The purpose of all Mission Services is Initiation. As individuals proceed on the Path of Earth Service, the difficulty of interpreting certain situations becomes increasingly great. Explaining them requires initiate-consciousness.

These services are being administered by the Office of the Dove at this time in world history with such accuracy and assistance because it is now time for all beings to move forward, learn their true identity, drop the blocks and go forward to create the New World!

For those having difficulty, or simply in need of clarification or affirmation, are these services given. So that ones may go on to greater Service to this world, are these services offered.
These Initiation Services are performed in the ancient way of the Egyptian Ptahs. RA-Ja and Moi-RA were commissioned to render these services during their training in the Great Pyramid in 1991, as well as past lives on Earth and their myriad Inter-planetary lives. Thoth and Metatron personally Initiated the Doves in 1984 in the Yucatean Pyramids and again during 11:11: The Opening of the Star Gates and Cosmic Doorway (1991) - in the sarcophagus of the King's Chamber and at the secret chamber at the foot of the Sphinx. They have also been initiated as Swamis in India (1989-90) after an intense pilgrimage to many of the Ashrams and Temples of Tibet, Nepal and India, culminating in the Crown Ceremony in Darjeeling, India, high atop the Himalayas.

Moira and I met Master Hilarion upon the Base of the Mountain in Sedona at Bell Rock. He took us by etheric travel to Mt. Graham near Eden, Arizona. Large trees shaded us. A clear running stream flowed by. The Master left us here momentarily a peace prevailed. Weary from the journey through blackness, it was good to relax - and await THE GATHERING of Masters and Angels on their way to bestow INITIATION. 

Now a rose-pink drink, sparkling with life from Venus, was tendered us. "It is the elixir of Initiation spoke Ascending Master Hilarion.  All ye who come to this page may now safely enter the Halls of Initiation if ye will but accept this etheric drink, the rose-pink elixir of Initiation. To each one who has made it here and seeks assistance in their life, a deeper quaff of the elixir may be yours through the Divine Services offered by the Aquarian Inter-Planetary Mission.  Drink beloveds, and I with you.

Our thin crystal goblet was three-fourths full. We touched glasses.  "To the Stars," we cried in unison. New vigor and exaltation poured through blood and bone.  A feeling of regeneration for the moment made body, heart and mind as new. 

All students of the esoteric path now have this opportunity to experience a one on one counseling session with me, HILARION, as Raja channels it  directly to you on the telephone - and at the same time I shall be sending you thru cosmic energies to raise your chakras and adjust imperfect miss-alignments within your energy being.  Remember that you will be the one doing this, as I direct thru Raja, as he channels to you. 

Interested?  Place your order below at a click of a button and then leave the telphone number you wish for Raja to call you at, and an appointment will be made for you within 33 hours (and in some cases right away), if time permits).  HAPPINESS TO ALL SOULS!

Raise Your

Cosmic Energy
With the Ascending Master Hilarion

Anyone requesting this may be living anywhere on the Earth; no photograph is needed, or hair sample, as the energy scan will be direct to YOUR  AURA (energy field around your body). These energies will reach and bless YOU regardless of time and space or any distance in the Cosmos.  The energy comes from the Ascended Masters Realms and as directed by Master Hilarion   


The Cosmic Energy will enter your  crown chakra and produce immediately a feeling of purity of heart & mind.   


Any imbalance causes lack of  cosmic energy. This in turn leads to the gradual closure of your vital centers (chakras), thereby preventing the smooth flow of Divine/ Cosmic Energy. When the body is deprived of this Energy, it is prone to all sorts of physical and mental diseases, which makes your life on Earth painful, and Your Mission nearly impossible to perform.  This Star Sacrament neither treats dis-ease nor any symptoms, and is for the person as a whole - i.e. for physical, mental & spiritual health {Holistic}. All dis-eases manifest as a result of an imbalance in positive and negative energy (toxic matter), The Cosmic Energy comes to you from a Cosmic Tensor Beam from Venus and the Pleiades (combined) and administered via a scientific Arcturian Beam Ship.  



  Normal Price: $125

The function of the three Kumaras, or the three Buddhas of Activity at initiation is interesting. They are three aspects of the one aspect, and the pupils of Sanat Kumara. Though their functions are many and varied, and concern primarily the forces and energies of nature, and the direction of the building agencies, they have a vital connection with the applicant for initiation, inasmuch as they each embody the force or energy of one or other of the three higher subplanes of the mental plane.
Therefore at the third initiation one of these Kumaras transmits to the causal body of the initiate that energy which destroys third subplane matter, and thus brings about part of the destruction of the vehicle; at the fourth initiation another Buddha transmits second plane force, and at the fifth, first subplane force is similarly passed into the remaining atoms of the causal vehicle, producing the final liberation.

Inter-Planetary Masters Planetary Initiation Blessing

There is an initiation for the planet that will create an electromagnetic shield at the level of the Causal Body that will broadcast a signal of freedom to all of those that have been affected by low extraterrestrial transmissions. This initiation is given by th Master Hilarion and is designed to awaken within the mind structures of any individual, a chain of information that will counteract mental manipulation at the lower levels where the grey ETs and demons operate.

This transmission will commence a sequence of transmissions within your every hour. This shield will resonate magnetically against all other transmissions from the greys or demons. The wonderful thing is that the Light of the Divine uses the human aura as a device to resonate these energy patterns that will STOP all negative Alien energies and mental waves, wherever any person with this initiation is located, affecting not only his or her environment, but also their relatives and friends.

In addition, this initiation will create a big shift in perception for all who receive it and have been manipulated by this force and will open a channel to the Conscious Self to become aware of the subconscious patterns that the lower ET transitions create. In short, this initiation is the solution to many cases of mental ET mind control used on unsuspecting people.

The wonderful part is that anyone that asks for this initiation can receive it just by asking for it: Just close your eyes, relax and think these words:

" It is my intention to receive the Inter Planetary Bands of Love and Light right now - and so it is"

BEAR 2012
BEAR 2012