Moi-RA Lady of the Sun Dove

Moira pictured at Initiate's Column, Roslyn Chapel, Scotland, 2004

Professor MoiRA Lady of the Sun Dove {Rosalia Borja} was born in the Philippine Islands September 13, 1923.  She left her physical body on December 30th, 2011 at 7pm.

Moi-RA earned a Masters degree in Education, majoring in Guidance Counseling, Psychology and Sociology and was also a licensed marriage, family and child counselor. In her undergraduate program of Bachelor of Arts, she majored in Philosophy and taught Ethics for 10 years to all levels of studies at the University of the City of Manila, Philippines. Moi-Ra proudly became a citizen of the USA, 1977 while living and teaching at the YMCA in San Francisco, California.

At an early age, Moi-RA was trained as a psychic healer in the Philippines. She was a Master Filipina Psychic Surgeon employing a non-intrusive etheric surgical operation without the need to cut the physical body.

Moi-RA was the niece of Juan Ortega, the originator of the world-famous Philippine Psychic Surgery Center, Union Espiritista Christiana de Filipinas. Following in his footsteps, she became a professor of philosophy, ethics, and religions of the Far East at the University of Manila. Together, RA-Ja and Moi-RA co-founded the Aquarian Perspectives Interplanetary Mission, (1984) an organization devoted to aligning spiritual teaching centers with power vortexes around the planet (and still doing so), PLUS the spreading of all encompassing love and omniversal peace.


University Professor, Guidance Counselor and Dean of Women at the University of the Philippines


Trained as Filipina Psychic Surgeon, Lemurian & Venusian Medium.  Lifetime student, member, past president of the Theosophical Society.

Moira married the love of her life, Juan Acu, and had 4 children with him. June, Krishna, Giordani and Maria Lena.  Juan later passed on and it was perhaps 5 years later that she met Raja, her twin flame.

In Loving Eternal Memory Moira (above) ever-locked in our hearts, now helps the Aquarian Perspectives Inter-Planetary Mission, and her loyal twin flame Raja, and the planet Earth from her new home on Venus! Though MoiRA has returned to Venus, the StarDoves are continuing their Mission for planet Earth.  Raja continues to anchor the Mission on Earth, as Moira beams energies and sends angelic assistance from the planet Venus, the elder sister of the Earth.


Raja (L) & Moira (R)


All Saints/All Souls Day

Lunar Samhain, Asheville, NC 2009

Whisperings of the Dove

In the annals of human her-story, no stories are as fantastic nor quite as endearing and fulfilling as Love Stories. I suppose that that is the reason why the love story of Moira and Raja have been the food for 7 books and countless television, magazine, radio and TV interviews and articles throughout the world. Some articles being published in small and or mysterious or mystical lands themselves. This book, being written, transcribed, compiled and edited by me, Raja, the husband of Moira, I will tell you frankly that this story is really from the exceptional power of a most remarkable woman who loved so selflessly that she touched my heart eternally transforming me, melting my masculine energy to a gentle feminine way of seeing and perceiving. Giving my already deep faith even more depth, with a full knowing that Goddess|God Loves us all so much that s|he will all-ways ONLY give to us the greatest blessings we can imagine.

A few of our students and friends have been adamant and insistent that this book must be written and published. They cited as reason because the Love that the two of us shared was so phenomenal, so out-of-this world and so special, that the world needs to know.  I say this with sincere humility. Moira herself repeated faithfully like a mantra to me the last few years of her life that I must write a book about our time together, about our lives, where we went and how we lived, and the people we encountered and served.  She always would end by saying it will be a best seller and people will really enjoy it, they will love it!  I could not write a book and care for her at the same time. My creative energies barely gave me the strength to watch her wane away from Alzheimer's the last 6 years of her life. They say Alzheimer is the death of the long goodbye.

