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In  2013

Dr. Raja gave a Special Atlantean Vortex Presentation at the 3 Days of Light in Hot Springs, NC

And the Weekend After That -

And a Month earlier -

In December of 2012 celebrating my fifth pilgrimage in the past 33 years, to  the Mayan jungles of the Yucatan and Chiapas, I was taken into the direct presence of THOTH, META-TRON and the Pleiadean Hierarchy.

I came away with a NEW SET OF STAR CODES, in a fashion similar to what happened to Moses on Mt. Sinai. In this case, the cosmic codes designed to upgrade humanity's DNA were deposited into sacred crystals, whereas with Moses, they were etched into Tablets.

The Ascended Host has urgently requested that I make available these NEW 2013 STAR CODED ENERGIES via Infusion Ceremonies using the Merkabah, Pyramid Crystals and my Special 2 Foot Crystal-Gem Star Wand (as pictured above).  This will be an Outstanding Opportunity for Everyone to Experience Evolutionary Growth and receive the Same New Star Codes that were delivered to the Earth at this Sacred Time. 

During this pilgrimage of my lifetime, my service to the Earth as an Aquarian Star Shepherd was heightened and I am so joyous to offer these Infusions at Light and Healing Centers around the Planet.

What was offered was a series of lessons and light infusions that came complete with new codes to integrate into your DNA from Pleiadean, Arcturian and Sirian sources that used these to ascend their planets into higher octaves of light. This is the Blessing you are waiting for that came forth from the 2012 Planetary Shift.

RAJA at ChiChen-Itza for the 2012 Shift of the Ages,

Dr. RaJA Merk Dove, Elder Senior Pleiadean Ambassador, returned from his 5th Pilgrimage to Chi-Chen Itza, Yucatan and Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico. 

Raja spoke on the deeper meaning of the shift that took place, Dec 2012 + Offered Pleiadean Codes that were delivered to the Earth.

Dr. Raja (far left, with pyramid & the Group of 9 Elders at ChiChen-Itza 12-21-12



Back to where it all began!

32 Years ago Dr. Raja Merk Dove was assigned his Star Mission from the Inter-Planetary Confederation of Love & Light in the Mayan jungles!

On the sacred 2012 Trigger Date, Raj was recalled to this Sacred Land and invited all his students and star seeds, light workers, past and present, all friends and all those readers who wanted to make a difference that Year and take up the mantle of their Mission to JOIN HIM!

December 1st - 30th, 2012 Pilgrimage to Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico For Contact with the Ashtar Command & the Inter-Planetary Confederation.

Raja began the pilgrimage with THOUSANDS of OTHERS at the Global Rainbow Gathering of the Tribes in Palenque.

End of the Mayan Calendar - Beginning of the New Era

  Raja joyously spent nearly the entire month in Mexico from December 11, 2012 - December 31, 2012

_______________________________________________________________________________________ He Presented a Workshop at the 2012 Synthesis in the Land of the Maya, Chi-Chen Itza & Piste Pueblo, Yucatan, Mexico December 20-23 titled:

"2012 From an Aquarian Inter-Planetary Perspective"

Dr. Raja, Senior Elder Galactic Ambassador of Stardoves personally represented the Inter-Planetary Confederation of Love and Light stepping forward to offer all beings upon the Earth the Message and Energy from the Higher Evolved Worlds offering the blessings for the days that lie ahead in 2013 onward which PROMISE to be the MOST EXCITING EVER!

Galactic Alignment with Stardoves
G.A.I.A X: Global Alliance Initiating Action through the Foundation For Global Unity was Called to Action to assist Elder Ambassador Dr. Raja Merk Dove of Stardoves.

Moira joined Raja from Venus as they Presented a Special Workshop there titled: "2012 From An Aquarian Inter-Planetary Perspective"

The significance of this event in the cosmos cannot be overestimated.

Role of an Inter-Planetary Ambassador

An ambassador, in whatever position or setting, is a being authorized to convey the interests of one group to representatives of another. Ambassadors can be informal, as in a celebrity working to spread a nation's goodwill to others, or formalized through the appointment of an official charged with acting on behalf of a head of state. In this more formal role, Inter-Planetary Ambassador Dr. Raja will issue a report upon the state of condition of the planet and also of the Inter Planetary Confederation and the things here at 2012, the Turn of the Ages. In the address, Raja will introduce Light-Based policy interests universally. This includes everything from inter-planetary trade regulations to alliances, cultural exchanges and furtherance of Light-Values. The ambassador will also often provide guidance and counsel to the people from the Ascended Masters regarding vital issues involving the Earth, such as coming changes. Vital information for social change, human rights, feeding the poor and helping children and the infirm. The most important role is to promote Unconditional Love and world peace via Omniversal Peace.

The major importance of documenting this cultural event was so that everyone who can will be able to view it in the millions on the Internet thru You Tube, Vimeo, etc. The people MUST be able to experience this, it is not for the few, but the many!

