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father's house, unto a land that I will show thee." The land that ABRAHAM originally dwelled in was shown by Mme. Blavatsky to be in INDIA. In the SECRET DOCTRINE she shows that the first SEMITIC languages derive from early corruptions of the ancient SANSKRIT. Not only that, but the HEBREWS themselves were descendants of the Chandalas, ancient Indians who did not wish to participate in any of the CASTES.


JESUS has all-ways been known to us as, SANANDA. He is now affectionately called JESUS/SANANDA and it is HE who is the SUPREME COMMANDER and CHIEF of the UNITED SPACE COMMANDS. So in a sense, my dear brothers and sisters of the Earth, and kindred STAR SOULS, it feels a bit awkward for us to be talking about JESUS posthumously, when He is our SUPREME COMMANDER. But then again, JESUS of BETHLEHEM was the physical Earth body that SANANDA took birth in, and was for all intent and purposes, that body, as HUMAN BODIES are but a reflection of the GREATER SPIRIT that occupies them. SANANDA is so powerful an AVATAR himself that the personality of LORD JESUS of BETHLEHEM became one of the greatest MASTERS ever known to walk the face of the Earth. Yet, he did not ASCEND. The PHYSICAL BODY of JESUS of BETHLEHEM expired as did all HUMAN BODIES in those PISCEAN DAYS. Then the SPIRIT OF SANANDA who had been JESUS soared to its STAR BODY of LIGHT and returned here with us to resume his post TOTALLY MERGED as SUPREME COMMANDER of the UNITED SPACE COMMANDS.

So perhaps this is why this ONE BEING has COMMANDED so much ATTENTION simply by His PRESENCE. Due to the COSMIC PRINCIPLE OF TULKU, this ONE ENTITY, at ONE TIME often and easily eased in and out of three of the most POWERFUL FORCES known in History:


From page 193, CHAPTER: J E S U S A T T E N D S V E N U S I A N S T A R C 0 N C L A V E


We will now introduce FAZAR, a Pleaidean who is currently working with the DOVE on restoring the Vortex grids on the Planet. His work in the past, during the time of Jesus, was aboard the lead starship of the Jerusalem Star Command. He was the Vice Regent in charge of the TULKU operation. He is most capable to divulge that which is next on our roster.


It is my supreme pleasure to have this opportunity to share with you vital facts that will help to further your understanding. After Jesus revealed to all His followers, in person, that He had survived the crucifixion by showing them the wounds which still bled, by eating with them and expressly declaring that He was not a resurrected spirit, but still had a human body like them and feeling sure all were assured of it, it came time for Him to leave them for a high level conclave with the Jerusalem Star Commands. This meeting was to take place on Venus where a special Star Conclave would be held with the Planetary Spiritual Hierarchy and other Command Fleets within the Confederation.

And he led them out as far as to Bethany
and he lifted up his hands and blessed them,
and he was then carried up to heaven.
And they worshipped him,
and returned to Jerusalem with great joy.
- LUKE 24, 50-52

How was He carried up to heaven? By the same type of flaming chariot the Prophet Ezekiel used to talk about! Resurrected, ascended or spirit beings do not need to be carried up, they can transport themselves through the ethers!

For this purpose was Jesus summoned to Venus over 2,000 years ago. He had to receive high level commands as regards the latest developments of those who walked the Earth still affected by the evil brain control forces of the dark lords. There would be a special region where the New Jerusalem would commence.

Our main concern at this time is to see that the dark lords are not allowed to consummate any further activities which will be responsible for the slippage of the nations of this world to lose the great foothold which they have gained through their efforts of drawing the Light to them. Now, we are you, and you are us. We are here to help

I should like to close my little discourse with you by telling each and everyone, that a great deal of Love is also now filling your Earth and your own inner beness. Look up look within - feel it - share it. Many great beings have lent their hand in the accomplishment of the building of the New Heaven and the New Earth. You will succeed. My Love is with You. Anytime you need me or my energy, just call on me. I AM YOU! OM SHANTI!

NOTE: The HIMALAYAN STAR CONCLAVES includes many Chapters on the life of Jesus and his role in the Spiritual Affairs of Planet Earth from his position as Leader of the Star People. See Introduction to Himalayan Star Conclaves by esteemed author Brad Steiger, and with a Testimonial issued by founder of the Mt. Shasta Wesak celebrations, Dr. Joshua David Stone, at: . You may order your personal copy here:

We have a special bonus now, as we in the Halls of the interplanetary ChaMBERS On uRAnus will be transported to yet another gathering. Relax and enjoy now as we all take a trip with the Princess of Telos:
Princess Sharula on her Queendom in Telos:
“Now let us go down to Telos and join the Winter Solstice party under way. Days before, excited visitors from Posid and other cities arrive in anticipation of joining in the Holiday atmosphere. Preparations have been under way at the Temple for months now as talented temple dancers and musicians have been rehearsing and honing their skills. The event to come is both high sacred ceremony and joyous celebration for a full twenty four hours. The hub of activities will take place at the main Temple, a huge pyramid at the heart of the cultural center of the City. Within it's walls are classrooms, quarters for resident Melchizedek Priest and Priestesses and Initiates alike. Also within is the Great Hall which seats 10,000 people the central and primary ceremonies will take place.

