The Restoral of the Temple of Light for All Nations

After completing (July 2008) a 1 year Ocean Retreat at Ocean Gate in St. Augustine, Florida, we returned to a location that we star-seeded in 1991 (17 years later) Asheville, North Carolina. While at a meditation at the Enka Quarry, our ET Guides informed us that we were now injecting and connecting star-seeded codes of Light into 5 Special Rock Quarries: All of these Quarries run high magnetic transistors and step-up transformers that the Goodly ET have used to program the Dove of the East. They also used this to form a Firm Base for us, and led us to establish a Mountain Meditation Retreat for the next level of work before us. They spoke to us of the esoteric work involved with energetic transfers from the quarries of King Solomon's Temple to that of the ancient city of Saint Augustine, Florida with its rich Conquistador history and unconquered Fort San Marcos, that stands to this day against all invasions of ship and canon and hurricane due to its construction of local coquina sea shell. Cannon balls just stuck in the walls, which acted like mud, so the balls could not blow anything apart. The Castillo De San Marcos has stood for over 500 years. Not even the furry of the strongest hurricanes have damaged it, or anything protected within its mighty fortress walls!

This and the 3 photographs below we took during our sojourn at the Masonic Temple in Washington. This image shows what is said on the plaque below.
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The temple was built of stone quarried and prepared by masons from the Phoenician cities of Tyre and Jbail (Byblos). The stones were cut in the quarry: the Bible states that not a hammer was heard on the building site as the stones had been shaped so perfectly that they slotted together without being banged into place.

The Phoenicians always used huge stones for foundations because the Levant is located on the Great Rift Valley - the big stones helped make buildings earthquake-proof.

The master mason was the architect, too, and had to know geometry. Masons’ knowledge was kept secret, known at any given time only to three people. The modern Freemasons’ Society developed from the Phoenician masons, which is why their rituals are kept secret. The Freemasons' name the chief mason working on the temple as Hiram Abiff, son of a Tyrian widow, presumably the same person as Huram the widow’s son who did the metalwork. One of the Freemasons’ rituals is a re-enactment of the mugging and murder of Hiram in the temple by Israelite workmen who wanted to extract the secrets of architectural design and construction from him. The ritual drama has his assailants attacking Hiram at each corner of the temple with builders’ tools before they finally kill him because he won’t hand over the secret knowledge.

At King Solomon’s command they quarried fine large stones for the foundation of the temple. Solomon’s and Hiram’s workmen and men from the city of Byblos prepared the stones and the timber to build the temple. (1 Kings 5:17-18)

The temple was quite small but none the less impressive:
The stones with which the temple was built had been prepared at the quarry, so that there was no noise made by hammers, axes, or any other iron tools as the temple was being built. The entrance to the lowest storey of the annexe was on the south side of the temple, with stairs leading up to the second and third storeys. So King Solomon finished building the temple. (1 Kings 6:2-9)

A curtain for the Holy of Holies was made of linen and of other material, which was dyed blue, purple, and red, with designs of the winged creatures worked into it. (2 Chronicles 3:14)

"Behold, the glory of the God of Israel came from the way of the east: & his voice was like a noise of many waters: & the earth shined with his glory." The noise of many waters is likened unto the noise or hum of the armada of star ships we witnessed in Washington D.C. After our pilgrimage, on the last day at the American Mystic Shrine, we were met by Ascended Master EL Morya. He referred us to various Internet sites and documents. He directed us to offer you these messages from the Star Ships that came that day in Washington D.C. They are in league with the Ascended Masters and the Spiritual Hierarchy for the Universe.

In May of 2001, just months before 9/11 we pilgrim-aged to Israel and one of the grandest occurrences was the invitation of our Hosts to return to assist in the erecting of the House of Prayer for All Nations for the World, what we have come to know as the New JerUSAlem. Yet we feel that the Aquarian Temple for All Nations will NOT be in the Middle East, but in America, the destiny of the Nations. Thus our pilgrimage to Washington D.C. was yet another step in this direction. Our work there at the Masonic Shrine was a miracle blessing because the last place we went was the Masonic Mystic Shrine and it's secret rooms and hidden treasures were revealed for us to see. We saw that the work of the Masons was to rebuild the Temple for All People-All Nations. This is why America is the great melting pot. We could feel the aide of the invisible worlds, the higher planets, the angels, the Goddess and these Mighty Star Ships from yonder worlds. They came and made a great noise, as did the Biblical Ezekiel.

As John Michel points out in his book, ...

It is not only the Jews who long to see the Temple at Jerusalem restored. Christians have inherited that aspiration with the Old Testament, and it has been the declared purpose of many western idealists and esoteric movements. The crusading Templars and the Knights of St. John were dedicated to rebuilding Solomon's Temple, and so today are the Freemasons, who claim King Solomon as {one} of their first Masters. {Some also say that King TUT was the first Masonic Master.}

It is time for everyone of us called to do this work to link as One Heart – One Mind, though we be from a thousand different planets in the Omniverse. Your conscious participation allows the living energetics of Love to enter the Earth's geological portals, and to penetrate to the various Inner Earth Crystalline Cities deep in the bowels of the Earth herself. Love also opens the Harmonic field of the etheric Cities of Light that hover above the Earth in the higher dimensions. Hence a Higher way of Life, with Peace and Goodwill for all will come into being. At the right hour, those special souls will step forth to help us reclaim the buried tablets and build the communities of Light where we will establish safe havens for the coming times. A time where milk and honey will flow and all will bask in joy, peace, freedom and abundance! Hallelujah!

