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From: Kristani Nani Nui December 30, 2009 7:51 AM

Dear Ones,

It is with immense fondness that I recall my time spent with the Star Doves at their Smoky Mountain Light Lodge. From the moment Giordani (Professor Moira's son and chef extraordinaire of the manor) picked me up and I saw the image of El Morya proudly displayed on the dash of the van...I new I was in the right place and would be in the company of amazing Beings.

Once we arrived at the Light Lodge, I had the pleasure of meeting the beloved Twin Flames...Dr. Raja Merk Dove and Professor Moira Lady of the Sun Dove. Their love for each other was immediately evident and contagious. There was no doubt that this was indeed a match made in Heaven and that they were chosen for the specific purpose of helping to awaken the Twin Flame codes within each of us. It would indeed be a stay filled with much love. And their hospitality was unequaled as they shared their private residence and the intimacy of their lives with guests.

Each day began with a healthy breakfast prepared with care by Giordani . And as we encircled the table, each of us shared our SELVES and got to know one another better. But somehow, it seemed as if we already knew each other...on another level. The chit-chat would soon come to an end as our beloved guide Dr. Raja rounded us up to head out for the day's adventure.

Since I was visiting during the retreat of 11:11, the focus was on the opening of the Rose StarGate. It represents a portal through which the Divine Feminine in perfect balance with the Divine Christ Light can flow and return to full activation on this planet. In preparation for our day's journey we began by spending time beneath the Star Doves Metatronic-Christ Orb Pyramid to assist in activating the sacred geometrical portal (the Rose StarGate) within our etheric being. This also brought the group into alignment. In addition, each visit to a vortex reflected those energies as did the Sacred Initiations at each site. In addition, the Readings (Divinely selected by the Library Angels) were not only based on the dynamics of the group but were also chosen for the benefit of each person's unique resonance. I particularly delighted in witnessing the perfection with which it was orchestrated! It was all amazingly congruent...but as we all know...there are no mistakes, right?

Every day brought with it a new and exciting experience as we traveled Western North Carolina which was once a part of Atlantis. In fact the Pisgah (which is the Hebrew name for the place where Moses saw the "Promised Land") Forest of today was once an Atlantean "holy land" for the people. No wonder I could actually feel the pull of its power and magnitude! Then between Mt. Pisgah and Mt. Mitchell is a 50 mile ancient Atlantean Temple-Pyramid Complex that is staggering to comprehend. It's hard to fathom it all...and to think that we were actually able to personally stand on these sacred places and receive their gifts. The ancient energies were tangible and my gratitude for those who came before us increased with each stop (which were many since I was on the 5-Day Vortex Tour). Places of interest also included a monolithic-megalithic Atlantean compound today called Chimney Rock. Others of note were: Grandfather Mountain, Linville Caverns and Falls, Clingman's Dome, and Cades Cove...all of which were the perfect locations for a multitude of Initiation Ceremonies. And I would be remiss if I didn't also mention the cultural tour of Asheville and vortex tour of the sacred mountain portals of light surrounding the Asheville area. It really is a special place :) Not to mention that as well as the intended destinations being of particular significance...the drive to them was as well. Each day's road trip had it's character with some being meditative and quiet while others were loud and joyous with much singing and laughing. All was truly in Divine right timing and order!

Personally one of the most satisfying parts of my stay was learning how to actually see the ships in the sky. While I had been aware of their presence and have always been able to feel them, I had to this point been frustrated with not being able to view them. Thanks to the effective tutelage of Dr. Raja, I am now pleased to report that I have that skill. For that, I am especially thankful to him. After all, these are our star brothers and sisters making themselves available to us with their unending support. I am now able to actually look at them (sometimes with tears in my eyes) and say "Thank You".

