Himalayan Star Conclaves

"Both of these loving spirits are servers , as well as teachers, and their lives offer a strong testament to the admonition that now is the time to walk the walk, as well as talk the talk..."
Brad Steiger and Sherry Hansen Steiger

"Moi-RA and RA-Ja Dove have chosen to call themselves Aquarian Star Shepherds, and they have set themselves apart in order to dedicate their lives to teaching all those who have "ears to hear" about the impending galactic changes and the fulfilment of the intergalactic plan of this Aquarian Age." To introduce you to the Inter-Planetary Mission, we would like to share with you the Introduction and Testimonial to a book we penned during our 1990 deployment to the Himalayan Monasteries of India, Tibet and Nepal.

"The DOVES speak of the cleansings that we will all be undergoing in our minds, bodies, and planet-purgings that will help us to transmute all energies. We all have the opportunity to move beyond the point of 'superficiality', of 'merely believing in something.' We may now progress to the point of actually BECOMING SOMETHING." "They remind us that the 'Kingdom of Heaven', lies within each of us - and that the time is now to be serious-minded and to seek the 'kingdom' anew by truly knowing ourselves." "Moi-Ra and RA-Ja know that their Mission began a long time ago during the glory of Lemuria and Atlantis. Now they have returned to fulfil the current Atlantean Cycle of the 'Return of the Doves of Peace and the Feathered Serpent'. In their work we see how carefully they seek always to merge the illumination of Christ Consciousness with the wise teachings of the 'Plumed Serpent, Quetzalcoatl.'"
"These words of cosmic awareness stand as the symbolic representation of the galactic plan that now awaits humankind."

"In our many encounters with Moi-RA and RA-Ja, we have witnessed their unfailing sincerity and kindness. It is a rare and beautiful thing to perceive those who have given up all to follow the will of the 'Father-Mother Creator Spirit.'"

"Now let us follow them on the great adventure. Let us read with an attitude of openness and receptiveness, gaining from the words that follow that which is meant especially for us...."

Testimonial to the book, "Himalayan Star Conclaves"

by Dr. Joshua David Stone

"The Himalayan Star Conclaves is one of the most compelling books I have read in recent times. Swami RA-Ja and Swami Moi-RA take one straight into the Heart/Light of one of the most sacred, transcendent and revelatory conclaves of our times. Serving as a golden bridge into the new millennium and Age of Aquarius, the 'Himalayan Star Conclaves' carries the reader on the wings of the Dove to the sanctified soil of Kashmir where the reader journeys with them at once to the depths of the soul and the height and expanse of the Omniverse."

"This book is guaranteed to hold any true seeker of the occult mysteries spellbound as the Celestial Hierarchy, the Confederation of Planets and the Inner Plane Hierarchy of Ascended Masters and Angels expound eloquently upon the long hidden truths of the life of Jesus/Sananda and the pre-history of our planetary evolution. The Doves and those hallowed beings whom they bring through will revolutionize and enlighten anyone who seeks to know the inner workings of the life of Jesus and the profound mysteries and heretofore unanswered questions regarding the stupendous work of Jesus/Sananda, as well as Virgin Mary, Mary Magdalene and those that worked closely with him from both the outer and inner realms."

"I can personally attest to the fact that once this book is picked up it cannot be put down until the whole of it is read and consumed by the soul itself. The true beauty of this work lies in its blend of mathematical detail and geometric precision and pure inspiration and Heart Love! It is the perfect blending of Yin/Yang, Masculine/Feminine, Heart/Mind, Heaven and Earth. The 'Himalayan Star Conclaves' serves as a gentle yet strong prod to remembrance for all Light Workers seeking the roots of evolution and the place they hold as leaders and servers in the manifestation of the Divine Plan on Earth!"

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