We are arranging ceremonies like the Great Princess just described for us at places such as Sedona, Chaco Canyon, Mesa Verde, Zion Canyon  . . . "In attendance is the family of the RA MU and RANA MU (an ascended, twin flame couple of royal Lemurian lineage), the members and families of the high council of twelve, visiting Agarthean and Confederation dignitaries, and the resident priest/priestesshood and initiates. The remaining 9,000 odd seats are given away by lottery to the citizens of Telos. No one is left out however. Huge, magnificent three-dimensional screens are erected in auxiliary temples throughout the many precincts of the City where the rest of Telos' population converges. Activities and ceremony in the Temple begins at 6:00 pm on the eve of the 21st and continues until just after dawn. Three times during the course of the night high ceremony takes place.

At six in the evening, twelve midnight, and finally six in the morning. Ceremony is led personally by both Adama and Terra Ra, the High Priest and High Priestess of the Telosian Temple. The primary focus of the ceremonies being the welcoming, receiving, and anchoring of the new wave of christ energies. Just before midnight a magical happening takes place." zolTRON: We are so happy that the Princess brought back in our memories, the way these ceremonies were held. For this is the way the Externalizing Hierarchy wants Aquarian Ceremonies to be! The WORLD ILLUMINATION DAYS . We will have ceremonies just like the one the Princes just described. There will be many High Priests and High Priestesses, the Princess herself has been invited, and with your prayers, may come! Her soon to be crowned Prince, Shield Dux, and their entourage are the first subterranean royalty invited. They will take their place alongside royalty and dignitaries, heads of states, and worlds, during this Grand Celebration!.

Princess Sharula of Telos:
"The lights in the Temple are extinguished and all present hold unlit candles and are wearing black capes to further darken the Great Hall. Into the darkness of the Temple comes a magnificent candlelight procession of one hundred individuals, all wearing white gowns and led by the RA MU and RANA MU. As the procession winds its' way through the Temple, one by one, 10,000 candles are lit and the entire hall is ablaze with glorious candlelight. Everyone drops their black capes to reveal white garments underneath and as midnight strikes, all lift their voices in welcoming song to the arriving Christ energies. In all the precinct temples the same candlelight procession is occurring, and the whole city is soon singing to the top of its rafters."

"In between the three main ceremonies, every hour on the hour a prayer for the planet is given. These will be of varying themes, such as "for all the hungry children in the world", or "for all the animals of the earth", or "for the healing of pollution" etc. These interval prayers are led by a male/female couple of the Temple, and the whole City internalizes the prayer and makes their own plea to their God within for the deliverance of the prayer. It is to say none the least ... extraordinarily powerful and deeply moving. In the duration of time between hourly prayers, choirs of angelic voices fill the air, magnificent temple dancers perform sacred dances, and highly trained musicians carry the sweet and sublime holy energy through the night. In the morning everyone returns to their own home and has a magnificent breakfast fit for a king. Much as we on the surface experience Christmas morning breakfast. The one difference being that both food and clothing during this twenty-four hour period have a theme ... white! (White is the one color that is receptive to the whole color spectrum, which is especially useful if you are anchoring new energies.) A large platform stage erected in the heart of the City becomes the focal point of events. And throughout the day, passion plays, musical dramas, individual talent, musical groups and more entertain all present. Come evening a fabulous feast is had by all, then musical groups again perform and the entire City literally dances in the streets for hours. At last, Telos sleeps, no doubt already dreaming of next year."

Princess Sharula and Shield Dux may be reached by writing:
369 Montezuma Ave. #221
Santa Fe, NM 87501-2626

“A prominent student of the mysteries, and historian of Mu, was exploring remote areas of the back country where observers reported they had seen great Ships of Light come down out of heaven in the night. The masters and teachers of the people were excited beyond belief and the great monolithic cities of ancient Mu were in utter confusion and the population was jubilant - they were rejoicing, for at last the ‘gods had come to dwell among mortals.’ This has been prophesied by sages for generations - and at last it had come to pass.”

“The prominent student was known as Lady of the Sun and had been commissioned by the ruling prince to locate visitors and welcome them to the land of the children of men.”
Now for the very first time it can be revealed publicly without concern of reprisal! This New Millennium Year 2000 has brought us the full authority of the Inter-Galactic Councils that we can soundly reveal the fact that the Lady of the Sun was Moi-RA in a past lifetime! The Star Shepherds (Moi-RA and RA-Ja) have known this since they commenced the Mission on Earth in 1984. Under constraint of the Inter-Galactic Assizes, they have been secretly doing work with this understanding - and told a few Initiated souls during Workshops - but the level of Inter-Planetary work now has progressed to such a state that this information can now be revealed publicly! They are joyous! It frees them!
It gives all of us in the DOVE STAR FLEET such great pleasure because all of us were only secretly able to do our Inter-Planetary Ambassadorial Functions incognito. Now this imposition can be released, which will liberate many others. “Free them to go forth and do their work.” The reason why this is so will be revealed in our story as we continue! The same decree that gave this freedom also mandates that our ships in the skies above will be seen by more and more earthlings!