The ambassador was simply joyous to be present at such an important event! This noteworthy conference and celebration at the Turn of the Ages is actually a one of a kind experience every 22,000 years! So that the Inter-Planetary Confederation is officially represented and noticed and knowledge delivered to the people that our cosmic parents continue to offer a public face. Other ambassadors will be in attendance and more people of the Earth will learn about the reality of the TRUE extra-terrestrial presence here and how we are being helped here on Earth by them This information must be documented and videotaped so that the energy and the glad tidings (good news conveyed) can work into the lives of those on Earth who will ALL be affected by the Turn of The Ages, but who don't know much about it. Ambassador Raja will travel to the Yucatan and offer the address, with the aim of inspiring the next generation of recruits to the field of love and light. This is the WORK OF STARDOVES. Thank you for your support and prayers. Dr. Raja has been underfunded for the return portion of his journey and your assistance will assure that he has a safe return. There is all need for founds for food, lodging, camp fees and for the video production of this pilgrimage.

Dr. Raja presented A State of the Planet Address at the 2012 Synthesis Event in ChiChen Itza and camping with the Maya and the Rainbow Family of Living Light to inaugurate 2012 into the Earth's Dimensional Frequency.

G.A.I.A 13's goal was to assist Dr Raja with travel expenses, PR/Media Support and Assistance for the production of a documentary style film from Dr Raja's perspective and others. During the Galactic Alignment Gatherings at Synthesis 2012 and the International Rainbow Gathering of which Dr Raja will deliver an Ambassadorial Address. GAIA 13 (Global Alliance Initiating Action) a project of the Foundation For Global Unity Educational Not For Profit assisted with communications and media during this most amazing period of Ceremony!

Holy Mother Goddesses From Venus Assisted the Earth at this Vital Time In these final days of the old world order, when up is down and dark is light and we don't know who to trust or what to believe. It is time for Truth to be revealed!

The Land of the Maya is where the StarDoves Mission began in the very same locations back in 1984.


Region of Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico

Raja is called 'The Navigator' in the Mayan Glyphs, which states: "I AM the Skilled Star Traveler and Seer guided by telepathic frequencies that hold stars and planets in order. The Galactic Compass. To know me, is to know the language of the Stars!" This information and the Inter-Planetary Mission that Raja commenced took place during his year-long pilgrimage to the land of the Maya in 1980. This year, 32 years later, completes the sacred Galactic Star Advancement Grid for Mother Earth that was telepathically given to Raja at that time.

Global Rainbow Gathering of the Tribes:

Beginning of the New Era

Region of Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico

StarDoves were given their Cosmic Mission on Earth 32 years ago (1980) while at Palenque and Tulum. This is the Grand Return, though StarDoves did return in 1987 for the Harmonic Convergence and again in 1998 . . . Contrary to media sensationalism, the end of the Mayan Calendar does not mean the end of the world. When we listen to the words of the Mayan Elders, we learn that the end of the Mayan Calendar is comparable to watching your car’s odometer roll over to all zeroes. The Mayan prophecies foretell of a transition to the age of the 5th Sun, a new time when consciousness, prosperity and the Divine Feminine prevail.

The newly evolving North American Rainbow Caravan group for the journey to the December Gathering of the Tribes is certainly a welcome addition. The caravan will journey much of the U.S.& Canada and become the West Coast Caravan heading south of the border.

Every 11 years the Sun's polarities hyper-rotate not physically but gravitationally, which sends off a " Coronal Mass Ejection", which many know as a solar storm, in a random direction usually towards planets with a greater mass. This will be one of the most epic gatherings considering that on December 21st, 2012, the Sun, Earth, Saturn, and Jupiter will be aligned with our solar system directly in the center of the Milky way Galaxy on one of those eleven years of the coronal mass ejection. Then causing a chain reaction overall projecting massive coronal shrapnel from the Sun directly towards the Earth, considering the mass of the alignment. Theoretically speaking, in the center of each Galaxy, there is a black hole holding the material makeup of the Galaxy all together.

Each of his pilgrimages to the Mayan jungles have profoundly affected Stardoves founder, Dr. Raja. Most especially, during his 1980 pilgrimage to the Yucatan jungles and also of Oaxaca, Chiapas and south in Guatemala (32 years ago) and even years before Shirley Maclaine was called to her ET awakening in Peru! Raja received his first Star Seed Awakening! This is where the seed ideas for the Aquarian Perspectives Inter-Planetary Mission was conceived! – and the interesting thing is that right after that awakening at the Pyramids Raja met some Rainbow folks from Canada who told him about a Rainbow Gathering at Mt. Shasta (it was actually held at Mt. Lassen) in 1984 and he went there and had a wonderful time and a month later he met his beloved wife in Oakland, California and were together like two peas in a pod for 27 years!

The Prophecy of the Rainbow Warriors

The legend of the Rainbow Warriors is not specific to one culture. It is indeed pervasive throughout indigenous cultures, as is the prophecy of the Great Change that is to come, which many believe is the period in which we are now living. The Rainbow Tribe has begun to unite all over the world, representing all of the tribes of our global culture. The coming of these warriors of peace has been foretold.

