Justice in the Age of Aquarius

A Tarot Card depicting Justice - This card shows the achievement of balance and inner harmony after much trials and tribulations. Justice indicates the suspension of any action until a decision is made. In material matters it may indicate lawsuits or prosecutions. Socially, it may show a marriage, agreements, or treaties.

I's spiritual meaning for the Age of Aquarius, is that after the hell, ( 911 Day), and terror, comes the Light. Then we can fix all the wrong things - making possible that there is JUSTICE ON PLANET EARTH! That is the promise of Aquarius!

This illustration from the Tarot card: Justice, comes from the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck, known also as the Rider Tarot and the Waite Tarot, reproduced by permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902 USA. Copyright © 1971 by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. Further reproduction prohibited. The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck; is a registered trademark of U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

The Council of 22 Star Elders who deployed us to Earth assigned our Mission the name, Aquarian Perspectives Inter-Planetary Mission, because our Mission from the Stars is commissioned with the gift of Aquarius!

About Justice and the Age of Aquarius.

Please note that some of the cosmic and political references in this following article are the sole expressions and directions from the Aquarian Perspectives Inter-Planetary Mission and not those of the contributing research authors, who formed the basis and background of the following article.

According to Astrologer, Kathleen Johnson, and Attorney William van Zyverden, Esq., Aquarius is a challenge itself, to the old order, the old rule, the old way of doing things.

The challenge here for us is to allow change rather than to resist it.

Aquarius also rules things like revolution and rebellion. When a change is needed but no one is doing anything about it, Aquarian energy provides the impetus to act. The challenge again, is for us to allow change rather than to resist it.

An even greater challenge in Aquarius is to allow our feelings to surface.

The true energy of Aquarius is PEACE ... . . that is why we are PEACE AMBASSADORS to this planet. Of course, Jesus said he brought the 'two-edged sword" to help create peace, and would often separate family members, if necessary, in order to create PEACE and to guide a sincere soul to their true Mission! Blood is thicker than water. Spirit is thicker than blood (biologics).

The Aquarian Perspectives Inter-Planetary Mission believes we passed into the Age of Aquarius in 1962. The Age of Pisces began 2000 years ago at the beginning of our present calendar just as the Age of Aries began 2000 years B.C.

So what does this have to do with "Justice?" Jesus' era brought with it the notion of an impartial tribunal which has evolved into our present system. This was a new idea which replaced the then popular "eye-for-an-eye" personal vengeance. The trend now is to evolve out of war-fields, and courtrooms and place the responsibility of conflict resolution back on the individual to heal themselves rather than place the blame on others.

The Aries 'eye-for-an-eye' influence helped us to understand the relative value of certain words and deeds. Constructive acts were rewarded while apparently destructive acts sometimes provided painful consequences. Justice was quick and personal and certainly lacked fairness. The severity of the consequence depended on the personality to whom retribution was owed and on the gladiator chosen to exact punishment. The weak usually had no recourse against a stronger, albeit guilty, opponent. Guilty or not, strength would often win and the guilty were often strong.

Pisces provided the forum for the fair fight. An objective authority would decide where the truth lay amongst the battle of the stories and evidence of the opposing parties. Punishment became standardized and access to the forum freely opened. Crossing over the Aries-Pisces time line, however, as we know, did not completely eliminate the disparity between the weak and the strong.

In fact the "I am right and you are wrong" mentality is very Piscean.

The Pisces solution brought the argument before a neutral decision-maker who would make the final, dispute-ending judgement. The choice of war, however, as the preferred method of dispute resolution is a carry-over from Aries as is the often times true public perception that the better (wealthier, more expensive) attorney wins regardless of right and wrong, guilt or innocence.

This is the kind of Energy that the majority of Earth's Negative Alien backed Shadow-Governments are putting out at this time. They have bought into the vibratory frequencies, the war energies of fallen beings within what has been coined as the, 'Draco-Zeta-Grey Resistance League.' This is why Insiders within the Inter-Planetary Confederation of Love and Light state unequivocally, that the USA MILITARY war on terror represents the last carry-over of a dying age; and America has now been chosen to carry this war to the fields of the aggressors, even though the aggressors have been fuelling them. Even in the human body, cells that have supported other cells will tell those cells to go away and die, because we as a whole, must move forward.

So we, you nor anyone but GODDESS/GOD can stop those who start to play out here on earth. Regardless of the fact that 144,000 LIGHT PEACE MASTERS without a cruel bone in their bodies are waiting to take over the reigns once the military arm of JUSTICE has its say.

And no man or woman, only GODDESS/GOD delivers the final justice. And even through imperfect instruments will this JUSTICE be carried out.

We have fully transited out of all Piscean influences. Then nature will be a 'he' in the age of Aquarius, and history will become herstory. It is time that men learn to care and tend for nature, and for us to count time from a feminine/healing perspective, thus HERSTORY!