We may also relate that we know who the ruling Prince is, in this lifetime He will be making this Chaco Canyon Grand Planetary Alignment Pilgrimage with us.  There are many other souls that the Ground Crew has worked with over the years whose identities are revealed in the Appendix listed in SECRET PLACES OF THE LION *2!

SECRET PLACES OF THE LION *2:“ The first thing discovered in the wilderness by the historian were strange footprints in the sand, not unlike those made by the Venusian who walked in the sand near Desert Center, California, on November 20, 1952. (See book: Flying Saucers Have Landed, by Dr. GH Williamson).

EARTH AMBASSADOR DOVES’ REPLY [R]: How significant that during this pilgrimage we reunited with a long-time UFO researcher and lecturer, Wayne Aho, and his lovely wife, Lee. Reunited is keynote here as this was symbolic of the re-uniting of our work in Lemuria ... for we not only re-united with souls from this famous 1950s event, but also our own work in Lemuria as this book described. While in Reno, we also reunited at MiguEL's Mexican Restaurant. Our good friend MiguEL was no longer there, having left the Earth a few years back for more heavenly realms. But a great time we had looking at all the UFO memorabilia on the walls of the restaurant. It brought back fond memories of our deployment in this area during the mid 1980s.

Since his unique and mind-boggling Mojave Desert experience, Wayne Aho has given thousands of lectures from Helsinki, Finland to Hawaii and has been interviewed on hundreds of Radio and Television Programs. Since 1964, he is the Founder and President of the New Age Foundation, which has hosted thirty eight Annual Space Age Conventions. Wayne continues to add to his many lifetime accomplishments since retiring from Army Intelligence Service as a Major. Presently he is lobbying the U.S. Government for a Department of Peace, originally proposed by the first President of the United States, George Washington. Wayne, and his charming wife Lee, join millions with their affirmation that this will expand into a Global Concept as we enter The New Millennium.

Major Aho was the former Director of the Washington Saucer Intelligence Group, Washington, DC, during the 1950s! His Mission then, as a retired U.S. Army Combat Intelligence Officer, was to "educate and alert Congress and officialdom in general to the true significance of Space Visitors!" Major Aho was the first UFO Peace Lobbyist to appear on the Washington scene. Being with Wayne and Lee was like a visit to my old house. My father was a retired Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. Navy, and winner of the Purple Heart, which Wayne confided to me that he also won! Wayne's approach and understanding of UFOs was far greater than my dad's however!

Wayne has a message that he would like to communicate:

"The general term We are the Aliens has a meaning , when understood in greater scope will lead to a broadened understanding of the Universe, we are an inseparable part of, as well as of LIFE itself. We truly need to know who we are and where we came from. I speak as one of the veterans, with actual memory and having communication ability, able to get answers.

"Congressman John Kasich of Ohio, stated last year: "WE need a raise of consciousness on the Earth" I second that statement. It is the critical need NOW!. Many years ago , following a near all - night encounter on the Mojave Desert of California. I became the first American, to call personally on every Senator and Congressman in Washington, D.C., requesting hearings. This was followed by a request from the C.I.A.'s , General Truscott for a hearing and consultation lasting some two and one-half hours. It was serious, friendly, and extensive. Information conveyed was of utmost importance to the future of our civilization. Congress has not acted upon the requests of many, rather, took a detour, prompted by so-called Think Tanks, and the H.G. Wells, War of the Worlds fiction radio fiasco. This generated fear of panic, is no excuse for needed constructive guidance and work to save a civilization, or a remnant of it through the critical days ahead, as conveyed to mem on May ll, 1957. This is available in complete detail in the document, "The Mojave Desert Experience"by Wayne & Lee Aho.

I learned by experience, in presenting thousands of lectures, based on actual experience and communications, t.v. and radio interviews, the REALITY of evolved intelligence beyond Earth is unquestioned, the true problem is right here. Is there INTELLIGENCE on the Earth capable of comprehending and interpreting the more evolved life forms and evolved intelligence observed by us now, and through the ages ... "

"For example, many appear to have belief , only in what they can see, taste, touch or smell. strictly third dimensional. Still, we have all around us ,every day, evidence beyond that limited concept. To deny the countless recorded experiences of philosophers, prophets, messengers, in books, libraries, down through the ages and in our own generation is like closing the curtain on all knowledge. A recent book by a retired journalist, an admitted former atheist and skeptic, now changed by his experience "The Contact Has Begun" Phillip H. Krapf, Hay House Publishing , The Early Greeks were ahead of many here now, fighting with shields in interminable battles. observed the celestial craft in the skies, disc-shaped as even now, but not limited to one shape, called them "FLYING SHIELDS" OUR DESTINY , they declared, lies in THE STARS It was true then, and is True NOW!"

