Individual & Group DOLPHIN

Atlantean Vortex Tours & Initiation

Visit New & Ancient Atlantis in Miami, the Florida Keys, Bimini and the Bahamas
3 Day Tours with 1 full day sunrise and all night in the exotic island of Bimini (ancient Atlantis)
where we spend it with one of the more advanced & loving ET Dolphin Pods on
the planet! 2nights cabin, 3 meals per day on cruise boat, and one day with the
dolphins, including orientation, workshop and private session.  $477!




Our Amazing Dolphin Experience in Bimini (Jan 2015) was Funtastic. The Illumined Family + "RA" & family & friends. Included metaphysical readings & Sacred Initiations by Ra & cabin aboard boat.



Imagine this-you are out on the water, there is a slight breeze, the water is perfectly clear, you are the only boat around and you can just see Bimini on the horizon…then someone says-dolphins over there!!!! We slowly move over to a couple of dolphins that are lazily moving through the water and float with the boat next to them for a while. As we are floating with them the two dolphins multiply from two to almost thirty in number. After a while we gently slip into the water-not the prettiest thing a dolphin ever saw-our human pod slowly swam together towards the dolphin pod which slowly swam to our human pod and all met face to face-each stopped and floated together looking at each other. It was an amazing beautiful experience to be watching-almost as if time had stood still. For over two hours the dolphins stayed in the same spot interacting with each other and our human pod only inches from each other with amazing eye to eye contact - the dolphins making all the advances and our human pod just floating there. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

 Welcome to The ILLUMINED Wild Human-Dolphin Connection, providing FULL MOON programs for swimming with dolphins who are free, in the warm Caribbean ocean. Based on the Pleiadean Dolphin and Sirian Information Presented by Ra with these specially selected dolphins in the optimum conditions for both dolphins and humans in a magical adventure in Atlantis.


Cetacean's Portals Assistance ...scene from

The Dolphins and Whales are Opening Earth's Portals! It is time for Atlantis to Rise Again - In Consciousness and Spirit and then the Time Machines and Crystal will come up -

- Cosmic Radiation Rays from "deep space"
are transmitting new information for new alignments 
and recalibrating all lives and bodies to higher frequencies of Light. -

Mother Earth's time warp -  is opening the door to your memories of Infinity, 
Light & Love, but your mind will feel confused... It is time to explore and dream our future.

The Magic is Rising all around, and NOW the Butterfly is emerging - The New Human is beginning to unfurl its wings.

Archangel Michael via Celia Fenn:

 on the 11: 11, the 11th of November, the portals were opened and the 6th Dimensional energies of Magic began to be anchored on the Earth. This process continues at full power until the 12 : 12 on the 12th of December, and will be fully activated by the Solstice on the 21st of December, when the Earth aligns with the Galactic Center and energizes the Earth's 6th Dimensional plane with the Light Codes for the New Reality.

You are now truly existing in a Multi-dimensional Reality, with Reality frames ranging from Third Dimensional through to Sixth Dimensional all co-existing within the Earth's New Reality Grids. The Earth as a Planetary Body is anchored in the 5th Dimension, which is the Dimension of Oneness and Inter-connection. Now, there are those of you who are ready to take another step and move into the 6th Dimensional Frequency of Magic and Dreams, and to make this a part of your lives on Planet Earth.

Our Dolphin Vortex Tours to Bimini features Dolphins who are teachers and emissaries and who can, with their advanced sonar, raise the frequencies in humans, planets. etc.,

Beloved Ones, as these new 6th Dimensional Portals open, they raise the vibrational frequency of the Earth, and this intensifies what is perceived as "chaos" on the Earth. As you may know, the higher the frequency, the more harmonious and peaceful the energy. But, when lower frequencies encounter higher frequencies, then there is turmoil and imbalance for a while as the energies find a balance. So it is, right now, that the increasing turmoil is an indication of the raising of frequency on the Earth and the tumult that occurs as each of the interconnected Dimensions of Light comes into balance with the others.

It is also true, that the energies of the Higher Dimensions work their way downwards, so that when the 6th Dimension is opened to the Magical Creation of the Garden of Eden on Planet Earth, this will begin to manifest until it is anchored on the 5th Dimension and the illusion of the Third Dimension with its duality consciousness and conflict will disappear from the Timeline.

