The Keepers of the Blue Flame Cobalt Wands

KEEPERS are now gathering from all around the Earth to Help!

In the beginning,
The Lords and Lourdes's of the Flame from Venus,
the Kumaras
created the Mighty Flames of Light
to help The Created Worlds.

In the month of September, 2001,
The Aquarian Perspectives Inter-Planetary Mission
completed the BLUE FLAME SERVICE designed to help Planet Earth!

And then, many goodly ETs from all around the Omniverse
joined together and formed THE KEEPERS OF THE BLUE FLAME!

This work quadrupled in unimaginable leaps and bounds as we sought to finish our work in getting the grids of Mother Earth and her people, ready for the new transition.

As of 11-11-11, we have discontinued the old wands we were using and the service as it existed. When the hour is right, we will reactivate the Service and provide fresh wands with higher and greater energy for the Great Work. We want to thank all of you who participated. Stay in touch with us and we will keep you abreast of all news not posted here.

It is through the support of humans, light workers and star seeds that the KEEPERS OF THE BLUE FLAME will be empowered to accomplish its evolutionary goals on planet Earth! This is the hour of the Earth's greatest need: this is why we are all going forward with new and more advanced magical programs and Mission Services to assist Gaia and all her lifeforms in this major transition upon all galaxies at this time. The Starry Powers, the Flames, the Cherubs and Cherubims and the Ascended Masters are now advancing many souls, so all Inter-Planetary Missions like ours, and Anchors for Ascended Master Ashrams on Earth are now being filled with those whose consciousness can absorb the higher cosmic frequencies we emit. Once we are able to sit on the fringe of the world, we can successfully integrate our Blue Flame and other extra-terrestrial frequencies within Earth's multi-faceted cultures.

Our fellow starseeds have brought us much comfort throughout our services on Earth. Our member representatives are the backbone of our mission on earth - our joint mission - for KEEPER CENTRAL is truly the MOTHER/FATHER MISSION ON EARTH. We are composed of the 12 Primary Star Tribes whose DNA are now intermingling upon Earth. The first 2 members we received in 1984, Maria and Peter, are still with us! In their 90s now, we just spoke to them on the phone (March 2003) and they are going strong, preparing their temples for Physical Immortality and sending their support and love as faithful as ever!

KEEPERS OF THE BLUE FLAME is a Mother Mission for 144 StarSeeded Family Souls. We also have two dozen members who have been with us for 10 years or more!

KEEPERS OF THE BLUE FLAME compose a star family, and when we all meet and connect in body-mind-spirit, we become ONE LOVING FAMILY FOREVER. Though we may not always be in the same physical location, we will always find each other performing our services together during our sojourn on Planet Earth.

Members can now begin doing their Mission in earnest with their new star power, star-seeded codons and a wonderful awakening to their mission. They will remain in service until the New Heaven and the New Earth are firmly established. The importance of our going to Israel last March 2001, besides the All Important Global Peace Work, was to re-activate the Arc of the Covenant to a certain frequency, so we can use it etherically as directed by our starry Melchizedek Guides. By using our Blue Flame Keeper Wands, we again picked up the codes that the Arc of the Covenant contains. The Ark is still buried in a secret subterranean chamber under the Temple. This means that we are now being given the Authority and the Power to do these DNA upgrades for all of our Keepers,

The tools selected for this service are the Blue Cobalt Magic Crystal Wands and we have one for every budget!

We are currently seeking the correct Light Wands for these purposes and once we have them, we will update this page.

Cobalt is used by the medical profession in cobalt radiation treatments to heal cancer. As barbaric and backward as this method is, the idea is correct. Cobalt will exterminate cancerous growths and negative alien vampiric draconian energetics. All fear and destructive DNA does not exist in properly administered radionically treated Cobalt, as found in these magic wands. Cobalt specifically strengthens the 5th, 6h, 9th and 12th chakRAs and produces for the planet and all environments, including you, the following energetic elements: HARMONY, PEACE, UNDERSTANDING, TRUTH, LOYALTY.

As these are radionically impressed here at the Mother Mission, a full 40% of proceeds go toward expanding our Mission Services for Mother Earth. Bless You!


Blue Flame Keepers work with certain sacred Orders such as the Order of Melchizedek, the Order of the Dove, the Order of the Goddess, etc. Many of our Keepers were or are still members of the Order of the Golden Dawn, the Hermetic Brotherhood, the Theosophical Society, and the Rosicrucians. Our service also reinvigorates the ancient mystical magical arts! The Blue Flame Wands are tuned to a special frequency that is related to the Great Pyramid. One of the goals of our Order is to retrieve the tools, star ships and radionic devices that are buried beneath the Pyramid. We will open the seals, allowing selected workers to discover our long ago buried magic tools of light! We are here to reclaim them, as one of our groups secreted many of them away. The First Great Pyramid co-ordinates further discussion on how the Great Pyramid and the KEEPERS OF THE BLUE FLAME work together which will be found in KEEPER LESSONS.

Information and lessons regarding the specific dynamics concerning the ORDER OF THE KEEPERS OF THE BLUE FLAME goal of reviving the tools, star ships and radionic devices that we buried beneath the Great Pyramid, are also covered in KEEPER LESSONS which all KEEPERS may receive.