Wayne S, Aho
Proponent of A New Space Age Before Us
Knowledge is the Eternal Teacher - It Must be Shared

_______________________________________________________________________________________ EARTH AMBASSADOR DOVES’ REPLY [R]: Also during this time another great UFO Personality of the 50s began renewing our correspondence, emailing us to say he just activated 3 new web sites! His name is Gabriel Green and he once ran for President of the United Sates on the UFO Party Ticket! He has been our good friend for over a decade! He is President of one of the first Flying Saucer Clubs in America. We've always felt honored in his presence. Here is GABRIel BLOWING HIS HORN FOR US:


"GREETINGS EARTHLINGS, AND WELCOME to this site containing information from the Amalgamated Flying Saucer Clubs of America. For the last 50 years the Flying Saucer Movement has been working to bring greater understanding of the Flying Saucer subject and of the benevolent Space People's Plan for helping the people of Earth to resolve mankind's problems. Our hope is that this site will help us to "SPREAD THE WORD UNTIL EVERYONE HAS HEARD."

"As mankind is relieved of the pressures and stresses of economic survival and the destruction, misery and chaos of war from manifestation of the Space People's Plan to help us, Earth's people will have the leisure to grow spiritually and come to understand the wisdom of living by Universal Law. Then this will bring true World Peace and many wondrous blessings, as we join with our Space Brothers and Sisters in their travel amongst the stars."

"My Christmas wish for mankind, is that all of Earth's Agents of Light may soon come to better understand their Cosmic roles in helping to expand mankind's awareness. Working together with God's help, this will fulfill the Great Divine Plan to bring about the positive and constructive changes in our social, economic, and political systems within the next few years, that will at long last, establish God's Kingdom here on Earth! The Promised Time is almost at the door, so rejoice and HAVE A HAPPY NEW MILLENNIUM!"

CHRISTMAS BLESSINGS TO EVERYONE from Gabriel Green, Director; the Amalgamated Flying Saucer Clubs of America (AFSCA



SECRET PLACES OF THE LION *2: “The strange symbols in pictographic language told the story of the coming of the 'Star People' to earth.”

EARTH AMBASSADOR DOVES’ REPLY [R]: Now we come to another synchronization. In 1981 I first came across Brad Steiger’s book, THE STAR PEOPLE *4.  I now offer a passage from that book that tantalized me about this entire STAR PEOPLE mpvement, which at that time startled me!

The following is from an interview Brad was doing with his partner Francie, from the book, THE STAR PEOPLE *4, "There exist two helpers of humankind on Earth today,' Francie received during one of her channeling sessions. 'There are the Starseeds, those Earthlings whose genes carry the inherent characteristics of their extraterrestrial ancestors, together with their human forebears. And there are the Star Helpers, those Earthlings who have inherited the genes of human ancestors who interacted with the extraterrestrials in ancient times or who have evolutionized more quickly than other Earthlings."

THE STAR PEOPLE *4. is a remarkable book! Though many advancements have been accomplished since it's release date, (1981), we still consider it one of our early UFO Bibles and refer to it often. Especially significant is the STAR BIRTH QUESTIONNAIRE, which Brad and Francie used to facilitate their research. We later saw some of these files during a personal visit to the Steiger home in Scottsdale, Arizona, while interviewing Francie. The STAR BIRTH QUESTIONNAIRE has a reader's response form that allows people who think they may fall into one of the two categories, StarSeed or Star Helper, and in analyzing his or her own Star Person potential." Though the book is now out of print, we still have a small stock available and will respond to readers survey questions and offer activation rites should you discover you are a starseed.

At the date of the release of this book, (1981),I had not yet undergone my starseed awakening. I was still in a cocoon state, a hu-star hybrid larvae. Much of what was said in this book has just happened when I first read it in 1981. Yet I had an inherent feeling that it was all correct and that I was somehow connected to it in a mysterious way! Then, remarkably, within 3 years star codes had been upgraded within me during a pilgrimage to the jungles of the Yucatan, Oxaca and Guatemala. It was here that I had a full star-coded activation. I had my star seed awakening. Then I met my beloved Twin Flame, Moi-RA, who is also a starseed, and we commenced our Mission on Earth. One year later, it was our great pleasure to personally meet with Brad Steiger. Within a year after that experience, Brad was authoring materials we were expressing resulting from my starseed awakening and inter-planetary mission as given in the jungles of the Maya. It was a wonderful feeling. Brad published his first chapter about our mission in his book, THE FELLOWSHIP: SPIRITUAL CONTACT BETWEEN HUMANS AND OUTER SPACE BEINGS *5 {1988]. 

Over the decades we have met and worked with Brad Steiger extensively, and have the highest regard for this metaphysical super author! So we were further inspired when Brad related to us that his editor asked him to end the book with a positive message, and so he chose our work to complete the book in the final chapter, naming it, “A Power Beyond the Ordinary.” From it I now quote, "Moi-RA and RA-Ja Dove term themselves Aquarian Star Shepherds and consider their AQUARIAN PERSPECTIVES ... to be an interplanetary mission place. from their point of view, the key word of the Piscean Age was devotion, which focused on beliefs as an integral part of life. The key word of the Aquarian Age is know thyself, which emphasizes the realization of the godliness in each and every person. As with so many UFO contactees, the Star Shepherds are convinced that the Aquarian Age is heralding in a new religion. 'Even the word religion will not be used anymore', they stated, 'for the main crux of the matter will have a much deeper sense of reality. The person will evolve out of believing in something and into becoming that something. The person will know. The individual will know what the religions of the Ancient Ages have always tried to demonstrate: to be STILL and KNOW that YOU are GOD!