Ra with a descendant of Flipper, Miami Beach 2014


Dr. Raja first began giving Vortex Tours in 1980, during a Pilgrimage Titled; "Toward The Land of the Sun" and it featured 30 days with the Mayans at Palenque in Chiapas, San Cristobal de las Casas in Guatemala; including Lake Atitlan, as well as Monte Alban in Oxaca, Merida, and ChiChen Itza in the Yucatan.

1990: India

2008-2013 and For now you may see what we discovered while doing tours at the Biblical Promised Land existing in the Smoky & Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina!

2014 After a brief pilgrimage to Kona, Hawaii and a swim with a beautiful Dolphin Pod there, Dr. Raja began doing Vortex Tours exclusively in South Florida and the Caribbean.

Mt. Pisgah named after the Biblical mount from which Moses viewed the PROMISED LAND!

Each Tour was a Spiritual Initiation in this Sacred Portal of Light! All vortex tours were dedicated to the 'Children of the Great Mystery' and those who walk, talk, swim fly and crawl throughout all the sacred lands of Mother Earth ~ Gaia, who are nurtured by Father Sun and Mother Earth and taught by the Star Spirit ELders from Higher Evolved planets, some of which have space ships.

In 1980 L Taylor Hansen provided proof that Atlantis exists in North Carolina and that Jesus Sananda visited here. See her book: Jesus Walked the Americas. Discover why the Mega-Crystalline Vortex of Asheville, North Carolina is emerging as the most powerful vortex East of the Mississippi in the USA; as Arkansas is for the central portion of the USA and Sedona is for the Western Portion of the USA.

Many were drawn to come here during our time of service 2008-2014 and receive our Pyramid and Arkatron Star Merkabah Star Codes. 

The vortex portal of Western North Carolina emerged to be one of the most important and powerful energies on the planet. It has grown logarithmically from 1990-2014.

This Vortex is ortho-moleculary charged by the Intergalactic Commands of the Pleiades, Arcturus, Sirius, Lyra, Andromeda, AldebeRAn and others that have not been seen on the Earth since the time of Atlantis.

This is due to the Intergalactic event called on Earth:


10-10-10 Stardoves with David Chim activated the Obelisk in Pack Square See: 10-10-10: StarGate Portal Opening & Global Peace Gathering at Pack Square, Downtown Asheville, North Carolina at this page CLICK HERE and scroll to bottom

11-11-11 we activated the Mt. Pisgah Region-Harmony Valley

12-12-12 we pilgrimaged with the Inter-Planetary Confederation of Love & Light to the Mayan jungles! This will be the fulfillment section of our Mission on Earth. After this pilgrimage the New Heaven and the New Earth commences and our Service to this world will upgrade. Also see here for a report (scroll to bottom).

. . . as it is so written in the Lambs Book of Life as it is carried in the Star Seeding of THE RETURN OF THE DOVE.

Many people immediately think of Dr. JJ Hurtak's Masterpiece, The Keys of Enoch: The Book of Knowledge, when hearing the phrase: RETURN OF THE DOVE. Hurtak gives a detailed map of where this activity will occur. Before that, was a book by Margaret Storm titled: RETURN OF THE DOVE . It featured Nikola Tesla and his twin flame, a snowy white New York park pigeon dove! The book's sweet Dedication reads: Dedicated to Nikola Tesla and the White Dove ... Two understanding hearts, two sustaining Flames, who still labor faithfully with us, tending the little Lamp of Earth until that nearing hour when our Illumined Planet will orbit in glory as Freedom's Star.

Since that time we have traveled the world using both these books as Aquarian Bibles!


Tour 1: Grandfather Mountain & Linville Caverns.
Tour 2: Chimney Rock & the Light Center.
Tour 3: Mt. Pisgah & Asheville Points of Light
Tour 4: Mt. Mitchell & Surrounding Sacred Sites
Tour 5: Cherokee & Surrounding Smoky Mountains
Tour 6: Hot Springs & Surrounding Sacred Sites

Each Tour was 7 hours per day. * Cost: $125 per day or $300 for a 3 day-tour, per person.

Included 3 Star-Library Angel Initiations at 3 Sacred Sites per day, personally designed for each pilgrim and administered by Dr. Raja Merk Dove.

All vortex tours are dedicated to the 'Children of the Great Mystery' and those who walk, talk, swim fly and crawl throughout all the sacred lands of Mother Earth ~ Gaia, who are nurtured by Father Sun and Mother Earth and taught by the Star * Spirit ELders from Higher Evolved planets, some of which have space ships as can be seen by the eye and are landing in Great Numbers these days in Preparation for the Great Landing in 2012.

