All the karmic ties you have created in this or any finite body - they may be wiped away from you now - cleansed removed - I, Machiventa MELCHIZEDEK shall put this purifying gift into Service for this realm!

The MELCHIZEDEK: 'KARMA BE GONE' STAR BLASTER is a special device made by Dr. Christopher Hills, a previous associate of Dr. RA-Ja's whom has since departed the Earth plane. Dr. Hills was also an Melchizedek initiate and made this BLASTER per MELCHIZEDEK'S directions. He manufactured them and made them available through his RADIONICS TOOLS section of his UNIVERSITY OF THE TREES, which is still in operation.

One of Dr. Hill's students sent Dr. RA-Ja one of these tools, after his death, and now MELCHIZEDEK directs these sessions for the removal of FINITE KARMA stored in 3rd dimensional frequencies. The STAR BLASTER is made of a 16 inch glass crystalline rod - with magnets and a TESLA copper coil - at one end is the trigger and collector - the collector is a plastic container which holds salt and warm water.

Then the MELCHIZEDEK ENERGETICS gets involved. The BLASTER is programed to your etheric soul co-ordinates and brain/mind - and with the permission you and your soul have placed in this Mission to serve you in these ways - and with express permission of THE ORDER OF MELCHIZEDEK - AND THE ANCIENT OF DAYS - Your karmic energetic imprints will henceforth be sucked up like a vacuum and caught in the salt water for dissolution. The wand will then be emptied - and the sins - karmic energetic patterns washed away forever!

Now these are gone - you will be a NEW BEING from this point forward! All thy sins, all thy fears, all they shortcomings are out of thy conscience - thou art free!


You wilt also have gained a NEW POWER that Melchizedek will etherically weave into your subtle and physical realities - THE POWER TO CAST OUT THE NEGATIVE in any realm that thou walkest!
So Mote It be!

With your new advanced powers from this KARMIC BLASTING SERVICE, You will have a NEW and more POWERFUL awareness that will always alert you to when you need to weed out things from your reality!

This really works. Since the beginning of time religions offered mankind the forgiveness of sin and guilt. The Buddhists have it called, Vajra sattva Meditation for quickly purifying negative karma. The Catholics have it as a Priest sits in a Confessional booth and the person confesses their sins, and the sins are thereby forgiven after saying some prayers as penance. All of these religions all received these ideas and blessings from the Heavenly Realms. In this Aquarian Age, the Heavenly Realms have responded with an absolutely apropos method for this Age, so that it can even be done over the Internet! How absolutely creative and marvelously genius they are!

It feels great to not have to carry that human garbage! You are free to receive the 'gifts of heaven' and use them in a wise way, full of goodness - joy - happiness - and divinely spiritual every step of the way! Joy! Joy! Joy!

There are a few steps that make this work on your part:
1: Agree to take refuge in the Holy Spirit and Your Spiritual Group to which you go for Spiritual blessing.
2: Adopt a strong feeling of repentance.
3: Purify your life from this point forward as best you all-ways can. (You will gain a new and stronger conscience from this experience - making it much easier for you to know what is right for you, and thus live a pure life based on those principles).
4: Make a Vow to abstain from creating any future negative karma.

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