Then seven years later Brad published an aspect of the life story of my beloved mate, my dear pearl of the Orient, Moi-RA and how our being Twin Flames from other planets served our mission on Earth, in his charming book ANGELS OF LOVE *6 "I have known Moi-RA and RA-Ja Dove for many years now, and the all prevailing impression that I have always received from them is that of love. They speak freely of their guidance from otherworldly and multidimensional beings, and they seem completely dedicated to their avowed goal of peace, love, and light on Earth. One of the most common questions the Doves are asked is, 'How do you know when you meet your Twin Flame?' 'Once the soul has attained the Grand Union,' the Doves answer, 'it never forgets. It may take many lesser romances before the Grand Union takes place. But these lesser affairs are but karmic episodes on Love's Grand path. Every true romance, not infatuation or lust, is the tuning fork of the Twin Flames. There may be a dozen soul mates, but only one Twin Flame! When your Twin Flame enters your life, biological age matters not; neither race, color, creed, or cultural origin can keep the inevitable marriage from occurring."

SECRET PLACES OF THE LION *2: “The historian later interpreted this message to her people and it was known as the Great Interpretation of the Day the Stars Fell. The woman, who was the oldest and most revered historian, met the first space visitor to emerge from the craft.” This reference to “The woman, who was the oldest and most revered historian” can certainly resonate with anyone who has met Moi-RA. Here she is, with flowers on her hair!

“She learned he had been sent by the Elders of Hesperus to establish trade relations with the people of Mu ... to exchange ideas on science, art, literature, and universal truth. The Elders felt that the time had come when the people of earth were prepared for intense visitation from higher worlds. The earth people needed the wisdom and knowledge of their planetary neighbors - and they had proven their right to it by their way of life and their great love for the Infinite Father.”

“The first visitor's name was "Merk" (Marc, Marrk), and with his arrival the most advanced race on earth at the time began intercourse with the neighbor Hesperus.”

EARTH AMBASSADOR DOVES’ REPLY [R]: This is where we have to break off from the focus of our attention to the present day and this “Year 2000 New Millennium Light Pilgrimage” and revert to a time 15 years ago when the Aquarian Perspectives Inter-Planetary Mission was founded on planet Earth in this modern era. I appreciate this most esteemed Council's time and those of all our readers. Please bear with me as I attempt to explain further of our work on Earth, so that all may have a clear understanding of how a starseed awakes on Earth and sets about to perform their mission, for their are many of us on Earth at this time.

It was 1983-4 and I, RA-Ja was in the ancient land of the Mayas, the Yucatan, Chiapas, Oxaca, and Guatemala. After being given these intense revelations I just described which resulted in my first star seed awakening and DNA recoding. Star codes within my DNA began to sequence by a pre-determined signal. After accepting my official commission from the Inter-Galactic Councils, I was deployed to North America's Magical Mystery Mountain, Mount Shasta some 7,000 miles away. I made the pilgrimage in less than 20 days. I set foot upon the mountain for the next leg of my star seed awakening and further DNA recoding. I was directed from one Dr. George Hunt Williamson text to another, to set the keys for my awakening. After I had completed a meditation near the top of the mountain, I walked into the local New Age Bookstore (although now Mt. Shasta enjoys several local New Age bookstores) and lo and behold there is another book by Dr. Williamson, seemingly waiting for me, beckoning me!

The book is titled, “Secret Places of the Lion”! The exact book I am quoting from! This was my first exposure to it. I rush outside to read the book while sitting at a table in front of the store, not being able to contain my enthusiasm. I got to page 8, sitting on the edge of my seat in sub-zero weather overlooking Mt. Shasta. the book said, and I repeat it here, “The first visitor's name was Merk, (Marc, Marrk), and with his arrival the most advanced race on earth at the time began intercourse with the neighbor Hesperus.” The name on my birth certificate is Mark! So here they go tweaking my mind to its ultimate ... not only did they completely blow my terrestrial mind by telling me I had been a Pharaoh in Egypt ... that Egypt was keenly connected to Mexico ... that I had been a Space Visitor and worked with an Inter-Planetary team of Light Beings to assist planet Earth in many previous incarnations ... Now they are telling me, by inner telepathy that I was this Merk!

I thought, "Here we go again ... oh no! It must be the lower ego mind that is making me have these image references! Now how could I be this Merk ... me a lowly humanoid just awakening to all of this." Then, as usual, I get the inner message , "Oh ye of little faith ...” I went over the sentence again.. "The first visitor's name was "Merk", but I don't quite spell my name like that. So what did they do ... I look again and right there in the book it seemed to say, "OK look at this" ...and there it was ---- Marc, and yet another spelling of Marrk! Giving emphasis on the various spelling of Mark caused me to go deep within and realize that the Universe was giving me a totem, an identity to examine and adopt, or perhaps it adopted me! How Inter-Planetarily Bizarre!

