THE SKY PEOPLE is an important Star People's Bible and is used extensively in the Aquarian Perspectives Inter-Planetary Mission's Star People's Lessons.

This special book may have started the popular STAR PEOPLE revolution and thus provided the all important links to the NEW AGE explosion of the understanding behind the STAR PEOPLE mystery declaring that beings from the stars live within humans - how and why is explained!

1960: THIS is the fascinating story of the Sky People who have been visiting our planet for millions of years. You will learn from this startling, but scholarly, book that Apollo, Hermes, Prometheus and other Greek Gods, together with the Egyptian deity, Osiris and the Biblical Angels, were all visitors from Outer Space.

They came down to earth and mingled with mortals, bringing much-needed light and wisdom at critical periods in our history. Subsequently, after their withdrawal they were worshipped as Gods, which they did not desire.

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