This work includes reversing codes that make-up genetic material that have caused the ways humans act.

** This was the final photo I snapped while leaving our private tour and blessing by the Elhoim. In this Holy Tabernacle our Mission was restored and further defined as well as REFINED! What we learned that not too many know, is that the work of the Masons and the Templars involved restoring the Divine Energetics that flowed throughout the Land. energetics that came from ExtraTerrestrial Cherubims and Griffins and other magical powered beings with wings, and human looking beings with 4 wings, blue, yellow, pink WINGS.

A Great Blessing that we received from our pilgrimage to Washington D.C., with Starbird and Sandy, stewards of Heart Song Healing Center during the last day was were Divinely Revealed Secrets of Solomon and his Temple and its relation to the New JerUSAlem and our Mission on Earth. We were over joyous at the direct revelations so we could get on properly and with divine guidance as to the completion or continuance, as the case may be, of our Mission on Earth.

The biblical King Solomon was known for his wisdom, his wealth and his writings. He became ruler in approximately 967 B.C.E. and his kingdom extended from the Euphrates River in the north to Egypt in the south. His crowning achievement was the building of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Solomon was the son of King David and Bathsheba. Solomon was not the oldest son of David, but David promised Bathsheba that Solomon would be the next king. Solomon accumulated enormous wealth. He controlled the entire region west of the Euphrates and had peace on his borders.

There is more to this than meets the eye. Rebuilding the Temple is not just a construction work but an ideal symbol, corresponding to the Holy Grail, a symbol of Paradise Again on Earth. In the days of Solomon and while the Temple was still intact, the tribes of Israel were prosperous and high-spirited and lived harmoniously in a state of perfect order, as if under divine governance. All this was a product of the temple and the cycle of rituals performed in and around it. When the Temple was destroyed, they say, the world fell into disorder and nothing has ever gone right since.

Legends of the Temple describe it as the instrument of a mystical, priestly science, a form of alchemy by which oppositely charged elements in the earth and atmosphere were brought together and ritually married. The product of their union was a spirit that blessed and sanctified the people of Israel. In the Holy of Holies dwelt the Shekinah, the native goddess of the land of Israel. It was her marriage chamber, entered at certain seasons by the bridegroom. His name was the Glory of the God of Israel, and he came from the east, from over the Mount of Olives. He penetrated the Holy of Holies (I Kings, 8, 10-11), and in Ezekiel, 43 is a description of his coming.

Blessed Melchizedek came to us and told us: "A new feeling of star energy will now supply you with positive energy. The magnetic energy that is delivered in Love raises the electrical current of the Earth's normal ratio to a higher frequency range, thus allowing the Earth world to experience levels of exaltation and wisdom. The light energy that will come into the Earth will enliven it and will awaken it's inner cellular activity, consistently opening it up to the higher energetics from the Stars. This will help other StarSeeds and their Mission of Loves, that you volunteered to assist when you came to heal that which happened during ancient Lemuria and Atlantis, causing them both to sink beneath the Ocean waves!"

"Love brings higher Star Light energy into the Earth, awakening, realigning, balancing, re-focusing and healing the Earth at the sub-atomic level. Through this Blessing the amperage of light energy is increased 7x777. The primary energy is now blessing the Earth, renewing it under a New Heaven of Peace and Plenty for All."

Thus all of this is for the Restoration of the Temple of Light that is non-denominational. Though with roots in the Wisdom of Solomon and the early Egyptians, Masons and ... twas from the stars this LIGHT COMETH! And the restoration begins with what we do on the Internet and then slowly through the Smoky Mountain Star Light*Lodge . . . much will be revealed through the remaining months of 2009, as we offer Live Asheville Sessions at Mystic Journeys and via our Guided Vortex Tours of Asheville and Smoky Mountian UFO SKY Watches as guided by the Ascended Masters and the Ashtar Command.

Unless the LORD builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the watchman stays awake in vain. It is in vain that you rise up early and go late to rest, eating the bread of anxious toil; for he gives to his beloved sleep.

Lo, sons are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb a reward.
Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the sons of one's youth.
Happy is the man who has his quiver full of them!
He shall not be put to shame when he speaks with his enemies in the gate.
(Psalm 127. A Song of Ascents. Of Solomon.)


King Solomon Biography

King Solomon "excelled all the kings of the earth in riches and in wisdom" according to the Bible. The son of King David and Bathsheba, Solomon (in Hebrew, Shlomo) ruled Israel from about 960 to 922 B.C. and built a magnificent temple in Jerusalem which housed the Ark of the Covenant. Solomon reportedly had hundreds of wives and concubines, including the daughter of the pharaoh of Egypt. He also had a famous meeting with the Queen of Sheba who, after observing his wealth and wisdom, showered him with gifts. Solomon is historically credited with authoring the Bible's Song of Songs and book of Ecclesiastes, though many scholars believe the latter was written after his death.

On the summit of Mount Moriah Solomon built a magnificent Temple dedicated to the God of the Israelites, a project which his father King David had not undertaken for various reasons. The exclusive concentration of religious ritual in the Temple, together with the institutionalization of the biblical injunction regarding the pilgrimage festivals, transformed Jerusalem - despite its unpromising natural features - into an important political and commercial center during Solomon's reign.

Note again the significance of the names Moira and Morya joined with Moriah.
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