Star Soul Attunement

This Service is dedicated to the ever unfolding and understanding of Unity Consciousness through the divine relationship of angles (perspectives) of Creation. As form (Light/matter) manifests upon the face of the deep (Great Void), the cosmic waves (Sound Spirals) of energy pulsate to the heart beat of the primordial mother.         Here only Truth, Love, and Compassion are your guides.

Aum Mani Padme Hum

The Vitruvian Man

The Vitruvian Man is one of Leonardo da Vinci’s signature creations, dated 1487 A.D. The design is based upon the notes of Marcus Vitruvius Pollio; a Roman writer, architect, and engineer living 1500 years earlier.  The image captures the human body as perfection in nature, the “measure of all things.”

Da Vinci himself said, “The workings of the human body are an analogy for the workings of the universe.”

We are speaking to the perfect man living in the perfect place called paradise: The Golden Age.

Mythologist Richard Heinberg reminds us in his book Memories and Visions of Paradise: Exploring the Universal Myth of a Lost Golden Age: “As human consciousness lost contact with its internal, heavenly source of power, technology emerged as a power substitute. Its first appearance was as sympathetic magic and as the invocation of spiritual beings to change Nature for human benefit. However, as human awareness became increasingly restricted to the material world, purely mechanical technologies appeared.”

The Vitruvian Man held a key insight into mapping the flow of cosmic consciousness through the double-helix spiral of our DNA macromolecule as well as the pyramids on Earth and Mars.

The Face on Mars as well as the pyramid complex on its Cydonia plateau mirror the Great Pyramid complex on the Giza plateau as the same geometry is encoded in these structures and The Vitruvian Man. You can overlay this man to the monument; those same angles, ratios, proportions, of the buildings are the human body in all its extraterrestrial glory in other words!  Thus the Star Soul Attunement has a way of using the RAINBOW BRIDGE to enter your Home World and using Star Gematria we come up with a Star Soul Attunement that catapults you to the Next Level in your Life ...

This Service summons the star ships. They have been searching for you and now you have answered their summons. Through the help of these ships we will move in and out of space-time passing from one star system to another until reaching your home world.

This remarkable service allows you to learn your: Home Planet, Primary Star Guides, the Nature of Your Mission on Earth and how to go about doing your mission. It enables the Star Soul (as a chrysalis) to come out of its cocoon and realize that s/he is free to fly and be what s/he truly is!

Passing through the light-barrier via transubstantiation, we meet your Star Guides. They guide the session, showing us the level of your present capabilities. Your Mission may involve science and technologies beyond the laws of Earth. Or you may be from a world of feeling, with special gifts.


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BEAR 2012