Star Soul Attunement

The Star Soul Attunement was conceived for Star Seeds.  The concept of Starseeds originated from information coming to us from the Akashic Records.  These records comprise the energetic imprints of all intentions, thoughts, emotions, relationships, creations, and events, ever to have occurred, throughout every culture and star race in existence, in all realms, throughout all of space-time. While much of this information is directly channeled via Stardoves channellers, The Aquarian Perspectives uses the Brad Steiger Starseed Questionnaire in his seminal work, STAR PEOPLE on how Starseeds come to Earth and the many types of Starseeds that exist. You will be sent this Starseed Questionnaire once you contact us for the reading which assists us when we do the Gematria for your Reading. 

The Star Soul Attunement utilizes the RAINBOW BRIDGE to enter your Home World and using Star Gematria we come up with a Star Soul Attunement that catapults you to the Next Level in your Life ...

According to the channellers, Starseeds are advanced souls from other planets, who possess spiritual and scientific knowledge that they bring here from their home planet.  Starseeds are benevolent beings who seek to help all those who live, crawl, fly, walk, talk and swim.

Starseeds incarnated on Earth to uplift and heal human beings, and to participate in the planet’s evolution. Many Starseeds are the physical descendants of aliens (ETs) from other worlds, who traveled to Earth to be our planet’s lightworkers.

Any soul can become a Starseed when another Starseed infuses the soul with inner Light in a sacred mind-spirit-meld ceremony they can do for souls wishing. This can occur for souls at any time in their lives.

This Service summons the star ships. They have been searching for you and now you have answered their summons. Through the help of these ships we will move in and out of space-time passing from one star system to another until reaching your home world.

This remarkable service allows you to learn your: Home Planet, Primary Star Guides, the Nature of Your Mission on Earth and how to go about doing your mission. It enables the Star Soul (as a chrysalis) to come out of its cocoon and realize that s/he is free to fly and be what s/he truly is!

How Do You Know if You Are A Starseed?

You may have an inner sense that you come from somewhere beyond this planet, and can imagine your physical appearance from these lives on other worlds. Maybe you have dreams about life in other galaxies and perhaps dreams of incarnating on other planets. You might also be wondering how you got here and if you’ll ever return to your home world. Some of you are certain you will one day return to your home world, but would love to know more about it now. Even with these real feelings of alignment with other worlds, you might never know whether or not you are genuinely Starseed unless you truly work to find out.  

To help You discover what planet You came from, if You are not certain, the Star Soul Attunement tunes into the Akashic Record for you and You will discover if You are a Pleiadian, a Venusian, or exactly what planet or star system you came to the Earth from.

Whether they’re based in truth or not, we love our temporary self-identities: the personality constructs with which we build our personas, relationships, and lives upon. When traditional titles and archetypes fail us, we hunt elsewhere, even into the stars. Wouldn't it be wonderful to discover our TRUE SELF BEYOND THE EARTH CONSTRUCTS?!  Discovering your Home World and Star Guides, truly assists you in the next step of your Soul's Pilgrimage and or Mission on Earth.

The Star Soul Attunement tells you if you are a Star Seed!

Passing through the light-barrier via transubstantiation, we meet your Star Guides. They guide the session, showing us the level of your present capabilities. Your Mission may involve science and technologies beyond the laws of Earth. Or you may be from a world of feeling, with special gifts.



OR CLICK HERE:to Donate Requested Mission contribution of ONLY $175 for the Star Soul Attunement  by telephone, email, Zoom or Skype. 1 & 1/2 hours. Once you place your contribution we will contact you by email to set up the Service usually within 2-5 days after your donation has been made and we are notified.

The Star Soul Attunement is the most elaborate reading of this type that we do. It is totally hand scripted on approximately 44  full pages; is wonderfully illustrated, near 10,000 words and personably crafted just for you, it is the Mission’s oldest, longest standing stellar sacrament. (since 1984).