I conceded that someone somewhere, even if just me, was trying to tell me that I may have been this first visitor to the Earth from the stars! Wow! What a distinction ... an honor! ... Now I had to somehow integrate that I was a hybrid alien ambassador, a stranger in a very strange land, and had a mission of vital concern to accomplish. It has been quite a career, and I can tell you that after 16 years ... I have come to realize that I AM a composite entity composed of many realities and this is one. It is an archetype energy that pulls me into the focus and I AM free to accept or reject it. When the Universe arranges itself to not only fit this mold, but process opportunity for it to occur, I cooperate with it in glee and appreciation. I have given myself the freedom to believe this and to use it as a metaphor, a symbol for an outright reality in my life, and it has made my life that much more interesting, more worthwhile. And even if this reality is a bit of a stretch for some to encompass, as a sovereign entity with the freewill and the intelligence to make up my own mind --- I AM THAT I AM!

UFO Researcher, TV Producer, Linda Moulton Howe, suggests, "There is a growing chorus of human voices who have largely been ignored, but who persist in trying to share vital information. The reader's challenge is to view the material with a curious, open-mind and ask: What is behind similar types of non-human beings, craft and technologies that interact with Earth's plants, animals and humans?

I too, had to question all current thought models. The Inter-Galactic Councils even named the Mission, Aquarian Perspectives, so they could channel an entire new reality for this New Age of Aquarius upon us.

After we graduate from the I believe stage we always go on to the I Know stage, and this is where I AM at today! I could relate to you all of the diplomatic benefits, honors, and degrees that I have received, but I will not. I will ask earthlings to take what is offered simply as a tool for awakening your very own soul and hope it offers courage to believe in the fantastic and the FUNtastic. On the planet Jupiter, I learned that the only reason to ever call attention to yourself , which is only another reflection of the absolute that we all are ... is when it serves to awaken someone to the glories and goodness of the universe! Om Shanti! So please understand that all that I ever write is for this purpose and never to call attention to myself . .. such is not my mission.

SECRET PLACES OF THE LION *2: "This lasted for a short period until evil priesthoods caused the almost total destruction of the Motherland and the greater part of her sank beneath the waves into the black depths.”

“The great historian spent much time with the visitors and accumulated many facts; facts which she organized into a set of records, preserved on the Lemurian 'imperishable metal' tablets - tablets of 'telonium."

EARTH AMBASSADOR DOVES’ REPLY [M&R]: These are the very same tablets that we recovered!

SECRET PLACES OF THE LION *2: “Many great truths were deduced from the careful and meditative study of these records, and the Light from other worlds in time and space made its way into the hearts and souls of the truth-seeking people of Mu.” ‘Merc’ and the ‘Sun Lady’ erected a memorial over the area where the first “Light Ships” had landed. It is still intact, although buried, and will be discovered in the years ahead.” The very first of our star tools to react was not the advanced ones, but the very primitive Crystal Skull we have taken with us to Egypt in the King's and Queen's Chambers as well as the Initiator's Pit ... there she was, we named her Rainbow Goldy” due to the rainbows and gold flecks one can see in her .... she began broadcasting images and messages .... Golden UFO Ships ... stone tablets and the message “You are near the lost tablets” ... stop here and do the ceremony ... I immediately swerved the JEEP ... I have learned when they say now ... they mean NOW!

Lo and behold the name of the spot where we stopped was: ANGEL'S LANDING! With just a little research we discovered that the legend has it that this ancient valley of mountains and canyons was so named because it was the first place that the people saw angels land in force and begin to upgrade DNA codes for humanity. No one knows when the legend began and whence it came from, but there it was, big as day wide as the sky. And there was the tablet, big as a 5 ton monolith and began transmitting telepathic memories and messages. As to what was on the tablets ... they are secrets of the universe, once given to the Earth via the Vedas and Hermetics. We are permitted to give them out to all who will swear allegiance to upholding the Light. They are a set of mystical teachings that we are making available in our Aquarian Mystery School

SECRET PLACES OF THE LION *2: “Finally, conditions due to storms, drastic terrain changes and intense cosmic ray bombardment caused the ruling prince to call in the mentors from Hesperus. He asked for their advice. They told him to gather together all of his people who understood and attempted to live Universal Truth and follow the Great Path. The true followers of the Infinite Spirit were to gather at the giant monument that memorialized the coming of the Venusians, and they were then to enter great space ships for the migration to Venus. Those of the " Left-Hand Path " were to stay on earth to meet the imminent disaster of their own making.”

“The land of Telos was a great trade center and the location of the most advanced scientific research amongst the Lemurians; for those of the Motherland had great slender craft that could go hundreds of miles out into space but they could not traverse the space between the worlds! Later, the memory of Telos was incorporated into the mythological Roman deity of the Earth, Tellus, goddess of fertility.”