I commenced writing the book,
January 7th, 8 days after her passing to the heavenly realms primarily because I am compelled by goodly forces to set to record for all who have ears to hear and eyes to see, that there is a power beyond the ordinary, that is right there in our own being and from the compassionate wholeness of our lives.  Many who beheld Moira claimed her to be angelic like, faerie like, sweet beyond comprehension, kind, gentle and very wise.  What we really communicate is what we are. She was|is communicates in an unassuming, humble way that melts our hearts with kindness and love; these being her motives in life. She radiated this love right straight to the last breath she had in her body. As the Tibetans say, Good Life equals Good death.That last breath, was spent as was our lives, side by side with my holding her in my arms.  Her last words to me were, "Your Love Supreme will always be my guide, Forever Yours! No words can describe my Love for You. I WILL Love You forever!

This story of THE QUEST OF LOVERS is about Mahabharata Mahat, {when the ego identity of Twin Flames unify into the ego identity of one}.  For Twin Flames are NOT two separate souls male and female in separate bodies.  The twin flame is one soul who splits itself and takes on two forms (a male and female) or even two of same persuasion, sometimes even an animal and a human.

In memory of Swami MoiRa Lady of the Sun Dove, AKA Rosalia Borja Acu Denson

    September 13, 1923 - December 30, 2011

 This was her final picture as she lay in state at the Dove's Nest at foot of Mt. {Pisgah) for her final 3 days in this body. She was the greatest, sweetest woman ever conceived, so her husband and twin flame Raja attests!

Raja further states that what set Moira apart from all the other beings that he has ever met, is her vibRAtion of Love, a vibRAtion so exalted above the love of human emotion that the languages of earth do not have words accurate enough to convey the comparison!

The Space Masters affirm the Truth of reincarnation and train souls that new incarnations may take place on any plane or planet during the eternal life of the soul. Each newborn child has had a myriad of lives on many worlds and has come to the Earth planet for a particular soul mission. Thus we do not look at children as newly created souls, some are wise old souls come back to Earth to assist her.

1/10/12 - 11 Days after M's passing.
Dove's Nest, Candler, North Carolina

Today we speak about a Remarkable Blessing that came to me from the Ascended Realm.  My beloved Moira joined with our beloved Master St. Germain, she reminded me as she did that lovely day 27 years ago on Lake Shore Drive in Oakland, California at the Theosophical
Lodge where she served as President of that Lodge, as well as the President for the entire Confederation of Theosophical Society Lodges of Northern California, that I was not to worry she said, as the Masters told us that all the time, that the Masters will always be with us.  So there is never anything to worry about. We treat everyone right and do good in the world and thus we will never need to worry about anything in life, or to live in fear, not even for one precious moment!

The Theosophical Society
, founded in 1875, is a worldwide body whose primary object is Universal Brotherhood without distinction based on the realization that life, and all its diverse forms, human and non-human, is indivisibly One.  The Society imposes no belief on its members, who are united by a common search for Truth and desire to learn the meaning and purpose of existence through study, reflection, self-responsibility and loving service.

Theosophy is the wisdom underlying all religions when they are stripped of accretions and superstitions. It offers a philosophy which renders life intelligible and demonstrates that justice and love guide the cosmos. Its teachings aid the unfoldment of the latent spiritual nature in the human being, without dependence.

In fact, the Theosophical Society served a significant role in our lives and in the work of the Mission. So much so that we visited
its International Headquarters (often referred to as 'Adyar') located in Adyar, Chennai (formerly Madras), India. We spent several weeks at Adyar in 1990. Met with the International President, Radha Burnier (15 November 1923 - 31 October 2013) and studied at the Adyar Library and Research Centre on the grounds learning much about the Mahatmas and the Kumaras from Venus. They were training us then, as now, in our continuing service as Ambassadors to this world, providing authentic channel to the Masters of Wisdom and Immortal Rishis who sponsors this world.  It is the Rishis who mark the time and the periods of Kali-yuga, the age of sin and sorrow.

Moira said: 

My father is a famous philosopher. When I was a little girl, my father used to point me out to the visitors that came to see him and say, “This child of mine is an ancient soul, an old soul from the planet Mundo Azul.” When I grew up and undertook this mission, I realized the truth in what he was saying.


