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The Aquarian Perspectives Inter-Planetary Mission has sponsored the Dolphin Inspired Aquarian Blessing Pods since 1995.

** HERSTORICAL NOTE: This page is one of the original 5 that appeared on this web site's premiere.

This miraculous energy blessing originated from a pod of dolphins that we connected with during our deployment to the Hawai'ian islands. At Kehenna, a beach on the Big Island, our large Lemurian laser wand connected with their crystal temple.

Our dolphin friends from Sirius telepathically guided us to establish Blessing Pods to help those who connect with this page in need. Most dolphins and whales originally came from the star system Sirius, and have been "vibrational stewards" of Earth, holding the high frequencies that the planet and humanity originally embodied. They are blissful beings of divine intelligence and unconditional love.

STARDOVES original connection with these Sirian dolphins was in 1995.

Since then, Aquarian Blessing Pods have helped many.


If you wish assistance you may send your prayers telepathically to the dolphins above. Meditate on the dolphin Temple above, by sending your prayers through the watery Temple screen. Send your thoughts of love and light. See the blessings you wish already there. The flow of energy will come to you from the dolphins in this Pod who do care about you. These dolphins are on this world dedicated to help the planet and her life forms. They are "our brothers and sisters keepers."

The Aquarian Blessing Pods are composed of angel dolphins that exist in Crystal Temples and who love helping humanity. When you place your Positive prayer requests in their temple, they will also send healing energy and manifestation magic for you. They are now positioned all around Mother Earth. This is your DOLPHIN STAR FAMILY who loves you. The Sirian Dolphins are joined by various members of the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Interplanetary ConfedeRAtion, who monitor the requests for blessings on this site and send you wave forms of energy that will lead you to those situations in life that will help you receive the blessings you seek for yourself and others and for Gaia!

So It Is!

When you pray 'for' something to happen, then you are focusing on the fact that it is not there already.

This is the way most of us were taught to pray. The two main words the soul hears in this case are 'not there', and so this becomes the real prayer. The soul resonates with 'not-thereness', and therefore does nothing to attract the desired state. But when we 'Pray Positive', affirming that what we wish for is already there - then this way what we are really doing is feeling as if the thing we are praying for is already there. We feel the completion of the prayer rather than the lack, and the soul responds accordingly. It begins to resonate with our wishes and needs, drawing into its sphere the experience of the thing desired, since this is what the mind has focused on. The prayer is answered automatically because the soul has followed an established code, attracting the state that has already been 'felt' rather than the experience that has been resisted.

So It Is!

While You are Praying Please Pray For: PEACE ON EARTH


HERSTORICAL UPDATE: In March of 2014 . . .  I, Raja, who wrote this page, was personally help[ed] by these dolphins nearly 20 years - 2 decades since their inspiring me to allow them to work within the Mission to assist people with their needs and prayers in an Aquarian Way.

It began when a wonderful supportive member of our Mission told me she could get me a ticket to Hawai'i from her frequent flyer miles if I thought the trip would do my spirits good?  Since the departure of my twin-flame-wife to Venus, my energy patterns had not yet recovered sufficiently to be a channel or powerful radiating light. The light had dimmed, as in life when the energy is not able to flow profusely or fully!  immediately I said YES! ... and off we went to Hawai'i, and to a Cetacean Conference happening there at that time!  ... and presto, via the magic of the dolphins I was off to another large adventure in my life and again to the Big Island of Hawaii!  Once again the Dolphins came to me with miraculous love and blessing, and as well, the Great Work they have inspired me to do this time has increased from the Aquarian Love Pods on the Internet, to a full blown working directly with a very special ET dolphin pod on the planet via vortex tours! This time the adventure continues at the lost Atlantean Isle of Bimini!

I wonder if this most kind soul, dear Megan, actually read this page on my web site and decided to take it upon herself to magically work with the dolphins to assist me in this way.  Well wonder no more the dolphins say even if she never tells you such, we are here to tell you that we telepathically worked with her to assist you in this way. 

"What you are is gods gift to you,
What you do with yourself is your gift to god."
- White Buffalo Calf Woman.

"I send you out as sheep amongst wolves.
Be ye therefore wise as serpents,
yet gentle as doves."
- Jesus the Christ
BEAR 2012
BEAR 2012