Each Vortex Tour is an Earth Alignment Star Power Initiation. Meditations and Sacred Readings are performed at each sacred site a meditation and a reading are done in sacred time and each different according to the souls of the ones going on the vortex tours.

StarDoves escort you to each Power Spot and introduce Special Initiations, Prayers and Spiritual Readings as guided by the Angels and Masters at each sacred location in the Smokies.

The Vortex Tours center around Personal and Planetary Energy Transference חליפין Chaleepin and comprises our Aquarian Ascension Portal. Each and every person's soul is continually in a state of exchanging energy between everything and everyone in this physical world and with the Eternal Divine Spiritual World of Souls. The understanding of the meaning of "Transference חליפין" is fundamental to explain how you can interact, by understanding that Spiritual and Physical Transference חליפין is an exchange of thought energy. You can learn to control your thought energy, thereby empowering You to work alongside us to cancel-out any negative energies and attract into the planet's life ONLY the positive and good.

Lord Himalaya, whom we met and were blessed by when we wrote our book, Himalayan Star Conclaves maintains a focus in the Himalayan mountains of Tibet, the Retreat of the Blue Lotus Lodge.

Lord Himalaya joined EL MorYa in the Energy Transference to the Smoky Mountains in 2009.

His retreat anchors the energies of Alpha in the earth and encourages us to enter into deep concentration.

Carved in one of the highest mountains are seven chambers, in an ascending pattern, several hundred feet apart.

Each chamber focuses the divine vibration of one of the seven rays of God, as an outer manifestation of the seven chakras. In the floor of the base chamber lies a most fragrant lotus pool. Behind this pool is the flame room, where a fiery pattern of the threefold flame burns as a magnificent lotus with a golden center, blue petals and pink radiance.

Each of these 7 Chambers has sent Higher Spiritual Energetics - to 7 Power Spots in the Mountains of Western North Carolina Therefore we were guided by the Ascended Masters to conduct Vortex Tours at each of the Power Vortexes mentioned above.

For more information we direct readers and those who will be undergoing the tours and retreats with us to obtain a copy of Page Bryant's "The Spiritual Reawakening of The Great Smoky Mountains."

On the first day of the VORTEX TOUR,
Ascended & unascended Masters of Light
Bless Our Departure and Bless those who have come
to study and receive the teachings of the Great Law.

Moving from one mountain to the other,
One goes thru a process of initiation.

The mountains (or sacred power spots)
will become more magnetic and attract a
wider expanse of meditators and those who
work for the Good Will of Planet Earth.

Only the most sincere souls are called to the inner teachings given in these mountains, caverns and falls. Only the sincere need apply. You will learn to shift your electronic patterns.

Here You Come to enter the Great Silence and go into Nirvana.

** Here there are Atlantean Pyramids and Temples beneath the oldest collection of sand and stone called the Smoky Mountains - on the face of the Earth.

Initiates and Masters of Light are now here, including Star Masters and their Star Ships to work with these areas much as Light Beings work directly with Shangri La and Shambhalla.


El Morya

is NOW calling
all Beings of the Light
Reach a Grand pinnacle of light
via energy transfers.

The Blue Lotus and the Blue Ridge
are energetically connected thru the
Blue Ray, the Ray of EL MorYa.

Vortex Tours

* Our 7 hour Tour Included: Guided Vortex Tour by Dr. Raja (assisting personally here on Earth & Prof. Moira, NOW assisting from Venus). PLUS: 3 Initiations per day at 3 Sacred Sites within the Vortex. These Initiations are as Holy Readings from the Library Angels per the Star Gematria of each pilgrim, performed by Dr. Raja. These Sacred Initiations are worth their weight in Gold. Tis' Spiritual Gold indeed! In this way the Ascended Masters and the ASHTAR Command contact you directly. The Senior Ambassador on Earth, Dr. Raja accompanies you to each sacred power spot, as Moira assists you in cosmic comprehension from Venus. Each Initiation includes a private session with the StarDoves using Sacred Scrolls chosen by the Star Masters for the one|s going on the tour that day! Library Angels are very active in the affairs of the Aquarian Perspectives Inter-Planetary Mission as we conduct these tours. Many who have taken the Vortex Tours have expressed statements such as:

"I have had the best time of my entire life doing this." - Rohini

"This was the most Amazing experience of my life." - Evelyn

"I have never encountered, or never imagined such beauty and amazing artifacts exists here in nature." - Bob

"Anyone who loves or is intrigued by Atlantis, will completely enjoy these tours! One thing is for sure, if there are any doubters of Atlantis, they will not be after taking these amazing vortex tours of the Smoky Mountains by the StarDoves. They have amassed an impressive amount of literature about Atlantis and when one enters these vortices with them, one is immediately blessed and taken back to those long ago days, and some, like me, will be taken back to the lifetime they spent in Atlantis! Aho." - Wayne

Gorgeous Chimney Rock is an Atlantean Monolith.