“The wise ruling prince led his people out of the great cities, where men had now become animals, only seeking to destroy and pillage. He led them as he was to lead others millennia later in another lifetime from Egypt across the Red Sea into the Wilderness. He brought them out of the land of darkness into the great open land of the pristine wilderness where the monument stood, and he told them that he would give them a sign that would forever symbolize the fact that they had left earth and gone into the great ocean of space, for some day their descendants would return and a troubled world would recognize the meaning of the Tree and the Serpent!”

"Merk,’ his companions and survivors of the last days of Mu, mounted up from the earth like great eagles and the " Ships of Light " took them to a new world. Telos, as the eastern section of Mu, was the only portion of the Motherland to stay above the angry waves that cried for the souls of the unjust!”

" Lady of the Sun " and another historian, Mutan Mian, were the last of the Remnant to stay on Telos. They had elected to remain and place the valuable records of imperishable metal "telordum tablets - in Time Capsules to be put in and on the surface of Telos-Mu.

zolTRON: We are destined to return in May ... more tablets will be recovered!
SECRET PLACES OF THE LION *2: “The ruling prince did not go into space with his people because he passed away from great age before the final exodus from doomed Mu. He had completed his mission and he passed in transition before reaching the promised land of Hesperus, millions of miles away in deep space.”

“Mutan Mian put the information on metal tablets, information concerning the fate of Mu, secrets of its great scientific knowledge, teleportation, invisibility, telepathy, and other vital knowledge that future man on earth would need in order to survive in a New Age yet unborn.”
zolTRON: These are the very same tablets that we recovered!

SECRET PLACES OF THE LION *2: “The facts were assembled and condensed by "Sun Lady," and “Mutan Mian” labored furiously to complete the gigantic task. With the sinking of great land masses, earthquakes of monstrous intemity shook the earth; cities crumbled; mountains were leveled; valleys became mountain peaks. The air was full of debris and smoke from newly formed oceanic volcanoes. And a colossal tremor rent the earth and formed in a few seconds what is now known as the Grand Canyon of Arizona. It was not formed, as present-day science believes, by gradual erosion by a little river that could hardly eat its way through a field of corn, let alone a mountain of solid rock. The winds were howling as if all the night gods were shrieking for vengeance as the two small solitary figures went about their task.”

Just in from our Northern California Correspondent, John Winston, [] Date: 2 Feb. 2000:

The Grand Canyon Temple

In the past I have posted information about the discovery of a citadel in the Grand Canyon. I have also posted items from a lady called Mysty Moon who went into this temple a few years ago. Now there is some information from an intelligence called The COSMIC AWARENESS that I will post at this time.

A story appeared in the Phoenix Gazette, April 5,1909, about there being a citadel discovered in the Grand Canyon. Would Awareness comment on that and whether basically the information is true?

This Awareness indicates the information is correct. This Awareness has previously discussed underground caverns that run throughout the earth. This Awareness indicates that this civilization was a remnant of that which has been termed Lemurian civilization: The Lemurian civilization being essentially in the Pacific as its own origin, and it had some spreading in the direction of the present area referred to as the Oriental world. There is also an opening in these underground caverns in Egypt; that Atlantis contained an opening into these underground caverns and that they do connect into Tibet and that which is called Shambhalla. This Awareness indicates that many of these underground caverns or what may be termed "underground highways" have been blocked although many areas are open.

This Awareness indicates that some of these also go down into South America. This Awareness indicates that the entities, the American Indians, particularly the Hopi, are descendants of entities who once lived in these underground caverns. This Awareness indicates it has been theorized that the American Indians have an origin in the China or Asian continent. This Awareness suggests that the theory is that they came across the area of Alaska. This Awareness wishes to suggest, however, that some of these entities came through tunnels that went beneath the Pacific to Lemuria, of which the Hawaiian islands are a part, and on to the North American continent. This Awareness indicates that these underground caverns were once part of a great world civilization that included high technology from extraterrestrial civilizations.

This Awareness indicates that it appears the government found the area to be of great significance, too significant to let people know about it, seeing that there were many potentials for great treasure and great knowledge and information in keeping the area secret from the masses, and thus the report in the newspaper was one of the few reports ever made public. This Awareness indicates that the whole incident was quieted so that it was soon forgotten. This Awareness indicates that much was learned from government exploration of the area.

The Titans, Lemurians and Atlans Came from Outer Space

These entities had equipment capable of creating these underground caverns and civilization followed their work underground. It was a time when the sun and its rays were quite harmful on the surface levels and the underground regions were much safer for these entities. These entities traveled from various other planetary systems or star systems in the galaxy to earth, and hollowed it out in many ways with the use of certain technology that was capable of vaporizing matter.

Tunnels and Caverns Were Made by Vaporizing Matter

It was not the action of grinding out rocks or boring through matter, but an action that vaporized matter, turned matter into energy which could then be vented into the atmosphere, leaving a great opening underground. This Awareness indicates that all matter is energy and these entities understood how to turn the matter into energy which could be used for their purposes or which could be vented and freed into the atmosphere.

