Aquarian Temple of Knowledge

The Founders of the Aquarian Perspectives Inter-Planetary Mission, Dr. RA-Ja 'Merk' Dove and Prof. Moi-RA 'Lady of the Sun' Dove {also called Aquarian Star Shepherds, or STARDOVES} welcome you to the . . . AQUARIAN TEMPLE OF KNOWLEDGE

Raja will be your Ground Crew Instructor for all courses offered in the Aquarian Temple of Knowledge. Moira will oversee your studies from her Temple on Venus. This Temple is overseen by a Host of Goodly Extra Terrestrial Savants and Ascended Masters from other planets and dimensions.

The Temple of Knowledge currently specializes and offers two Courses. One especially for Star People and the other on Healing.


Each lesson below comes to you on a pre-recorded cassette audio tape which make it easy and convenient for users! Each lesson costs you $15.00 which includes shipping and handling. You may order all 7 in the STAR PEOPLE COURSE at once for $70.00 which includes s/h for all 7 audio tapes. After you have listened to the lessons, if you have questions you may send them back to the Temple for the Star Shepherds to personally answer your questions by clicking the Mail Pyramid below:

Or you may mail them by post to our street address. Once you begin the question and answer session with the Star Shepherds you will be asked to send the Mission a donation that you feel is fair, based on your ability to give, and based on the amount of time the Star Shepherds will be spending with you in answering your questions. Though the Star Shepherds time is limited in the sense that they have so many cosmic duties, on the other hand, their time is un-limited considering how important it is for star seeds to be fully awakened requiring that you have all your questions answered! This is how important the Temple of Knowledge service is and how easy and inexpensive for you to order the lessons now! *Countries outside USA please add $4.95 for shipping.


(*All prices include shipping and handling. Countries outside the USA, please add $4.95 for shipping) LESSON 1: STARBORN - Living In a HUman body - $15.00

LESSON 2: Becoming more Aware of yourself as a Starseed - $15.00

LESSON 3: Serving as Starseed on Earth - $15.00

LESSON 4: Advanced Star Beings Living in HUman Form - $15.00

LESSON 5: Master Star Souls - $15.00

This lesson is designed to awaken your reincarnational identity pattern from within. There are 144 Master Star Soul Identity Genes that have incarnated over and over on Earth. If you have made it thus far in the Course, there is a high probability that you are one of these 144 Master Souls. You may find out which one you are! This lesson Initiates that wisdom within you! Required textbook: "Secret Places of the Lion" by Dr. George Hunt Williamson. Click here to order this book.

Also note that aloing with this lesson StarDoves perform a Special Holy Sacrament for members, or those taking the Star People Lessons only. The Holy Book, "Secret Places of the Lion" is used as a consultation source for this Sacrament using Star Gematria. The Ascended Masters lovingly guide StarDoves in performing this service for You, so that You can now explore your past lives in Atlantis, Lemuria, Egypt, India, Rome, Greece, Jerusalem and upon other worlds in order to understand your present experiences on Planet Earth! This past life service clarifies current mission structure and soul grouping and aids greatly in a more joyful acceptance of life. If you have reached this far in the lessons, and are in-tune with them, we highly recommend you partake of this Sacrament before proceeding to the next lesson, or have it done at this time as you continue to the next lesson. LESSON 6: Shaping Your Mission On Earth - $15.00

We continue using "Secret Places of the Lion" as background text. Then we will add Specific Inter-Galactic decorum and protocol. The perimeters of your Missionary tasks are also taken up here. With your Higher Soul giving the impetus, in co-ordination with the Inter-Galactic Confederation of Free Worlds of Love and Light, your Mission is revealed.

