I Ching

Using the modern text to interpret one of the world's oldest systems of divination and revelation! Its purpose is to show the recipients the forces cyclically going on in their life at present, what influences are just passing, and influences destined to enter. Made possible by oracles reading the energies of your HIGHER SELF and spirit guides who help direct the flow of this astoundingly accurate reading. Swami RA-Ja, (who obtained this unique form of the I-Ching while in Kathmandu, Nepal - the Himalayas-1990), has given thousands of absolutely amazingly accurate readings the past 4 decades! This reading is for those who want an oracle to tell them what is going on in their lives at this time, what just transpired in their lives in the recent past (and why) - and what is coming up for them in the future - JUST AHEAD!

Guidance also comes forth on how to handle any of the situations now confronting the recipient. This is a real treasure of a reading for those searching for these kinds of answers! We stopped doing this by email or phone. It only seems to work in-person.

Click here to pay $125 for a personal I-Ching Reading, by eMail or in-person


BEAR 2012
BEAR 2012