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Testimonial from Barbara White


Raja, Dear,

How can I thank you for the spectacular weekend? It was perfect in every single way. I loved being part of every interaction; I was able to gain so much insight on so many levels. I couldn't begin to recount them all, but I know they are locked in my heart and psyche to be applied as I (we) continue The Work.

I rehearsed many testimonies as I drove home. The words on my lips, though, were mostly, "Om Namah Shivays and Thank You."

I send you and Moira and David much love and many hugs. You chose well when you chose Moira. And to make your ears floppier, she chose well with you. What an amazing pair you are! And give Jordani my best. I hope he is able to heal and do the work he loves.

Here is my testimony. I found I could have written pages. But for the sake of my form of brevity (being not a woman of few words), here is my better effort. Please feel free to edit or use/not use any or all. I ain't got no attachments to it. I'm just seeing the notes as a bit of service, an offering. What fond memories!

***** **
Although it is difficult to describe all the activities and experiences of the weekend retreat, my visit to the StarDoves Lodge was a remarkable weekend on many levels. The initiations, toning, fellowship, inclusion as family, tours, starship observations and exchanges of information were the external forms of the weekend. But internally, much more happened. I experienced many kryias (physical release of karmic material) throughout the entire weekend. I found myself having growing experiences of understanding on many levels, with regard to the interactions of others around me, why I was part of them, and how it all fit into the broader picture of the joint mission of light workers all over the planet. In addition, I found myself taking great joy in filling in where there was a need - serving with great love and gratitude and being able to experience an exhilarating taste of selflessness.

Being part of the StarDoves family was especially sweet. As stated in the flyer, we were invited to make the lodge our home. All participants felt like brothers and sisters, long lost but of like mind. Meeting young people with such devotion to a higher cause and carrying the light gave me hope for the future I've never had. Mother Earth is in good hands with these light beings.

On my return trip home, I contemplated my experiences and found an inner peace and self love I've not had before. I also found new confidence in my own inner strength and a real sense of purpose. As doubts or questions arose from the old mind habits, answers popped into my awareness immediately, allowing my conviction and commitment to remain strong, my confidence not to waver. Now, even since returning home, I find my inner core very strong. I'm finding it easy to remember that I can't afford the luxury of one negative thought. How liberating! I have much love and gratitude to the StarDoves family for providing me with the opportunity for this giant leap up the mountain.

'Barbara White'

Many, many blessings,

Much love,
BEAR 2012
BEAR 2012