Rainbow Family Spirit Warrior

The Mayan Prophecy of the Rainbow Warriors

The book “The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls” by Chris Morton and Ceri Louise Thomas (1997) contains two references to the rainbow warriors.

“The ancestors said that… there would come a time when the Earth would become very sick. Because of this unrelenting greed of the new culture, the Earth would be filled with deadly liquids and metals, the air would be rendered foul with smoke and ash, and even the rains, which were intended to cleanse the Earth, would plummet in poison drops. Birds would fall from the sky, and fish would turn belly up in the waters and whole forests would begin to die.

When these things began to happen, the Indian people would be all but helpless. But then a new light would come from the east, and the Indians would begin to find their strength, their pride and their wisdom. The legend said they would also be joined by many of their light-skinned brothers and sisters, who would in fact be the reincarnate souls of the Indians who were killed or enslaved by the first light-skinned settlers. It was said that the dead souls of these first people would return in bodies of all different colors: red, white, yellow and black. Together and united, like the colors of the rainbow, these people would teach all of the peoples of the world how to have love and reverence for Mother Earth, of whose very stuff we human beings are also made.

Under the symbol of the rainbow, all of the races and all of the religions of the world would band together to spread the great wisdom of living in harmony with each other and with all the creations of the Earth. Those who taught this way would come to be known as “the warriors of the rainbow”. Although they would be warriors, they would carry with them the spirits of the ancestors, they would carry the light of knowledge in their heads and love in their hearts, and they would do no harm to any other living thing. The legend said that after a great struggle, using only the force of peace, these warriors of the rainbow would finally bring an end to the destruction and desecration of Mother Earth and that peace and plenty would then reign through a long, joyous and peaceful golden age here on Mother Earth.” (Patricio Dominguez, Pueblo spiritual adviser)

See:   http://worldrainbowcaravan.wordpress.com/2012/03/03/

Being happy is the cornerstone of all that you are! Nothing is more important than that you feel good! And you have absolute and utter control about that because you can choose the thought that makes you worry or the thought that makes you happy; the things that thrill you, or the things that worry you. You have the choice in every moment."- Abraham

Autumn Equinox September 21-23, 2012:
Star Knowledge Conference-Asheville - Dr. Raja presented a workshop on Vortex Tours in Western North Carolina, His works with Moira 'Lady of the Sun' Dove as Senior Elder Star Ambassadors commissioned by the Interplanetary Council of 12, and 2012 in the Land of the Maya, including his pilgrimage there during the entire month of December. (read more)

July 1-7, 2012:
Stardoves celebrated the Annual National Rainbow Gathering in the Cherokee National Forest

4-27-12 thru 5-2-12:
4 Day AMTRAK Rail Pilgrimage with stops for meditation at: Asheville & Charlotte, North Carolina * Washington D.C * Chicago, Illinois * Milwaukee, Wisconsin * Minneapolis, Minnesota * Fargo, North Dakota * Glacier National Park, Montana * Spokane, Washington * Portland, Oregon * Mt. Shasta, California. The journey home (5-8-12 thru 5-9-12) via United Air Lines completed the pilgrimage, with stops and potent meditations in Redding and San Francisco, California and direct to Charlotte, NC with closing ceremonies there.

5-4-12 thru 5-7-12:
Dr. Raja offers Power Point Presentation of the Light Body, Twin Flames and Eternal Love, at the WESAK FESTIVAL culminating in a Sacred Ash Disbursal Ceremony for Swami Moira at their marriage site 28 years ago atop Mt. Shasta. * Story To Come Soon

3-14-12: Dr. Raja moved to Enchanted Creek in Leicester, NC after departing Candler Dove's Nest *

12-30-11: Swami MoiRA returned to Venus * The event of the decade for Raja *

9/11: In Kentucky, Heart of the Dove, the Doves last public event together, away from the Dove's Nest

June 2011:Star Seed Gathering at Doves' Nest *

1-15-11:Our Dove's Nest Grand Opening!


10-10-10: StarGate Portal Opening & Global Peace Gathering at Pack Square, Downtown Asheville, North Carolina

{Left to Right, (standing) Raja, David Chim, Moira and sitting is Dahvid Weiss}
Note the Arkatron suspended from the lattice work - it is a miniature Ark of the Covenant

This is a picture snapped by Moira's son Giordani right at the exact moment Raja
performed a shamanic ceremony with the arkatron and the Masonic obelisk.
Note the Colors and planetary Orbs & compare them with the image below
of an ancient Israeli Priest doing a blessing with the original
Ark of the Covenant

Note the same Magical Colors Coming
from the Angels & the Ark as those
from the Above Image and it
portrays the Energy
released on
The Earth!


9-9-9:  Grandmother Retreat & Atlantean Crystal Activation, Smoky Mountain Light Lodge * Story To Post Soon

Other events from 1984 thru 2008 are stored in another location & will be available for viewing soon.

BEAR 2012
BEAR 2012