Himalayan Star Conclaves "Moi-RA and RA-Ja Dove, Aquarian Star Shepherds, spent one year in India, Nepal and Tibet writing this book, click on the cover to the left for more information.  Includes: Impending galactic changes and the fulfillment of the intergalactic plan of this Aquarian Age. Introduces you to the Inter-Planetary Mission. Penned during our 1990 deployment to the Himalayan Monasteries of India, Tibet and Nepal. 250 pages illustrated. USA: $50
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Love is a Miracle

This jewel of a book, tells of our ET Mission on Earth! But it also shares of our LOVE MISSION! To show the world how two people of obviously totally different backgrounds and customs - East (Philippines-Moi-RA) and West (Philadelphia-RA-Ja) Male (RA-Ja) and Female (Moi-RA) - Aged (Moi-RA 78) and Younger (RA-Ja 50) - Dark and Light (skin only of course) and to show that no matter what - THE COMMITMENT OF TRUE LOVE CONQUERS - no - excuse us - not conquers - that was last Age! BUT IN THIS AQUARIAN AGE - TRUE LOVE ENCOMPASSES ALL!
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Angels of Love

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ISBN: 0-7860-0096-1
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THE FELLOWSHIP: Spiritual Contact Between Humans & Outer Space Beings

* With A Chapter About The Work of The StarDoves *
By Brad Steiger
From the original 195 page Ivy PaperBack Book
ISBN: 0-8041-0373-9
USA: $19.95

Legends of the Star Ancestors

"Stories of Extraterrestrial Contact from the Wisdomkeepers of the World"
by Nancy Red Star
Filipina, Australian Aboriginal, Japanese, Celtic, Israeli, Native American, and other spiritual leaders from around the world share their stories of extraterrestrial contact and the Star Ancestor prophecies.

At the dawn of a new millennium we are rapidly approaching environmental and social crises on a massive global scale. Cries have risen from every corner of the world to challenge the ravaging of Earth and many of her peoples. more...
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An Account of the Inter-Planetary

Missionary Life of Raja Merk Dove (left)
& Moira Lady of the Sun Dove

422 Pages  Published 12/1/16

  • It Includes
  • The Glories and Marvels of Atlantis the Great!
  • A work of unselfish Love that will Help to the Betterment of an upward-struggling world, searching ever for more Light!
  • Living-Light-Codes to feed the hungry for knowledge of the Great Mystery of Life and of the ever evolving Soul!
  • A tour de force rich in details of life on Venus and Atlantis, like no other book before or after!
  • Learn the correlations between The Doves Inter-Stellar contacts and those shared with American film actress and dancer, Shirley MacLaine in her autobiographical book, Out on a Limb that details her journeys through New Age spirituality from California to NYC, Europe & Hawaii ending in a life-changing pilgrimage to the Andes in Peru! The Dove’s experience was in 1980, Shirley’s was 3 years later in 1983!
  • Source material for many new Age Belief Systems including UFOs, ETs, I AM movement, Ascended Masters, Theosophy, Rosicrucians, Masons and more!
  • The Hottest Esoteric, Metaphysical and Spiritual Revelations about TWIN FLAMES!
  • Death is not the end. It is a step forward in God's plan. Learn how you lived on other planets or the Great Central Sun before coming to this earth, and how You and your loved ones will return there. Thus there is no need for grief or sadness upon the transition of Your Loved Ones!

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By - Dr. WILLIAMSON, George Hunt
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From Original 309 page Brotherhood Of Life Paperback Publication
ISBN: 0914732269
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UFO Jesus


By - David E. Twichell, Infinity Publishing Co. (2001)
The ancient astronaut and Biblical UFO hypotheses are not new. However, no one seems to want to take the matter to the nextlogical step. If Ezekiel’s "wheel within a wheel" and Moses’ "pillar of fire and cloud" were forerunners of today’s UFOs, then the Star of Bethlehem and the brilliant cloud to which Jesus ascended must be treated in the same vein. When Biblical descriptions of anomalous aerial phenomena are overlaid on that of modern-day UFO reports, the picture seems to meld as one. Once the evidence has been presented, the reader is led to a conclusion that is at best convincing and at least thought provoking. Are you willing to risk having your world view shaken?

The Sky People

Is an important Star People's Bible and is used extensively in the Aquarian Perspectives Inter-Planetary Mission's Star People's Lessons.

This special book may have started the popular STAR PEOPLE revolution and thus provided the all important links to the NEW AGE explosion of the understanding behind the STAR PEOPLE mystery declaring that beings from the stars live within humans - how and why is explained!...
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