Jan 15-May 1, 2005

Tucson, Tombstone, Arizona and the Minute Men Expedition

We began our Mission in Tucson-Tombstone-Bisbee, Arizona (January 15th to May 1st 2005) with prayers for a successfull Mission in America's Southern most Desert. We say these prayers in deep sincerity and humility at the feet of the ancestors at this ancient mission called:

"White Dove of the Desert"
at the San Xavier del Bac Mission

Note the lovely Rainbow behind the Mission ... but most important to us is its nick name: "The White Dove of the Desert"

San Xavier Mission is acclaimed by many to be the finest example of mission architecture in the United States. It is a graceful blend of Moorish, Byzantine and late Mexican Renaissance architecture, yet the blending is so complete it is hard to tell where one type begins and another ends.

The church is a series of domes and arches that create enclaves for themes of painting on the various walls, domes and rooms. The area behind the high altar is a dazzling gilt of colors. The wall paintings are all original, but over time have needed to be touched up. Time and the harsh desert weather have taken a toll on the beauty that is within the church and the entire mission complex. Currently the church is going through an ongoing restoration that tries to clean, repair and preserve as much of the church as it can. Outside the church, the restoration is even more extensive, and for this we have the gracious donations of visitors, patrons and the Patronato.

It is interesting but we just learned that the road the RV Resort is on is named Mission road as it leads to this very Mission!!! Thank you beloved ANUPA as we will definitely visit here as we did http://www.stardoves.com/Chimayo.htm ... and issue our report of blessing experience on our site ... you will be listed as our inspiration for the pilgrimage!

We are only Estimated Driving Time: 9 minutes from "This Gorgeous White Dove of the Desert"

We have chosen Tucson, because we have so much that needs to be done in a larger city, like storage, and sorting everything we had left in the storage units both at Mt. Shasta, California and in Taos, New Mexico that we brought with us to Phoenix, Arizona last November when we stored the motor home there in a RV Storage utility for the two months while we were on Holy Mission to Scotland! So we stayed in Tucson, Arizona for 3 1/2 months clear, sell and give away all our earthly goods, except the best of our crystals and sacred artifacts ... and then will head to Virginia Beach for the Summer!

Our Beloved Traveling Home of the STARDOVES, purchased at Merlin, Oregon via a blessing by Larry Frank

Just after returning from our mission in Scotland and Holland, we are fortunate to be staying at this gorgeous gated RV Resort in the desert of the Western Enchanted Rincon Mountain range of Tucson, AZ - http://www.rinconcountry.com/west.html ... and there are thousands of little desert doves in the Palm Tree lined streets of this elder gated retirement community! How we got here - only Goddess will tell - but we are comforted much with all these brown and white doves all about us as we record our service mission in Scotland and what it meant for us and the Earth. We plan to release our first offering on the eve (midnight) of the 23rd of January ... to give the Initial taste of our blessings in Scotland!

It has been 70 degrees or more the past 7 days (early February 2005) and is slated for the same for the next 5! WOW! This will provide us with the place to write our memoirs and post ASAP! As we have only been here 7 days ... though back from Scotland for 18 days now ... the first 5 were spent in a motel near Phoenix, AZ (Gold Canyon-Apache Junction, just out of Phoenix) recuperating from our International air flight back ... and 2 days to travel here to Tucson, AZ then 5 more days in a motel until we could unload the motor home and find a more hospitable and democratic and enchanting location where we can now take the time to write our reports ... we will incorporate this into our next book as well!

Inside the "The White Dove of the Desert" San Xavier Mission

"Peace be with You"
BEAR 2012