LESSON 7: Star Guests - $15.00

"Star Guests" by - William Dudley Pelley is the required textbook for this lesson. It gives star seeds the energy imprint suggested by the Interplanetary Confederation for Star Guests on this planet who will be activated by the Aquarian Perspectives Interplanetary Mission. This imprint will come thru this lesson and imparted via energetic words given in thought forms. The book starts out like this: "Years ago it was, to be exact the 28th day of October, 1928, about nine o'clock in the evening. I sat on a divan in a sumptuous New York flat beside a middle-aged lady. The flat was located in the West-Fifties and the lady was one of the leading editors of Manhattan." Thus begins one of the first, (remember the year is 1928) channeled documents from Space People to happen in the modern world. The significance of this lesson is: LOVE! And how StarSeeds may inject the Higher Levels of Love on Planet Earth NOW! This text has long since been out of print, but we have managed to gain a stock of reprints for our students and serious researchers.

These lessons contain information that many starseed volunteers need to 'know' for background data as regards Planet Earth, the Inter-Planetary Confederation, and your Mission here.

STAR PEOPLE COMPLETE COURSE: All 7 audio tapes of the above lessons - $70.00 includes s/h. * Countries outside USA please add $19.95 for shipping.


Currently offering lessons in Lesson #1: Preliminary To All Healing Courses: Before one can become a "healer" one needs to "cleanse the mind" and "cleanse the heart." These are special pre-healing works that must be accomplished to become a PURE HEALER, given from the Heart of the Holy World Mother. - $15.00

Lesson #2 & 3: (contained on one cassette audio tape). Mechanisms of Philippine Etheric Surgery:

Practical Techniques - $15.00

Lesson #4: Basic Iridology

Lesson #5: Practicing Iridology

Lesson #6: Master Iridology

* NOTE: Iridology is taught in person with Dr. Dove. Or you can order a set of slides and he will teach you by email after you have received the slides. You will then be required to make observations and take notes slide by slide. If interested, email the doctor at:


When ordering by credit card and adding more then one item to the cart please note that All items must be filled-in (you will need list each individual lesson on the Secure order form and calculate your own total). Thank you.

If you wish further information you may call 575-770-5426

We formerly opeRAted a Mystery School upon your planet in Egypt, known as The Temple of Karnak!

The Temple of Karnak was known as Ipet-isut (Most select of places) by the ancient Egyptians. It is composed of a city of Temples built over 25,000 years and dedicated to the Theben triad of ATON, Mut and Khonsu.

The picture of its grandeur is not what it was when it shone in the bright sun decorated with jewels of every design and energy form.

We, your Course Instructors, Moi-RA and RA-Ja, were privileged to pilgrimage to the Temple of Karnak, taking 9 of our Mystery School students with us, in 1991-2, during the 11:11 Opening of the Star Gates, as focused by our friend, SolaRA Thus we offer this to awaken in the minds of our students of those days - for we all promised to return in this day to finish our service to this world. Our old Temple of Karnak is today considered "the mother of all religious buildings, the largest ever made." It has been a place of pilgrimage for over 24,000 years, being active in Lemurian, Atlantean, Egyptian and American times!

Karnak is the home of the god ATON, the One GOD. Because of His Love for the people, He rose to become the first supreme god of the known world and was hailed as God of gods. His followers came from all the strata of society and he was known to some as 'Vizier of the poor.' The Eastern Gateway once lead to a huge temple built by AKHNATON. In an attempt to obliterate the memory of AKHNATON, the Amun priesthood, destroyed this shrine after his death. We're Back! Image and some research material of Karnak from:

We do not call our Temple of Knowledge a Mystery School in this Aquarian Age, as the teachings imparted are no longer a mystery. Our Order thus admits any sincere student who intends to serve the Light. Mystery schools are "no new thing" but only a revival of still earlier forms of Initiation, and are lineal descendants of the Teachings and Philosophies of the Extra-Terrestrial Creators who taught the Lemurians, Atlanteans, the Chaldean Magi, Egyptians, Platonists, Hermeticists, Kabalists, Hindu Sages, Rosicrucians, Knights Templars, Freemasons and Theosophists.

Peace Be With You.

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