Iris Analysis

(Iridology) is the science that reveals the wellness of every organ and system in the physical body. Like acupuncture, the science of Iris Analysis determines the energy levels of health in your bodily temple. A complete nutritional report and program personally devised per your needs is rendered. A personal visit to the Healing Sanctuary so that Dr. Dove, (a Naturopathic physician and Iridologist) may examine of your irises using his special state-of-the art iriscope is necessary, unless you have photos already taken, then you can send photos and the service can be rendered by postal or electronic mail.

Click here to pay $155.00 for INITIAL CONSULTATION, then send your Iris Photos to us by email or
                    postal mail - a complete analysis will be given along with nutritional recommendations

Click here to pay $175 for in person reading of the eyes with lighted magnifier, and then a consultation
                    and  PICTURE/ANALYSIS: (2 consultations)

After completing payment - - -

If using email send to:

If using postal mail, go to our Contacts Page and use address there.