It must be realized that the tours we offer ARE NOT to be misconstrued as sight-seeing tours or tourist tours! Our Vortex Tours are Spiritual Initiations for advanced students of the Great Mystery.

We do recommend several self-guided vortex tours to spots in the National Forest that we suggest you do on your own before or after your Spiritual Vortex Initiations with us. These are top spots within our beautiful National Forest and you may contact the park service for their expert guided tours and information. We are very proud of our National Parks and the great service the Park Service does in maintaining them.

You my contact the National Park Service at: National Park Service -

Official site for NPS. Features guides to each national park, campground and tour reservation center, and links to information on park history and wildlife.

StarDoves Vortex Tours are not SIMPLY TOURIST SIGHTSEEING JOURNEYS. Rather they ARE INNER TEACHING VORTEX TOURS to the High Mountains. We incorporate sacred teachings of the Ascended Masters and the ASHTAR COMMAND, including DIRECT CHANNELED LINKS from the Pleiadean, Arcturian and Sirian Star Ships in the area giving service.

The tours are suggested for sincere meditators, some spots for which we will reach by means of shifting our electronic patterns to travel thru rock and stone to reach the highest inner temples at the peaks of the highest mountains.

Come as a Spiritual Pilgrim and take Initiation with us.

Our 3 Day Spiritual Initiation Vortex Tour includes significant vortex and power points in the Smoky, Black & Blue Ridge Mountains, as well as the Vortex and local culture tour of Asheville .

Are members of the ASHTAR COMMAND

for purposes of authenticity and Federation Compliance.

StarDoves have been led to the Promised Land - Moira left her body here and off to Venus she went.

Now that the final energetics had been laid atop the sacred geometry that America was laid out upon (because of our Sacred Work in Washington D.C., we could now begin the Great Work in Earnest. We moved away from our gorgeous Florida Beach property in St. Augustine, Florida to this mountain-top of Light.) Then Moira passed her mortal coil and now assists the Mission from Venus and we continue the work with Raja moving back to Florida - this time in Miami.

The Masters are walking the last mile with us, assuring us that the Earth would not be destroyed in the coming changes. That it may be moved and rocked in some areas, and that some may need build safe-haven to weather the coming storms, but the New Earth will come forth in all her glory, the Rainbow Covenant will be fulfilled!


The notions of Utopia over the centuries speak of a time of a long-lost glory and promise of a fresh start.

posted by Energy Worker at 5:13 AM

Unusual energy flare at the Shining Rock energy vortex near Asheville, North Carolina. There was no rain the day the webcam captured this shot, and no explanation for the strange light seen in this frame of the camera sequence.

The StarDoves are currently anchoring the work of the Interplanetary Confederation and the Ascended Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy in Miami, Florida.

The Spiritual Center for all of the Eastern USA, exists at its tallest mountain peak east of the Mississippi near the greater Asheville, North Carolina mega Crystalline Vortex. StarDoves first planted star seeds here for a year in 1991. Having returned to make this their Earth-Star base in August 2008 TO Dec., 2011, when Moira returned to Venus, Raja moved to Miami, May, 2014.

As "Twin Flames", STARDOVES enhance other beings capabilities of attracting their "Twin Flames" as an innate part of their spiritual ministry as awakeners. This "Twin Flame Energy", will enlighten and empower many to take up the highest form of lifestyle they can attain on planet Earth.

StarDoves have been guided to offer Vortex Tours to the sacred ancient Atlantean sites in Florida and Western North Carolina bestowing Initiations from the Great Rainbow Lodge of Ascended Atlantean Masters as well as direction and guidance from the InterPlanetary Confederation and the Ashtar Command for Star Seeds and Lightworkers.

Understanding and applying Transference חליפין during the Vortex Tours will empower YOU - as illustRAted in the Talmud and Sanskrit Holy Books.

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