And as HERSTORY plays out, it will be one BIG FUN PLAY, for the little children will be leading us, with no war wagons in our Garden! Well, then, my beloveds:

Harmony and understanding
Sympathy and trust abounding
No more falsehoods or derisions
Golden living dreams of visions
Mystic crystal revelation
And the mind's true liberation

When the moon is in the Seventh House
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars!

Kathleen Johnson: "The difference between the Aquarian Age and the Piscean Age is that Pisces is basically a time when we were living under the conception that somehow somebody else could fix it for us. The Piscean impression was that we couldn't do it ourselves. We decided, somewhere along the way, that we required an intermediary. This was true not just in religion, but in politics, medicine, law, everything. We were always thinking, 'I can't do it myself, I need to call my doctor, my lawyer, my priest, whatever.' The concept of the Aquarian Age is Au Contraire, "you can do it yourself, it's time to do it yourself and to take the power for your life and your choices back into your own hands."

In Pisces we felt helpless and depended on others to act and speak for us. Aquarius allows participants to take part in all of life's experiences.

It is no wonder that we are seeing "Alternative" methods of Dispute Resolution (ADR) emerge as preferred options over the courtroom model. Some cases will still require the law-changing courtroom for resolution. Therefore, we will see "alternatives" make way for "appropriate" ways to view the entire spectrum of options for atonement.

ADR, especially mediation, found that what disputing parties usually spout as their claims against one another, are more often smoke screens for underlying problems. The neutral third party, given the power to probe by the parties, can bring these entanglements out better than the parties themselves. It works because the parties ultimately want these underlying problems exposed but are too emotionally tied to air them. But ADR is still a transition to Aquarius' influence.

Aquarius is asking us to heal ourselves: mediation begins the process, but only by exploring deeper can we expose the true root of our disputes, our real obstacles: the conflicts within ourselves.

Light Workers from the 5th Dimension and beyond, coupled with Star seeds, Walk-Ins and Ashtar Command members, all living in hu-form, have come to Earth to point the Way!

Although the 'anti-life' forces have created many impostors, to set traps for the unwary, still, Aquarius and her new way will have their NEW AGE! For it is written in the stars!

Pioneering practitioners and authors have been emerging in all fields. They explain their findings that otherwise emotionless events gain significance beyond their deserving when linked up with traumas experienced in growing-up. The unresolved guilt, hurt, shame and resentments that we have carried with us, are the triggering ties that bind our emotions which alter our perceptions and attitudes. This, in turn, creates circumstances ripe for friction.

Traditional Piscean methods focus more on the surface problem and assigning blame. In transition, mediation can expose the underlying emotional turmoil. But only we, as individuals, with the help of Aquarian energy, through our own investigations, can release the ties that bind our emotions and heal the wounds created in a Piscean childhood.

Aquarius' challenge for teachers is to become guides rather than advocates. The challenge for the public is to take responsibility for themselves and not ask others to solve their problems for them.

In the future, Round Tables will replace Square ones; collaboration will replace competition; courts will employ therapists and counsellors as part of the case investigation team. Discovery unlimited, disclosure required, mediation and counseling the rule, rather than the exception. The greatest change will be the transformation of the tone of exchange between people from blame to healing. And this can be done during Internet discussions, as well as the live in-your-face variety- from punishment to understanding and the fulfilment of individual and community needs.

Kathleen Johnson: "Aquarius is the sign of the individual and the group. But it is the group that says we're coming together not because we're needy, and not because we want you to join our group, but because we each have something of value to contribute to and for the group. The Aquarian Age is going to teach you what you as an individual have to offer and then what to bring to the group. This is contrary to the Piscean concept of "mine is the only way." I'm going to destroy your culture because my culture is the only one that's right. The Aquarian concept is to allow us to see a society emerging in which everyone has something to offer: You've got what you're doing and I have what I'm doing and yours works for you and mine works for me and if we can co-exist that's great and if we can't we're simply going to sit down and talk about it."

"Although Aquarius is the Water Bearer, we must remember its an air sign. The idea of it being the water bearer is that Aquarius holds the bowl of water that is emotions and energy but it's contained in a bowl whereas in Pisces it became a sea that we got lost in."

In Pisces we battled angrily. Aquarius can bring the dawn of a time of peace, but it will truly be up to us to use the peace wisely and not give in to the tendency to repress our feelings and passions. Let us use the peace as an opportunity to heal ourselves, our communities, our Internet's World-Wide-Web Discussion Groups, and our entire planet.

The Basis for this article was inspired by - "JUSTICE IN THE AGE OF AQUARIUS"
by William van Zyverden, Esq.
with Kathleen Johnson

Bill Van Zyverden is President of the Alliance of Holistic Lawyers.
For more information about the International Alliance of Holistic Lawyers, you can reach the President of the Alliance of Holistic Lawyers, Bill van Zyverden, at: PO Box 753, Middlebury, VT 05753 U.S.
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