My soul came from Venus, the planet of love. Therefore, when I came down here, whatever is not love I do not understand. I permitted myself to be born on this planet. The Chohan of the Planetary Council said, “There’s an emergency on this planet. How many of you would like to help?” I raised my hand and said, “I will.” I permitted myself to be born in the Philippines because the 7,700 islands of the Philippines are the tips of the mountains of Lemuria. The energy of the Lemurians affects the people of the Philippines; that’s why there are many healers there.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time there staying in a marvelous rustic, yet high grade bungalo and visiting the grave sites (maha samahdhis) of
Annie Besant (1847 – 1933) and Charles Webster Leadbeater (1854–1934). 

was a prominent British socialist, theosophist, women's rights activist, writer and orator and supporter of Irish and Indian self-rule. 
In 1890 Besant met Helena Blavatsky and over the next few years her interest in theosophy grew while her interest in secular matters waned. She became a member of the Theosophical Society and a prominent lecturer on the subject. As part of her theosophy-related work, she traveled to India. In 1898 she helped establish the Central Hindu College and in 1922 she helped establish the Hyderabad (Sind) National Collegiate Board in Mumbai, India. In 1902, she established the first overseas Lodge of the International Order of Co-Freemasonry, Le Droit Humain. Over the next few years she established lodges in many parts of the British Empire. In 1907 she became president of the Theosophical Society, whose international headquarters were in Adyar, Madras, (Chennai).

was an influential member of the Theosophical Society, author on occult subjects and co-initiator with J. I. Wedgwood of the Liberal Catholic Church. Originally a priest of the Church of England, his interest in spiritualism caused him to end his affiliation with Anglicanism in favour of the Theosophical Society, where he became an associate of Annie Besant. He became a high-ranking officer of the society.

We were also married officially thru our Theosophical connections at the Liberal Catholic Church of St. RaphaEL, in San Francisco, founded by CW Leadbeater.

The Adyar Library and Research Centre was founded in 1886 by Colonel Olcott with a small but valuable collection of the Founders' books. Originally situated in the Headquarters building, it was shifted in 1968 to a more spacious one, better suited to its growing needs. It has always been one of the important aspects of the work at Adyar, both for members and for the public; moreover, today it is one of the well known oriental libraries in the world, dedicated to research and publication in the field of eastern civilization, philosophy and religion.  It contains over 250,000 printed volumes and around 20,000 palm-leaf manuscripts from India, Sri Lanka, China, and other places, a few of which are kept on display for visitors.  The printed books include rare indological publications in several languages and a fine collection of works on different religions, philosophies and cultures.

The Chinese Tripitakas, the Tibetan Kanjur and Tanjur, a collection of rare works in Latin and other western languages, and a complete set of important research journals are among the priceless possessions of the Library.  It also currently receives nearly 225 journals from several countries.

Several rare and previously unpublished works in the manuscript collection have been edited and brought out in print; a staff of pundits and scholars is continually engaged on this task.  The Library has had a series of distinguished scholars as its Director and is recognized as a Research Centre for a Ph.D. in Sanskrit and Indology by the University of Madras.

The Library has achieved much during its hundred and more years of existence but there is still much to be done.  Shortage of funds makes it difficult to engage suitable scholars and add to its collections.  Therefore, an Adyar Library Endowment Fund was created in 1986, in the hope that members of the Society as well as others interested in this work would support it. This library was a delight and a great aide in our research while writing our book, the Himalayan Star Conclaves.

Its aim is to promote understanding among men and nations through knowledge of the higher aspects of their respective cultures.

These reminiscences bring up the several years MoirA and I spent at Krotona.

Krotona was one of three important Theosophical "colonies" in the U.S. during the early part of the 20th century. Originally built in Hollywood during 1912, the colony was eventually relocated to Ojai, California in 1926, where it operates today as the Krotona Institute of Theosophy.

Located just off of State Route 33, the Krotona Institute holds regular classes and workshops on Theosophy, maintains an extensive library on the occult, and has a small bookstore.

