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Testimonial from DAna

Dearest Dr. Raja,

Please take this testimony ... as it comes straight from my heart and from the depths of my soul:

It is so hard to put into linear language the level of gratitude and love I have for the Stardoves. My experience of the weekend of 10-10-10 magnified the most extreme understanding I have had to present date, relating to this time here on earth. I have gained new insight, awareness and knowledge about experiences I have had throughout my life. The toning, the meditations, the reading, the insights, the gifts of open hearts and the climax of 10-10-10 itself were among the greatest gifts life has to offer. I could not have asked for a more magnificent group of loving beings to share these experiences with. My Light family shined so brightly that weekend that I shall forever be changed and be grateful for our union. As I journeyed home, I continued to have the most amazing experiences and carried with me the love and excitement engraved upon my soul throughout the weekend. Life has continued to shower me with those magnificent moments as I tap into that source of pure love and divine power throughout my daily life back here at home. I hold the Stardoves at the core of my being and the center of my heart as I basque in the oneness of Divine Love. My sincere gratitude will continue to drive me everyday as I welcome the opportunities that flow to me and through me from this moment on.

With unlimited love and light ALWAYS,


BEAR 2012
BEAR 2012