The Akashic Records are the energetic records of all souls about their past lives, the present lives, and possible future lives. Each soul has its Akashic Records, like a series of books with each book representing one lifetime. The Hall (or Library) of the Akashic Records is where all souls’ Akashic Records are stored energetically. The information is stored in the Akasha (spirit). In this reading Moira assists Dr. Raja from Venus to zero in on your soul's life paths as contained in The Akashic Records.

Thus Reading from your Soul Book, the STARDOVES assist you with your life path or Mission, and problems you may be having. Based on your questions and the information we have discovered through the questions we will ask you, we will open your record and begin reading to find the answers for you.

Common questions people ask include: Why am I here? What is my purpose for this life? What is the lesson to be learned from (a relationship, an experience, an illness or injury, a pattern of events)? Why did I have the parents I had? How can I (have the life I deserve, transition to a career that fulfills me, find a perfect partner)?

Readings are $111 for one hour and 11 minutes and provided via phone call or Skype for those outside the US and Canada. Or by email if you prefer. Payment must be received in advance to guarantee your appointment. Click Here to Pay now or use Shopping Cart Button Below.

Are you in any one of the following situations…?

  • Feeling stuck despite having tried all ways to create abundance in your life?
  • No clarity in your life purpose?
  • Don’t know who you really are at Soul level?
  • Reliving your old dramas over and over again?
  • Engaged in repeated patterns of bad luck, trauma and negative events?
  • Experiencing great difficulties in your relationships with others?
  • Suffering from a lack of self love and low confidence?
  • Experiencing highly negative energies based on anger, sadness, hatred, exhaustion, etc all the time?
  • Feeling frustrated about being unable to find fulfillment in your life?
  • Looking for growth in your spiritual development but not sure how to proceed?

If the answer is yes to any of the above scenarios, then you need to read on about what you are possibly missing out on. To begin with, it may well be that you have been looking at all the wrong places.

The answers lie at your Soul level.

As each Soul, from the moment of its physical origination, has a set of Akashic Records. The Akashic Records act as a database whereby every thought, word or action is stored as an energetic event. Hence, everything about you, including all information about current, past (extending to previous lifetimes, and lifetimes on other planets), are stored here. It also goes to show that your Akashic Records contain the information of why you are facing certain blocks and restrictions now!

The library of Akashic Records is not on the physical plane but rather, it exists on the etheric level. Let the Elder StarSeed Ambassadors access your records while you are on the telephone with us in a meditative or relaxed state, and engage our Intuitive Consultancy to aid you in the retrieval of your records and what you need to do next in your lives on Many Mansions!

“Quite suddenly I come upon a hall of records. It is a hall without walls, without ceiling, but I am conscious of seeing an old man who hands me a large book, a record of the individual for whom I seek information.”
- Edgar Cayce

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RECEIVE PERSONAL READING|HEALING From Moira on Venus, as channeled by Raja

Far right is one of Moira's last earthly images
(see her dressed in her pretty red)
Raja is by her side in orange Sanyasin Robe
Center, images of Jesus, Babaji & Yogananda
Rev. Dee issuing Doves World Service Citation

Each respondent will receive Healing by energy transfer projected by Venusian Goddess Angels, and focused by Moira directly to Your Heart Chakra.  Then the Reading will commence as described below.

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Aquarian Mission

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 The Aquarian Perspectives Inter-Planetary Mission is an emissarial body of the Holy Cosmic Dove that wanders planet to planet (Venus, Earth, Jupiter, Mercury, Uranus, Saturn, Mars and more within other galaxies too numerous to mention ... to bring Cosmic Comfort in its many and myraid forms. Moi-RA now works directly with the Holy Dove on Venus, the planet Mundo Azul.

And RA-Ja Dove, (below) are the hosts, or physical temples, channels for this Cosmic Comforter. Therefore all of these services bear this divine imprint.

Moira (pictured left under Mt. Shasta Tree) will tune into your soul's antahkarana. The Star Shepherdess will then tune directly into the center of power within your head or crown chakra and gather all the necessary data that your soul holds as regards your personal dharma. Then by tapping the Akashic Record she will tune into the Will of The Great Divine Director (Mother|Father Goddess|God of All, for the right and true comprehension of that knowledge which she will then pass on to Raja via channeling or mediumship thru his pineal and pituitary (crown chakra and third eye) and then offered to you in the reading.

If you are a star seed, the Celestial Commands will make available the ships of light or the star fields of force from your home worlds so that the language of light from your home world will divulge the secrets necessary for you to grow and accomplish your mission on Earth.

Our loved ones, those that stay on as guides and helpers, are happy to connect with us, to show us, teach us, how to heal the past and complete the karmic cycle. Participate with Moira on Venus and Raja here on Earth during this Sacrament and treat yourself to a Amulet or Talisman and divinely orchestrated Venusian Reading|Healing for Your Soul. Spend this Sacred Time with Sacred Beings –

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Thoth and Metatron personally Initiated the StarDoves in 1980 in the Yucatean Pyramids and again during 11:11:11 at The Opening of the Star Gates and Cosmic Doorway (1991) in the sarcophagus of the King's Chamber, Great Pyramid, Egypt and at the secret chamber at the foot of the Sphinx. They were initiated as Swamis in India (1989-90) after an intense pilgrimage to many of the Ashrams and Temples of Tibet, Nepal and India, culminating in the Crown Ceremony in Darjeeling, India, high atop the Himalayas officiated by the Ascending Masters of Light.

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