M said, that it was Master St. Germain that came to her when she was yet a young girl, and said, "Do not worry my child!  We will all-ways be with you."  She was telling me this because we had just joined together to perform our Mission from the Stars here on the Earth and only had $6 between us!  What were we to do?  She told me that the Masters will all-ways be with us!  Now, this evening of January 7th, 8 d
ays after her passing to the heavenly realms, I reflected upon her words and she told me to be at ease and know that her words to me many times were true!  That she loved me and I loved her and we would all-ways be together. That the doorway called death is not the end but the beginning.  She also told me that there is no DEATH

I meditated then, upon why she had to leave her body.  Though I knew in my higher self, it was good to hear it from her again, tonight, as she whispered, "My biological form simply had nothing more of value left to give, toward the Ascension in this Lifetime.  My physical form had become so incapacitated, that my higher self, my star seed from Venus occupying this physical form could no longer make Divine-Conscious Effort to Ascend.  I had lost my eyes, my blood, my teeth, about the only thing I had left was my hair, so Nature herself had her way with me, and as I always told you I would, I passed in my sleep, what was left when I took my last breath, my final gasp while your gentle, loving hands caressed my hands and my forehead, was only the physical embers, for as the angels told you hours before when my Spiritual guidance called you outside, they had accompanied my holy spirit to heaven in the clouds as I made my final departure from this Earth homeward bound, to Venus, Earth's sister planet." 

"Grieve not my beloved twin flame Raja, for grief is merely a sign of selfishness, and can only retard my going and coming back to you in the Spirit world. For indeed, we will all-ways be together in the eternal moment.  Grief denotes lower emotional rebellion against the Action of the Law of One; that has taken me onward to a greater glory to give me both an opportunity to serve far more powerfully than I could on Earth! 

Never to return, for as you recall, we spoke on several in-depth occasions that
this lifetime will be my last one in the lower dimensions We both intuitively realized this to be so. After spending such a long time in them every soul is given as much help as possible to raise themselves up.

Nothing in the Omniverse can ever really go backwards, and everyone - no matter what the outer form appears to be doing in the illusory moment, is moving forward to Greater and Higher Perfection.  Goddess|God Consciousness cannot and does not ever grieve; and the human part must realize that, since no one anywhere can get out of the Omniverse. Know that I AM somewhere better than even at your devoted side, where I had to go to fulfill my destiny, my fate."

Note: The meaning of the name Moira, is FATE!  That very day {January 8th 2012} I was given a Pure White Dove for our aviary, and I named it, MOIRA DOVE!

A StarDoves Factoid: Moira was also a lifelong member of the Easter Star since her early years in the Philippines. The Easter Star is the feminine branch of the Masons.An organization later we discovered we had both been members since our early incarnations, where in one of my incarnations it was learned that I actually created what is today the FreeMasons during one of my Egyptian Incarnations which I get into in detail in another work.

Eastern Star

The emblem of the female Masonic organization, the Order of the Eastern Star. The symbol is a complex one, and is said to represent the Star of Bethlehem, symbolizing the descent of spirit into matter- the divine in man, or even the presence of God on earth.

Its appellation also implies a relationship with the planet Venus, also called the “eastern star.” Each point on the star has an emblem of a different biblical heroine (Adah, Ruth, Esther, Martha, and Electra) and the qualities they represent- fidelity, constancy, loyalty, faith, and love. The initials “F.A.T.A.L.” found on some are said to stand for the phrase, “Fairest Among Thousands, Altogether Lovely,” a reference from the Song of Songs, although also an apt description, perhaps, of some of the biblical heroines above. OES founder Rob Morris alluded several times to a Kabbalistic meaning of the motto, but never fully elaborated it- at least not in any surviving works.

The book and pillar in the center of the star represent the Masonic Lodge’s “volume of sacred law” which is placed in the east. The five implements typically pictured represent the five biblical women and their respective representation of Masonic virtues:

The sword and veil represent Adah, and the virtue of “obedience to duty”

A sheaf of barley represents Ruth, whose virtue is adherence to religious principles.

The crown and scepter represents Esther, who embodies the virtue of loyalty.

The broken column represents Martha, and the virtue of “endurance in trial.”

The “golden cup” represents Electra, and the virtue “endurance of persecution.”