Half a Million Years Ago this Area was their Civilization

Thus, the underground network of tunnels throughout the world became their civilization and their world underground. This dates back well over a half a million years into the past. This Awareness indicates that this also includes the race known as the Els: these entities being great builders and having the ability to create even planets in galaxies around certain star systems.

The ELs Created the Planet Saturn and Other Planets

This Awareness indicates these Els were responsible for the creation of the planet Saturn from which they operated, and from Saturn, they helped to create other planets in the solar systems.

Are any of these Artifacts in the Smithsonian Today?

This Awareness indicates it appears that there are some of these artifacts available, but not to the public. It appears that the mummies have been secluded so as to not raise curiosity from publicity. This Awareness indicates it is a situation in which these things are not intended to be made public because of the many questions that could be raised.

QUESTION: This was 85 years ago!. Who would have the right to clamp down on all that information at that time and keep it from anthropologists and historians and scientists?

COSMIC AWARENESS: Admiral Byrd's Journey to Middle Earth was Also Covered Up. This Awareness indicates the United States government would feel they have the right, just as they also clamped down on the expedition to the North Pole in which Admiral Byrd went into that center of the earth, the opening at the North Pole, wherein the curvature of the earth brought him around to an inner lip of the opening. When Admiral Byrd tried to tell others about his findings on return to civilization, he was only able to get one brief statement out and from then on was censored and the information was covered up.

What is the Status of this Underground City Today?

This Awareness indicates it appears it is part of the underground network, but is being used by the Zeta Reticuli and the Orion Greys; that the government does have some connections with some of the underground caverns, and this has much to do with their relationship with the extraterrestrials. This Awareness indicates that the Government does still have some control over this particular area, but it does not see government troops or forces in the area.

Government has Monitoring Devices to Prevent Intruders. It is seen that the opening is in such a place that they consider it inaccessible, but if entities were to be seen attempting to enter, the government would be alerted through certain monitoring devices and would appear on the scene to remove those intruders.

QUESTION: The entity mentions that the openings at the time appear to be about level with the river, which would indicate it wasn't entirely underground at that time, and the river has since worn itself down a mile or so. Is that valid?

This Awareness indicates that it appears the opening at the time was high above the river; that the river is even further down at present time.

What Was the Idol Resembling Buddha?

QUESTION: This idol or image of the god they found sitting cross-legged with a lotus flower or lily in each hand; the cast of the face was Oriental and it was resembling the Buddha. This obviously was thousands of years before the Buddha.

COSMIC AWARENESS: This is in the affirmative. This Awareness indicates that this was an ancient symbol that was used in Lemuria and also in Tibet. This Awareness indicates that the Tibetan language of Sanskrit is closely tied with Lemurian language, because there is a connection between these two great ancient civilizations.

Were the Hieroglyphics Ever Deciphered?

This Awareness indicates that it does not appear that these hieroglyphics were really deciphered, although there were some efforts by entities who came close with a few of the symbols, but the attempts were mostly focused on trying to read them through the concept of Egyptian hieroglyphics. It appears they could have been better deciphered from ancient Tibetan writings and pictographs; that these would have been better suited to helping decipher the hieroglyphics. This Awareness suggests the term "pictographs" may not be quite applicable, but neither is the term "hieroglyphics" quite applicable to these symbols.

There are Other Underground Civilizations

This Awareness indicates that it is not the only groups of caverns located underground; that these are found in many places. That the so-called Shambhalla as being likened unto an entire city underground in the area near Tibet.

This Awareness indicates that it is important for entities to realize that these underground civilizations do not [usually] welcome surface entities ... to enter into these subterranean caverns. If they are seen or found, by the Deros [negative robots] there is great potential for [danger]. This Awareness indicates that the Teros, which are more human-like and are much more compassionate and much like the surface entities, would be decent to entities who wandered into a subterranean cavern, but these entities have suffered so many losses that they are not likely to be found. The Deros have more or less taken over the underground caverns.

SECRET PLACES OF THE LION *2: “Mutan Mian opened his account on the first tablet by saying: "These are the truths I, Mutan Mian, historian-scribe of Mu, realizing even more forcibly now, must pass on to future man, written on tablets that will be deposited in several places so that they may be found in some future time.”

And so they were - - -

We close this Chapter with the important message that more tablets and sacred data will be found! We are planning a very sacred RETURN OF THE DOVE MELCHIZEDEKIAN STAR CODE UPGRADE at SEDONA, CHACO CANYON, MESA VERDE, and ZION CANYON, for an event that is the biggest single cosmic event to happen on Earth in over 2,000 years! Not since the Star of Bethlehem, (a space ship), brought the entity known on Earth as Jesus, or Sananda, to Earth, has an event like this been recorded on Earth.

There is still more Chapters that will continue this 1999 CHRISTMAS AND YEAR 2000 DOVE LIGHT PILGRIMAGE. Notice of the next installment will be posted to you via personal email to view it ... soon. Please stay tuned! The Saga Continues ........
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