Besides the tools we left in the pyramid that we will resurrect, there are codes and frequencies that the Great Pyramid emits that matches the frequency emitted by the Blue Flame Wands. Together, these frequencies are being broadcast to the living population of Earth so they can assemble more DNA strands; thus the Earth's Grid vibratory rate will rise, affecting the vibrational speed of the electromagnetic wave patterns of the Earth, and the sub-atomic particles within the Earth's core. This will allow the frequency of the Earth to vibrate faster, and a blue-flamed high frequency energy will be sent up from the Earth's core. This will allow the Seal placed over the Arc of the Covenant to break and merge with the Blue Flame within the inner bowels of Gaia. The Blue Flame will then grow stronger and develop a corresponding high frequency deep within the Earth's core, which will then raise the Earth's grid speed high enough to hold the Plan of Peace On Earth, GoodWill to All Life!

This was accomplished in 2000-1. It will be 2003-9, when the Earth's grid will assimilate the new frequencies, and the Great Beings, like Isis and Thoth, who will be working with us again will be FULLY EMBODIED on Earth and will progressively infuse the Earth Grid. This will greatly stimulate the DNA of all life forms. 2009-1012 we are in the Smoky Mountians working with last portion of grid harmonics before the ships land.

Starseeds will re-gain TOTAL RECALL of who they are and why they are here! The Earthlings' DNA strands will begin to rapidly assemble new higher-dimensional frequencies never before available to the Hu-specie. Mass Awakenings unprecedented in Earth's herstory are occurring. Multidimensional reality is becoming commonplace! The energetic treatments given by the Blue Flame will UPGRADE GAIA so well, that the Earth and her people will be prepared to receive the Higher Knowledge of Higher worlds, and the visitation and co-mingling on Earth with Higher Evolved more loving, kind sentient beings will take place!

We have KEEPERS OF THE BLUE FLAME set-up now with points in India, America, Mexico, Australia, Costa Rica, Tibet, Nepal, Tahiti, Canada, and the Philippines, and we are searching for more. They will be attracted as bees to honey; it will be a natural work.

As we set these up, cyclic meditations and energetic focus work with the magic wands and the Star of Metatron's will be issued. Then the Satellites or individual servers will spread the light via meditations as the world progresses. We will perform Global Peace and Blue Flame Light Meditations and Initiations cyclically.

Highlights of your Cobalt Wand
and pertinent suggestions

Your Cobalt wand is sterling silver wrapped. With optical grade Natural Amethyst, and clear quartz crystals, and Rhodonite. The Rod is composed of crystalline-tempere glass with cobalt trace elemental gas. Planetary Influence of their essence is Moon, Neptune and Jupiter, affecting the 4th, 6th and 7th chakRAs most.

The specific vibratory energetics that the crystals and gem add to your wand during each send are:
Amethyst and Rhodonite usher a state of HIGHER LOVE in an EARTHLY WAY, or a WAY in which the EARTH may receive it best! The Amethyst helps transmute the reality of higher consciousness into everyday living. Amethyst also provides a shield of purple-blue that specifically keeps out all Reptilians, Greys, Insectoids, and Draconians from all work you do with your Blue Flame Wands. The Amethyst is also tuned to keep you pure and sober for all your sincere holy work. Rhodonite then assists you to stay in your heart while maintaining personal integrity in all mundane and spiritual activity and place. In the clear quartz lies all the power of reception, storage, charge and transmission of the energies! The Christed Crystal is a True Gift and Powerhouse on your world, that will aid you greatly in the times ahead! Let us Give Great Thanks and humble Praises! Each wand, after being individually assimilated, is individually, or in groups up to 5, charged for 22.2 hours beneath our Cheops Pyramid, before being placed in the Cobalt Genii Ra Tor and PyRA RAy Coffer for another 22.5 hours. These ortho-rotate the energetics, bringing in starry energy and projecting it into the Cobalt Tube, along with the trace elemental cobalt gas.

As the Wand is used, it is now attuned to the Pi ray - and Bandwidth of the Great Pyramid. Thus, the energy emitted from your crystal wand is angled properly so that the energy is emitted in a laser like beam (even more focused and coherent than in a unidirectional method).

The crystals and jewels then serve as an amplifying reflector for the inner tube energy dynamics of the Cobalt that has been magcially-radionically- Hermetically sealed.

All Blue Flame Magic Crystal Wands (Siberian, Cobalt, Lapis, Azurite) are considered Power wands in technical wizardry. Power Wands are generally used for power applications; the forms are many, the primary purpose is the same.

The great energy charges we imbue into our Cobalt wands, allows for increased amplification because of its greater capacitance properties combined with acceleration factors of refined Cobalt. Quartz and other precious stones have been added as capacitance, that is, energy storage characteristics. The mode of capacitance occurs rapidly, as energy throughout the wand builds up to a specific threshold level after which it pulse-releases it. The wand, by virtue of greater overall crystalline mass can, as a result, absorb a higher amount of energy charge.

The main idea in the design of a wand is to place gems and refined metals at harmonic intervals throughout the length of the wand. The energy dynamics are harmonic standing wave patterns that sometimes bears simple and sometimes complex sacred geometric relationships among them.

If for any reason, you are not happy with your Wand, we offer a full 100% Guarantee refund to your Satisfaction - up to 15 days after your reception. Once you have had it for 2 weeks and enJOY it. She is YOURS FOREVER!


Simple Instructions for Using Your Magic Wands!
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