Another highlight for me was having the opportunity to mine Atlantean crystals. If you are as drawn to crystals as much as I am (and have been my entire fact, my mother tells of putting a "bowl of rocks" in front of me in order to keep me occupied for hours so she could attend to her chores), then you're in for a real treat! Dr. Raja is an expert when it comes to mining! With mining ax and pick in hand, he and I journeyed off into the woods on the private land of the Lodge to search for these incredible Beings. When we finally came across a "Big Guy" protruding out of the ground (as if to say "I'm ripe and ready for the pickin'...note: say that with a southern twang please!) was our duty to free him (which we rightly did). These crystal allies are guardians of the Earth and her life forms that are ready to be released from bondage in order to be of service. They want to find a human vessel through which they can actively fulfill their mission of increasing light on this planet. Having now reunited with one of these blessed Beings, I have been meditating with it daily and accessing the codes embedded within. I find that doing so is a means by which I can raise my vibration as well as attune to higher levels of consciousness. If you are considering it at all, I would suggest that you be sure to take one home with you. You won't be disappointed! NOTE: StarDoves only mine crystals on their private lands. No mining of crystals on Forest Service land and National Forests are permitted.

Of course, patiently awaiting our arrival back home (and it did indeed feel like home to me) from our exploration, was Giordani with a delicious meal to end the day. And again, time spent around the table was such a blessing as Professor Moira shared her prayers and stories. I took a real liking to hearing her sing "Let There Be Peace On Earth". If she hasn't yet bestowed this precious treasure upon you, be sure to ask her to do so. It is truly heart-filled on her part and an honor to witness and hear :) Both as our crone Grandmother Moira in her role as teacher of the Christ-Love consciousness as well as the innocent song-filled One...I have come to know and love Her equally. She is a bright, shining Light!

Also if you get the opportunity, I would recommend getting your Star Name and Star Soul Attunement. Again, while I had an awareness of the Stargate through which I travel to this planet (Arcturus), I never actually knew from where I hailed. Finding out that I was from Aldebaran has proven to be of great significance. Since finding out, I have requested that the Higher Realms grace me with memories of there that might benefit me in fulfilling my mission in this incarnation. Indeed they have done so (in dream state) as well as assisting me in re-claiming otherwise lost gifts (levitation, invisibility, etc.). For that I am most thankful. The Star Soul Attunement will give you a more focused view of your purpose and how to go about accomplishing it. Again, while it is a starting point you must accept responsibility once the information has been given to you to proceed accordingly and put it to use for the good of the whole (which I believe I am doing).

I would also advise staying an extra day or two to soak up the energies of the Smoky Mountain Light Lodge and the surrounding land. Give yourself enough time to trek up to the UFO Platform too. My final day there, I also spent time checking out the books in the various rooms of the Lodge. There were so many terrific ones...including some which are now out-of-print which Dr. Raja has so generously re-printed in order to make them available to visitors at an affordable price. Of course, I had to buy a few to add to my ever-growing collection of metaphysical books. No doubt, you too may want to do so as well. And if you have time, be sure to bask in the energies of the High Priestess of Telos, Rosalia, Altar Room. It feels terrific! I was fortunate to have the privilege of sleeping in that room which made for some interesting dreams.

** So relish in your time with the wise Dr. Raja, his beloved Twin Flame Moira and dear sweet, ever-serving Danny. And once you must depart, go back out into the world with the Grail Codes you now embody serving as a vessel through which they can be infused into Earth's grid system (genetic ley lines). You are now serving to bring these once lost Light codes back into the DNA of humanity. By answering the call to attend a StarGate gathering with the StarDoves at their Smoky Mountain Light Lodge, you are benefitting the inhabitants of this planet more than you can ever imagine. I know for me, it really didn't "sink in" fully until my return back home. Together we are creating Heaven on Earth and you have just taken a major step in that direction. For that I am grateful, thankful and appreciative (and I believe that I speak for all fellow StarSeeds and LightWorkers).

I wish you all the best and hope that your stay has been inspirational, fun, magical, spiritual, auspicious, empowering, informative, supportive, unifying and whatever else you intended it to be :)

Until we meet in the ethers (or in the 3D if I am so blessed),

Kristani Nani Nu (and Crew too)

P.S. I'm attaching some photos to affirm that it wasn't all just an incredible dream!
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BEAR 2012